Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Our body is like a machine made for movements, physical actions, exercises and practical things. Just like a machine, it gets rusty if we stop moving. In other words, if we don’t do physical work, our body subject to various problems. There is a saying that a body in motion is a healthy body. Hence, it’s important to keep physical things alive in your life. And what could be a better way than doing exercises?

Exercises as treatment options

When you do exercises on regular basis, you reduce the risk of the onset of many diseases. You also reduce the probability of developing various conditions. Some instances here are Diabetes Mellitus, heart or cardiovascular problems and cancer. Exercises can provide immediate as well as long-lasting health benefits for our bodies. They also improve the regular activity of our lifestyle and hence, increase the quality of life as well. Scientists recommend that one should always exercise or work out at least for half an hour a day.

Many people take exercising as a better treatment option. With the movement of our body, our muscles and bone or even joints get mobile in a maximum way. Many physiotherapists take advantage of the precise exercises to treat joint or bone pain. Even several doctors use the methods of pressing the nerves and making the patient do exercises to get the best treatment.

Some of the benefits of regular exercises include

  • Reduction and management of weight
  • Prevention of obesity
  • Reduction in the risk of heart attack
  • Reduction in the risk of getting affected by type 2 diabetes
  • Improvement in skin texture through constant sweating
  • Hydration of the body
  • Muscle, bone and joint movement improvement
  • Reduction in the risk of developing arthritis or osteoporosis
  • Feeling revitalized with improvement in mood
  • Increase in stamina and energy
  • Help in better sleep
  • Lowering the bad cholesterol levels in our body
  • Good blood circulation

Besides this, the exercises provide a healthy state of mind to everyone. If you are facing depression, you might get good relief from it using workouts and constant physical activity. This happens as exercises block the negative thoughts. We all know how negativity conjure us if we are free or have a free mind. When you do exercise, you keep yourself busy and hence stay positive. It also distracts you from daily worries which are inevitable. As a result, your mood is lifted. When you exercise daily, you have good sleep patterns and you are fit physically and mentally. These may also change the levels of chemicals in our bran. This helps a lot in decreasing the hormones such as endorphins and serotonin.

Carpel tunnel syndrome- An overview

carpal tunnel

Among the list of most common diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome can be new to the ears. The condition is the result of the pressure on the median nerve of our body. The carpel tunnel is a type of narrow passageway in our body. There are tons of bones and ligaments that surround the tunnel on the palm of our hand. As many factors compress the median nerve, there can be noticeable symptoms. Some of them include numbness, weakens in the hand, tingling sensation, weakness in hand and restriction of hand movements.

There can be several underlying factors that may cause this problem. The wrist anatomy and several other health problems can cause this condition. Reparative hand motions can also lead to this condition in adults.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Various symptoms might or might not be noticed. The first one includes tingling and numbness. When you wake up, you might find a tingling sensation. A feeling of numbness in hands and fingers is also common. This happens to usually our index, middle, ring fingers, or thumb. Carpal tunnel syndrome does not affect our little fingers.

As the symptoms worsen, the sensation of tingling or numbness may extend and reach up to your arm. It can also stay right in the wrist making it hard to move. The symptoms elevate when you keep on using your arm or list. Actions such as driving a car, reading a newspaper, using a phone, or picking something from your single hand can worsen the symptoms. The numb feeling can be constant over time and regular exercises may reduce the symptoms in many cases.

Another important symptom is the weakness in the hand, arm and wrist altogether or at a single part. One can even drop the objects from hand due to this type of weakness. The numbness may make your hand useless. The weakness in the thumb pinching muscles can be another syndrome. These are all in the control of our median nerve and thus, can be damaged.

The symptoms might appear to be normal to mild at first. Buti f you encounter them regularly, it is best to seek the advice of a regular medical practitioner. Do this if you have signs and symptoms that relate to carpal tunnel syndrome affecting normal activities as well as sleep patterns. If you don’t pay attention to these signs, you may get permanent damage to your nerves and muscles.

Underlying causes

Underlying causes

The pressure that we put on the median nerve is the main reason for this condition. Many of us don’t know about the median never. It runs from our forearm through a passageway in the wrist. This particular passage is the carpal tunnel. The function of this tunnel is important. It provides the sensation of feelings on the palm side of our hand, causing our thumb and fingers to feel and sense movements. It also performs the function of providing nerve signals. This helps move the muscles encircling the base of the thumb which is an important hand motor function.

The prime cause is the squeezing or irritation of the median nerve passageway. This leads to the syndrome we are discussing. In many cases, a fracture in the wrist can help narrow the tunnel. This irritates the nerve and leads to swelling. Many cases also encounter inflammation and even leading to rheumatoid arthritis.

Just like many other diseases, single causes are not responsible for the syndrome in many cases. Various underlying causes together can contribute to the onset of this disease.

Risk factors with carpal tunnel

Risk factors with carpal tunnel

Various factors have been related to carpal tunnel conditions. Although they may not straightforwardly cause carpal tunnel conditions, they may increase the risk of disturbance or harm to the middle nerve. These include:

  • Anatomic factors. A wrist crack or separation, or joint inflammation that distorts the little bones in the wrist, can modify the space within the carpal tunnel and put focus on the middle nerve.

Individuals who have more modest carpal tunnels might be bound to have carpal tunnel disorder.

  • Sex. Carpal tunnel condition is for the most part more normal in ladies. This might be because the carpal tunnel region is generally more modest in ladies than in men.

Ladies who have carpal tunnel disorder may likewise have more modest carpal tunnels than ladies who don’t have the condition.

  • Nerve-damaging conditions. Some constant diseases, like diabetes, increase your risk of nerve harm, including harm to your middle nerve.
  • Inflammatory conditions. Rheumatoid joint pain and other conditions that have an inflammatory part can influence the lining around the ligaments in your wrist and put focus on your middle nerve.
  • Medications. A few studies have shown a link between carpal tunnel condition and the utilization of anastrozole, a medication used to treat bosom disease.
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  • Obesity. Being stout is a risk factor for carpal tunnel disorder.
  • Body liquid changes. Liquid maintenance may increase the pressing factor within your carpal tunnel, irritating the middle nerve. This is normal during pregnancy and menopause. Carpal tunnel condition related to pregnancy for the most part improves all alone after pregnancy.
  • Other medical conditions. Certain conditions, like menopause, thyroid  symptoms issues, kidney disappointment and lymphedema, may increase your odds of carpal tunnel disorder.
  • Workplace factors. Working with vibrating apparatuses or on a mechanical production system that requires delayed or tedious flexing of the wrist may make unsafe tension on the middle nerve or demolish existing nerve harm, particularly if the work is done in a cool climate.

However, the scientific proof is conflicting and these factors haven’t been set up to fill in as immediate reasons for carpal tunnel condition.

A few studies have assessed whether there is a relationship between PC use and carpal tunnel condition. Some proof recommends that it is mouse use, and not the utilization of a console, that might be the issue. However, there has not been sufficient quality and steady proof to help broad PC use as a risk factor for carpal tunnel condition, although it’s anything but a different type of hand pain.

Exercises for carpal tunnel

Exercises for carpal tunnel

One could easily guess that the exercises are fairly easy for this condition. These can be easily done under normal conditions and even at home, even while sitting. The exercises can help in relieving the symptoms of carpal tunnel.

  1. Extension of the wrist

The exercises are the movement of the wrist. This will stretch the muscles of the inner forearm. Start doing it by first holding out an arm straight in front of your body. Make sure that the arm is in alignment with your shoulder. Your arm should be straight. Don’t lock your elbow at all while getting into this position. Now start by slowly bending the wrist back. Do it as much as you can, stretch the wrist so that your palm is in a 90-degree position. This is similar to a stop signal.

Extension of the wrist

You can use your other hand to pull the palm backward towards your face. Stretching it will stretch your inner forearm muscles. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and repeat 5 times. Do the same exercise for the other arm too. You can do this exercise two times a day. The easy one is a start on the list. It also acts as a mild warm up before gearing up for the next exercises.

  1. Wrist flexion

The exercise is devised to help you stretch out the muscles in your outer forearm parts of the body. Start doing the exercise by extending your arm in front of the body. Keep the arm straight and at shoulder height. In the same manner, as we did earlier, avoid locking the elbow and keep the arm straight. Stretch the arm out as much as possible. Now start stretching. Bend the wrist slowly in a position so that the fingers point down towards the floor. You can now use your other hand and gently pull the hand that is bent towards the body. This will give you a good feel of stretch in the outer forearm part. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the exercise 5 times. Do this on the other arm too.

Wrist flexion

One can do this exercise daily or 5 or 6 times a week. The exercise is also a good warm up one for gripping workout sessions with maximum use of the wrist.

  1. Median nerve glide

The median nerve glide is a specific type of exercise that helps relieve the pressure on a compressed nerve. This is very effective especially for the median never, and hence help relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Median nerve glide

Some scientists and medical experts suggest that one might give compression of at least 15 minutes before doing these exercises. Start the real exercise by making a fist with your hand. Keep your thumbs on the outside part away from y our body. Now slowly and steadily uncurl the fingers. Start stretching your fingers and thumb both outwards straight. Keep the thumb pressed to the side of your hand. Next, bend the hand back. Do this towards your forearm. Then slowly extend the thumb to the outer side of your body.

After this in the second phase of the exercise, use your other hand and gently apply a bit of pressure on the thumb. This will be to stretch the thumb slowly.

Hold the position for 5 to 8 seconds and then repeat. Do a set of 5 times. Release and repeat to start another cycle after finishing one. Some people might face slight inflammation after these exercises. Using a cold compress or an ice bag will help relieve the pressure.

  1. Glides of the tendon

This one is the stretching of the tendon. Some tendons make the carpal tunnel operate. When you stretch them, they become more active and come to their original position. There have been studies on these exercises depicting several information and conclusions. One of the important ones include using a splint with tendon while doing nerve gilding exercises to get the best results. This is better than using the splint alone. You can also create different combinations and then keep on using the one that fits you best.

Glides of the tendon

You may apply a warm compress of at least 10 minutes before doing this exercise. A cold compress afterward will help relieve the inflammation. Unlike the previous exercises, these can be done on both hands at the same time. You can also choose to do it on one hand at a time.

Start the exercise by first bending the elbow. Do this in a way that your forearm points straight in the upward direction. Now slowly and gently straighten the fingers and thumb as well. Make them in outline with the wrist so that all of your fingers are now pointing in the straight-up direction. After this, bend the top of your fingers. You may try to make a hook shape doing this. Then you should bend the fingers in a tight fist. Meanwhile, keep the thumb on top of the fingers. Hold this position 3 times and repeat 4 to 5 times.

  1. Wrist lift

Last but not the list, we got a wrist lift which is an easy one. This works great for the muscles of forearm muscles.

Wrist lift

Start doing the wrist life by placing one palm on the table in a flat position. Place the other hand at the right angles across the knuckles. Now lift the fingers of the bottom hand. Do this while pressing down with the other hand. Hold this position for 3 seconds. Repeat 5 to 6 times daily basis.

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