Gain permanent weight fast

When you look to gain weight you might do it in two ways. The first one includes stocking the pantry with junk food or other artificial sweeteners to get some extra pounds within a week. The second one involves the slow process of changing your diet with natural calorie-dense diets rich in fats, carbs, and proteins. The difference here can be visible in how far the weight gain remains with you. In other words, the process when you gain weight in a permanent manner is considered a better approach. So, what are the ways through which you can gain permanent weight fast and safely?

Some general facts

Did you know that consuming 300-500 calories extra than our body can burn daily is highly sufficient for an effective weight gain?  And if you increase this amount o 1,000 calories you can get a more rapid weight gain. This shows how consuming extra calories than our body can gain helps in increasing weight The calorie intake, however, varies from person to person.

When we do the calculation, we might estimate the calorie number as an accurate number when it comes to daily consumption. Hence, it is always advisable to keep track of your daily calorie intake. You may get a  good knowledge of how to adjust your diet and gain weight with sufficient speed. Various apps can help you out in measuring your calorie intake.

The weight gain further depends on facts such as the type of body you are having and the type of food you are consuming. For instance, if you are too thin, you might look to consume more starch, carbs, and sugars. These are a sure-shot way of increasing diet. Same way, if you are not skinny but not muscular either, you may concentrate on consuming more protein-rich diet. No matter what the reason is, you should always go for healthy diet alternatives.

Eating more meals per day

Eating more meals per day

If you are having three meals per day, you should increase the number to at least five. If you are having meals twice, you should have them thrice at least. Eating more meals with fewer breaks in between helps enhance the calorie intake. You can also use snacks in between the meals that can help increase the fat accumulation in your body leading to healthy weight gain.

Train with weights

Have you ever seen people in the gym concentrating only on weight training? Well, there is a very valid reason besides it. People who have the knack of undergoing weight training usually gain weight in a sustainable way. You should aim for doing such a type of intense workout session at least three times a week. This shall be a good aid in maintaining lean muscle mass which can be long-lasting.

Train with weights

When you look to further gin lean mass, you need to adopt variations while developing workout in a way to gain more stamina. You should always increase the intensity of the workout by increasing the weight quantity or the number of sets or repetitions you do. Slowly and gradually, you will be able to experience more wear and tear of muscles which will result in more hunger for protein to recover quickly leading to quicker muscle gain.

Amidst various types of weight training, you can also try compound movements. This is a good way to build muscle effectively. It includes weight lifts focusing on various muscle groups such as squats for hips and thigs, lunges for butt areas, bench press for chest and push-ups for overall body structure. It is a fact that if you work out regularly, you will increase your calorie intake. By working out for strength training, you are in a way allowing your body to get the advantage of enough fuel you are consuming. Also, when you train with weights, you tend to become more healthy as you are doing physical exercise. Nowadays, the longer you train, the better the weight you will gain. This, in turn, will motivate you to keep up the exercises for a longer period of time.

Eating the right amount of protein

A diet that contains just the right amount of protein will tick all the boxes for your weight gain regime. You can combine weight training sessions with protein consumption and see varied visible results. If you consume 0.8 to 2 grams of protein per KG of your entire body weight, you will increase your muscle mass to a great extent. This is highly essential for weight gain. Some of the many foods that are available in protein content include cheese, yogurt, eggs, fish, dry fruits, legumes, nuts, etc.

Concentrate on healthy fats and fibrous carbs

When you are trying to gain weight in a long-lasting manner, many things go out of hand. But what you eat is a singular thing you can control effectively. In this regard, it makes sense to include fibrous carbs and healthful fats in your meal. This will increase calorie count while enhancing the nutritious value of your diet. Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats act as an essential source of energy. This helps us go that extra mile while doing exercises. It also supports muscle growth and always keep our body wanting for more. Whole-food sources are always a good option for consuming natural carbohydrates. These include beans, rice, and pulses. These are very much safer as compared to their processed or refined alternatives.


Concentrate on healthy fats and fibrous carbs

When you try to consume healthy fats, you might not be able to distinguish it from unhealthful fats sources. Generally, healthy fats food is monosaturated or polyunsaturated compounds. These occur in nuts, vegetable oils, fish and other similar foods. Unhealthful fats, on the other hand, are tans or saturated fats. These should always be in a limited amount in our weight gain diet. Such items that should be avoided include fried or baked eatables, beef, lamb, pork, etc.

Go for healthy drinks

When you are full-on appetite and do not have space to consume more calories, but still want to have some more as per your routine, you can go for healthy drinks. This helps to elevate your calorie meter without being too heavy on your digestive system. Shakes or smoothies are the most natural and safe methods that are even more appealing than a healthy meal. The protein shakes with other healthy products can do wonder in satisfying your appetite hormones. These are also a good source of nutrients for our bodies. Some of the healthy ingredients you can use to prepare smoothies are whey protein, fruits, dry fruits nuts, yogurt, seeds, green veggies such as spinach and milk. You can always try preparing new recipes that appeal to your taste and also provide healthy nutrients for weight gain.

What you should avoid sustaining weight gain

Gaining weight is never a short term goal. It might take months to put on the desired weight you always dreamt of. But the irony is you can quickly lose weight if not following one of the tips we mentioned above. This happens rapidly and hence is a matter of concern. Here are few things you should do and avoid so that you can make your weight gain healthy, long-lasting and sustainable in a safer way:

  • Never rely on artificial supplements formula. These might cause prompt weight gain but come with side effects. Furthermore, most of the supplements leave a bad effect on our body when you discontinue their use
  • Don’t rely on only weight gaining exercises. Your body needs to burn calories as it needs to consume them. Hence, you should always do physical activity wherever possible.
  • Do not stop cardiovascular exercises. This is a no option for weight gain phenomenon. When you stop running, jogging, walking or cycling to gain weight, you are stressing our lungs, heart, and brain. These are good for overall health and should go side by side with your weight gaining program
  • Do avoid eating junk food on an outing or during travel. Small snacks like fried chips or artificial soft drinks might seem tantalizing but spoil your entire day’s diet schedule. You should always go for healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit juices or dry fruits.
  • Avoid consuming a diet that is low in protein, carb or fat content. If you are consuming something, you should make the most of it. Having empty carbs or nutrients do not help and might even lead to certain problems in your body system.
  • Try having vegetables who are having high-calorie content. You should look for richer sources of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Vegetables are vital as they provide vitamins and minerals essential for our body’s metabolism.

Gaining weight might be possible, but maintaining it might seem close to impossible. When it comes to sustainability, it often becomes a mind game. Whenever you are thinking of quitting, you should think about the reason you started. Envisioned your goal and practicing positive imagination can help you keep up your routine with great weight gaining habits. Once you have gained weight, you can follow our tips so that it remains for you without causing any harm.

Every now and then, we come across conditions such as blood pressure or diabetes that are caused by being obese. Such obesity is of no use and should not be misunderstood as weight gain. The weight gain we wish you to achieve is healthy muscular strength and mass that helps your body in fighting against diseases.

Safe weight gain requires patience and motivation. You might not see possible results as soon as you expect. Everyone has a different body and you should never lose the strings of hope while aspiring on the road to achieve your weight gain goals.

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