White Teas

“Teatime is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings,” says Letitia Baldrige.  White tea is something that makes your life worthwhile.

It’s born out of the Camellia Sinensis plants and make into marvel dips and powers to cherish the sip.  If you are a tea lover and can’t ruin your day without a sip, join us! to check the white teas.

Camellia Sinensis plants

We are listing some of the exotic tea you can ever miss out. Scroll down to get to know more.  They are just handpicked, sun-dried and are just the perfect mix of the rustic flavors.

I have listed below the best tea you can ever in your life. Try them at least once in your lifetime.

White Peony

If you love to have a sip of an authentic white tea that has got is the flavor from traditional methods? Go for it! White peony from the Rare Tea Company is one of the rare white tea brands that offer great sweetening flavors like Honey, Muscatel, and peach.  This is a perfect Chinese cup of white tea to savor versatile flavors. The flavors are mild and lingering. You can read more about top white tea from this article. They covered everything about white teas in their article from health benefits to Best White Teas.

Dilmah White tea

Do you want an exotic sip of tea along with the healthy treat, choose Dilmah White Tea?   The tea is picked, sun-dried, processed and sent right from Sri Lanka.  The drink is perfected with antioxidants called Polyphenols. This has an authentic white tea flavor with no dominating flavors added.  Along with the pure taste, Dilmah White tea is also proven to reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease, cancer, oxidative stress, and blood pressure.

Aged Silver Needle

Aged Silver Needle

Aged Silver Needle from the Chinese tea company is yet another good Chinese flavored tea. One lifetime isn’t enough to enjoy the Aged Silver Needle!  You can find a mild spicy flavor accompanied by the apricot jam flavor.  The tea is available in three different tastes like apricot jam, Rich and Sweet flavor everything with a soft hint of spice.  It’s a kind of a versatile flavor that comes along with a great taste.

Cuvee Craighead estate

Cuvee Craighead estate from rare Ceylon Silver tips is just pure and lingering.  It has a remarkable flavor that subtly inherits all the taste of the Camellia Sensis. The tea is silvery-white is the blend of strawberry.  This can be served cold.  The dips are fruity and exotic to experience.

Silver Needle Supreme

Silver needle is from JING a Chinese company. One thing we have to accept is that the Chinese are experts when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea with unimaginable flavors. The tea is just lingering with the characteristics of melon and cucumber. You can feel the sip creamy and exotic.  It does come with other flavors like melon, honey, peach, and cucumber. Fall deep in love with the flavors of fruits and honey.


Kenya Rhino Premium

Tea gets the authentic flavor from the land it’s born. So it becomes a blunder mistake to avoid the sip of white tea just because its from Africa.  The drink gets its flavor from the classic white leaves and buds. Kenya Rhino Premium comes with three different flavors like Apricot, Plum and caramel. The brew has a much stronger taste compared with the authentic Chinese flavors.

Silver Needles of Feng Qing

Silver Needles of Feng Qing

Silver Needle of Feng Qing is of Chinese origin. The flavors are more in-depth and stronger than most of the chine flavors. You can find 4 delicious flavors like  Sweet, Hay, herbal and cucumber. The tea is best for its authentic dips you can savor.  Its aroma is just refreshing and soothing.  There are certain things that only tea lovers can sense.

Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling

Glenburn White Moonshine First flush Darjeeling from the Tea Makers Of London who has taken so much of pain to bring the versatile taste of the white leaves in the hot brewing tea. The flavor is lingering, and with every dip, you can find the deep sense of aroma filled combination of floral and fruits that sweetens your taste buds. The tea is straight from the Himalayas.  You need more than one cup of the sip to thoroughly relish the flavors of Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling tea.

Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle

Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle

So far have discussed flavors of fruits and honey. As the name implies, the tea has flavors of essential oils that are made from jasmine oil.  The taste is just soothing and gives you a beautiful floral sip experience.  The tea ingredients are just unusual and relishing.  If you want to try something delicate and mild, Imperial Jasmine is the best.

As a tea lover, what’s your favorite flavor? There is so much to savor when it comes to tea.  The white leaves are handpicked from different countries like India, China, Sri Lanka, and Africa. Each one comes with the authenticity of its own land.

No more tea sips are confined to boring flavors. There are so many flavors to cherish like strawberry, peach, honey, melon cucumber, and even jasmine. So experiencing different tea flavors is like traveling different horizons.  I hope you would have loved the article on tea flavors.

It’s already high time to explore! Fall in love with exotic flavors and do let us know your favorite brands.  Life is short to explore all the flavors of tea! Do you agree?

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