If you added 1000 calories daily, you will achieve 1 Kg weight at the end of the week. But how could you do it and maintain a healthy body as well?

after the next 5 minutes from reading this. You will start a new Era in healthy weight gain.

First, let me ask you: How do you know if you are underweight or not? Before you decide to gain weight, you need to know if your body really needs that or not.



Calculate your BMI

In order to assess your weight, you need to calculate your BMI which is the body mass index. this categorizes your body weight according to the center of disease control formula.


To calculate your BMI, you need 2 things:

1- Bodyweight in Kgs.

2-Height in m2.

If your body weight falls below 18.5 then you are considered Underweight. and further diet management is needed for your case.

As a result, your body will complain. And this will be shown in the form of:


1- Protruded Veins, joints are large and more notable, and you will show little muscle mass as well.

2- Fragile bone: This is due to a deficiency in Vitamin D and calcium.

3- weak immune system:  you shall expect frequent bacterial, microbial or viral illness

4- Anemia: This is due to low levels of iron, folate and vitamin b12. Thus, you can expect frequent dizziness, fatigues, and dry skin

5- females are more likely to show hair loss with irregular menstrual periods. And this might delay your pregnancy.

Thus, in order to regain your health, you need to eat nutrient-dense food.

Some people tend to gain weight through junk fatty food, Soda beverages and so on. If you followed this, you will end up Dead!

Your body is already complaining about malnutrition.

Thus, you need to maintain your healthy state meanwhile Gaining weight.

Keys For Healthy Weight Gain

Keys For Healthy Weight Gain

1- Go for protein-dense Food.

Studies showed that Protein is one of the main points that increase body weight. it will not only add more calories to your body but also supply it with other nutritious elements.


2- Eat more frequently.

You cannot eat all the calories that your body needs in one or 2 meals. Especially for, being underweight might be due to the high metabolic rate. So, you need to add dense snacks between meals in order to reach your daily targeted calories.

I know…

It is a bit challenging; your brain uses leptin hormone to tell your stomach that you are full. and you will automatically feel a low appetite.

Good news is you can trick your brain

For example:

  1. Include snacks such as nuts, chocolates, Milk, cheesy omelet, popcorn, creamy beverages, and peanut butter.
  2. Eat-in in front of the television: watching while eating will help you forget that you are full and keep going.
  3. Use large plates: challenge yourself to eat the whole dish you have prepared. And as a reward, eat the chocolate you love.
  4. Add spices to your plates. Researches confirmed that spices have a main role in elevating your appetite. So, you can include ginger, pepper, cumin, curry, and whatever taste you like into your food.

4- Include Carbohydrates

Many studies confirmed that carbs are the main source of calorie intake. As a result, you can start your meal with proteins and carbs. And leave the vegetables till the end.

5- Do not drink water

Water will fill your stomach; leading to low appetite resulting and low-calorie intake. Thus, it is not recommended to drink water before meals.

This is your first step to gain weight.

In the next phase, I will tell you about the healthy food which will add credit to your overall body.

Stay tuned and check the website frequently for the coming article

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