Antibiotic misuse

Tablet Counts!

antibiotic misuse catastrophe

Ignore this article, and say goodbye to your immune system and your child’s as well.

Certainly, you know that we use Antibiotics (AB) to treat a wide range of illnesses. However, people start to use an (AB) in the wrong way. As a result, Worldwide Complications have aroused.

Yes, wrong way! We are talking about the misuse here. Some people do not complete the treatment course. others, get to use (AB) unduly. Although the situation might not require (AB), you still consider it in most illness. As a result, in (2019), the World Health Organization (WHO), raised an alarming!

Antibiotic Resistance

Please take care!

A clear increment in Worldwide Antibiotic Resistance (ABR) is about to come. So, the ability to treat common infections became quite complex.

Let me explain more,

What is (ABR)?

Let me simplify more. Due to the frequent use of (AB), the bacterium develops widely. Do you know how? The bacterium changes its strain from one form to another. Why is that? Usually, this happens because the bacterium is fighting permanent eradication.antimicrobial resistance

Then, they begin to multiply. As a result, it passes on its resistant trait to their new offspring.

According to the Center for disease control and prevention (CDCP), 1/3 – 1/2 of people misuse the (AB).

Would you like to make sure of yourself? Please ask yourself, what is…

  • The 1st reason that pops in your head for (AB) usage?

Unluckily, most of you will answer: Is flu…☹ You should know that (AB) is meant for treating bacterial infection. Flu is a viral infection. So, What Are Illness That Do Not Require (AB)?

  • Some categories of sinus infections.
  • Also, Common cold.
  • Influenza.
  • Most Coughs.
  • Some extent of ear infection and stomach flu.

Add to your list, you might misuse (AB) in other cases as well.

(ABM) without knowing.

(AB) can be abused in different ways, and here is the most common way in which they can be misused.

antibiotics instructions

A) Do not save (AB).

You might sometimes tend to save up (AB) from previous treatment and take them when they fall sick again. And sometimes you even decided to share with friends, family, and colleagues. Not knowing that treating an illness with (AB) without a doctor prescription is harmful to your health. Because, the dose is prescribed according to a health state, case, age, and weight.

B) It is not always your fault.

Sometimes your doctor prescribes (AB) just to please a patient!

infographic for antibiotics

Yes they do, do you know why? Because there is a fallacy,  which is the more drugs your doctor writes, the much professional he is. Thanks to them, the bacterium becomes resistant :).

The actual problem is not only your health state but also other body reactions upon your misuse.

Why is that? Because it will not stop there, it will pass to other people!

Thus, when the bacteria pull out you’re (AB), their new modified offspring will hit other people.

C) Do not stop the treatment course before completion?

course procedure

Let’s be honest, most people have a tendency of not completing the prescribed dose the moment they feel better. This is not an Overstate.

I am not… If medicines prescribed for you is not completed, then the bacteria will develop a resistant strain. Think of it as if it is a boxing championship. If you do not win the contest, then your opponent will defeat you. It is like either you kill, or you are killed! Thus, the course completion is crucial. to protect your child from this hassle.

Typical cases for (ABM).

1- Child viral infection.

In some cases, the physician diagnoses a child’s case as a Viral Infection.


Thus, in this case, he should not prescribe an (AB). why? Because they are useful only with bacterial infections. However, for viral infections, the immune system takes the lead. Do you get what I mean? I mean, in order to treat your viral infection, focus on your immunity. Also, you can use a pain reliever for the symptoms. However, in case of a harsh infection, antiviral will be prescribed.

According to Tiffany Casper D.O, a mayo clinic health system family physician “in place of using antibiotics when your child has an Ear Infection, it is better to get an over-the-counter Pain Reliever instead” . 


2- Skin eczema.

You can treat dry skin such as Eczema with lotion. Or, you can use other skin treatment products. But do not use oral (AB).

3- Ear-sore.

If you are a swimmer and you complain from Ear-Sore.

antibiotic resistance prevention

 Then, you can use (AB) Ear drops, instead of Oral (AB).

4-Elder urine tests

For older people, during routine urine tests, bacteria are often detected. But you should know that this does not make a needful call for (AB); unless you show signs of urinary tract infection.

5-Surgical wounds

Sometimes we use (AB) for surgical wounds. However, Do you know that dermal ointment shows higher activity than an oral (AB)?

Consequences for antibiotic misuse

Lately, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) in the U.S, is warning us: “the way of using antibiotics are being Abused”. The CDC director Tom Frieden said “some group of bacteria’s has now grown, to defend themselves against modern medicine. And when Bacteria become Resistant, the Drugs we use to kill them becomes Ineffective. In which it gives rise to Severe Consequences”.

  • Increase Fatal Diarrhea in Children

Usually, the main reason for the common cold is viral infections. But let me ask you: Do you know the consequences of antibiotic use? Simply, they will worsen the case. Surprisingly, antibiotics cause more complicated problems. What actually happens is, children, become more susceptible to an (ABR). Especially, C. Difficiel. As a result, they suffer from Severe Diarrhea.

  • Damages white blood cells

Phuspa Pandiyan, Ph.D., who is an assistant professor of biological sciences, in the School of Dental medicine at Case Western Reserve University, made a statement: Antibiotic can Kill Short-Chain Fatty Acid, which produced by your body’s own bacteria. And this fatty acid helps to maintain, and promote the development of White Blood Cells. In which it acts as the vertebral column for immunity”

Do you know what happens if,

white blood cells

The White Blood Cells Production Disrupt? Your body will not be able to fight fungal, bacterial and viral infections. In consequence, a weak immune system and late response occur, which makes it hard to protect your body against harmful germs. And continued use gives the bacterial opportunity to become resistant and makes treatment more difficult.

  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Very Famous with late Control.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

This is a famous infection due to (ABR). And so far, it spread widely. But what is the reason behind this infection?  this comes from different resistant bacteria. Specifically, from (AB) used to treat common staphylococcus infections. The bad news is, treating this infection is very hard. And yet, there is no way of controlling it.

Other wages for (ABM)

  • You will be more prone to other serious diseases.
  • You will take a longer time to recover. Thus, you will visit hospitals a lot, and you will stay longer.
  • Your therapy will be much expensive.

In conclusion, although (AB) plays a significant role in our health today; its misuse can lead to severe and harmful conditions for you, as well as society in general. The use of (AB) wisely will only ensure that future generations will not suffer infections as we do. Thus, take my advice always try to figure an alternative for the antibiotic. Because in most cases, you just need to deal with the symptoms themselves and let your immune system do the rest”. I am sure that you will change your concept, after reading this.

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