Did you know that the smoke emerging from a cigarette contains 7,000 types of chemicals and out of these, 70 are known to cause cancer? Have you ever realized the fact that every day, more than 3200 children start tobacco addiction by smoking some kind of cigarettes as their first tobacco consumption?

And can you believe that tobacco and nicotine dependence is the prime cause of deaths in the world that could be easily prevented

While these facts will amaze and astonish you deeply, it is important to know the bad effects of tobacco addiction and how you can overcome it by trusted treatments. Let’s start with some tips to prevent tobacco consumptions.

Various methods can be adapted to quit tobacco. Some work better than others and the best plan is the one you can stick to. Consider which of these methods work best for you:

Here are some tips backed by science that will help you quit tobacco from its root:

  • Nicotine replacement therapy can be used in the form of nicotine anti-smoking gums
  • Setting a quit date can assist you to make a plan about quitting
  • Writing down the time and occasion when you smoke helps to avoid it in a better way
  • Counseling with a therapist helps to quit smoking
  • Enlisting your social network can help to quit
  • Exercises help reduce carvings
  • Lifting weights helps people quit smoking
  • The increasing use of cell phone has also been scientifically proven to quit smoking
  • Numerous apps can help quit smoking by tracking your habits
  • E-cigarettes provide a nicotine free smoking alternative
Tobacco addiction treatment

To avoid tobacco addiction, you need to follow some rules in order to overcome carvings. You can adapt the method of remembering the 4 D that are Delay, Deep Breathe, Drink Water and Do something else. These are the tips to overcome carving:

  • Do something instead of smoking. The activities might be reading a magazine, listen to a favorite piece of songs, going for a ten-minute walk or watching a funny video
  • Fill your mouth with something rather than e-cigarette like gum, sip water or carrot sticks
  • Motivate yourself by telling that you can deal with the carving and recite your reasons for quitting
  • To get used to the feeling of a clean mouth, brush your teeth more frequently
  • Make changes and adapt to a new daily routine without smoking

Above all, it is important to adapt to positive thinking to quit and overcome smoke carvings

Types for treatment to addicted to nicotine

Here are some simple home remedies that will help you quit the habit of nicotine consumption effectively. These food items can easily replace the nicotine diet intake and help remove carvings.

  • Oats: it is an age-old home remedy that should be drunk after a meal to help quit the habit of nicotine consumption.
  • Cayenne Pepper-including this spice in your diet will help you quit nicotine dependence for good
  • The lobelia-this element is beneficial in lessening the cravings for nicotine as well as the habit itself.
  • Multivitamins-smoking leads to a deficiency of various multivitamins which can be replenished by Vitamin A, C and
  • Licorice stick-whenever you feel the urge to smoke, chewing a licorice stick is best to refrain yourself from the habit
  • Extracts from grape seed-these can be consumed to repair the lung damage, caused by nicotine or tobacco consumption
  • Herbal cigarettes-these have 0% nicotine in them and thus serve as a good alternative to traditional forms of cigarettes
Acupuncture and medication- an effective tobacco addiction treatment

Acupuncture is yet another effective way to quit smoking and help you curb your tobacco craving. Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbs and hypnotherapy can offer relief when you are fighting with irritability and carvings. When it comes to quitting smoking, pressure points in ears are believed to be highly effective. National Acupuncture Detoxification Association supports a particular set of protocol along the lines of these ear suppression points.

While literature depicts mixed results of acupuncture, there are numerous instances of people who have had relief from the carvings of smoking with improved health.

 Ask help from a doctor

As a prime treatment of tobacco addiction, doctors usually prescribe the most commonly used smoking medicine under nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This process reduces your habit of smoking by giving you not all but a bit of nicotine. This satisfies your nicotine carving and reduces the urge to smoke.

As you quit, you are bound to use NRT with less and less nicotine. Medicines under NRT include gums, lozenges, nasal spray, and inhalers.

For those who are unwilling to take NRT medications, other quit tobacco medicines can be prescribed by the doctor. These medicines are made to reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal servings. While these medicines are used only after a doctor’s prescriptions, it should be kept in mind that every individual may require different medicines. The FDA has approved a particular medicine guide for smokers trying to quit which should be followed by every means.

Don’t forget the adverse effects

While we have focused your attention on the treatment of tobacco addiction, it is vital to remember its adverse effects in order to stay on the path of prevention and control rather than disease treatment. Tobacco causes chronic disease that often shows their prominence in the later stages of our life.

The majority of the prominent syndromes include lung cancer, mouth cancers, asthma, breathing problems and reduction in stamina.

People often believe that the short term effects of tobacco consumption are less likely to be harmful than long-term effects. This is, however, a wrong perception as the short-term effects cause harm if left untreated for a longer time. Also, short term effects like viral, cough, sneezing or difficulty in breathing are vital health indicators that lead to suboptimal health status throughout a smoker’s life.

Which category do you belong to?

For those who are still unaware of the cons of smoking, reading this article would mean an enlightened course. If you are staying away from tobacco or nicotine, you are doing best not only for yourself but for your family and friends as well. If you are willing to adopt the habit, you should stop and realize that smoking always kills and in any form is not beneficial.

You must opt for another healthy habit instead of immersing in the dead pool of tobacco or nicotine. And if you are amongst the third category that is addicted to tobacco, you should immediately start taking steps to let go off your habit and cravings.

Whatever you need to do, you should make an aim of leaving the habit as it causes only adverse effects, not to mention the money you burn in the form of smoking.


We believe that while the facts depicted in this piece are helpful, they can show many people the way of getting treated or staying away from tobacco consumption. With such positive thoughts, we advise each and every one of you to always stay aware and make others know about the grave effects of smoking or tobacco consumption. Remember that while we people die eventually, smokers die every day!