Don’t underestimate the power of a brisk walking

All of you are quite aware of the brisk walking benefits. The normal walk can reduce your stress, clears your mind and thoughts. In a brisk walk, you need to walk at a pace higher than your normal rate of walking. The person doing a brisk walk can be able to speak full sentences but should not be able to sing.

How fast is a brisk walk

How fast is a brisk walk

According to the Centre for Disease Control(CDC), brisk walking is at a pace of 3 miles per hour or more. Or the person having a normal fitness level it can be 4 miles per hour. One measure can be the steps per minute. The 100 steps per minute are considered moderate-intensity or brisk walking. You can use a walking pace calculator so as to get results in minutes per mile. You must begin at a slow pace and then gradually increase the speed.

Essentials for brisk walking-The following things you need to follow

a)The first and foremost thing is loose and comfortable clothes which help you to move freely. Avoid using the tights.

b)The next important thing is your shoes. Your shoes must be athletic and convenient and lightweight too. It must be of proper fit too.

Benefits of brisk walking

Here we are going to discuss the varied range of health benefits that one can get from the regular brisk walk. So let me throw light on the amazing health benefits of a brisk walk.

1) Helps increasing level of oxygen in blood and body

Well…When you walk fast, the fresh air reaches your lungs. The deep breathing helps in carrying the proper level of oxygen in the blood and the whole body. I hope you understand the importance of oxygen level in your blood. It will help all the organs of your body to work smoothly.

2) Helps in losing weight

If you want to curb the excess fat or on the movement of reducing weight then the brisk walk is a must. Have a proper check on your diet and burn the excess calories. You can achieve the target of your weight loss program. According to a study in 4 weeks of brisk walking on regular can helps you in losing 5% weight of your body.

3) Beneficial for people with joint problems

If you are suffering from joint pain and arthritis problems and your physician has said to avoid exercises then brisk walking can help you in the long run. It activates your dead cells. Keeps the blood flow properly. Your bones and arteries will be more active.

4) Improved immune system

The regular brisk walk helps in activating the cells in your body. As a result, the immunity of the system increases. Your improved immune system helps you to live a healthy and better life.

5) Your fitness level improves

A regular brisk walk is of utmost importance to boost your immunity as said above. It has a positive effect on your fitness level too. You start feeling full of energy, active and more cautious. The more active you are the fitter you will be.

6) Improved heart health

improved heart health

According to the Mayo Clinic study, the brisk walk helps in lowering your cholesterol level. It also helps to keep a proper check on your blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. So consequently your heart health improves.

7) A brisk walk is a full-body workout

Brisk walking takes care of your body from tip to toe. You feel active and fit. According to a survey, the people who do regular brisk walk are more brainy than lazy people or don’t do much walking and are more prone to illness and diseases.

Sum and substance

So, my dear readers. I hope after reading these amazing health benefits of brisk walk you will definitely go for that but do this on a regular base because the outcomes will be fruitful then. Thanks for reading.

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