Exercise In Winter

Winter can suck. It gets cold and dark early, so your evenings seem a lot shorter. When it’s miserable outside, it’s normal to feel like staying indoors and skipping exercise. “Maybe when the weather gets better,” you say to yourself. But you know you’re using the weather as an excuse. You just can’t be bothered. It’s natural to feel this way sometimes (we all get this!), but when it continues for a long period of time, something has to be done. Especially because Christmas and New Year’s is just around the corner, and you know you’re going to be eating and drinking a fair amount here!

Here are our top 8 tips on how to stay motivated to exercise in winter:

  • Stay indoors. Winter is the perfect time to work out indoors. If you don’t want to leave the house, there’s always YouTube for home workouts. Bodyweight exercises are a good way to exercise or consider buying some resistance bands to be able to exercise indoors. This way, you get the comfort of your home, but get the benefit of working out. If you’re unable to motivate yourself to exercise at home, make use of the warmth of your gym. Ever noticed social invitations dwindle during the cold months? Use this time to work out at the gym instead, and get socializing there during a workout class.Stay indoors in winter
  • Buy some winter gym gear. Chances are your usual shorts and t-shirt combo won’t cut it in the colder weather. Stay motivated by buying some new gym gear for the winter so you’re prepared and raring to go. Your lack of warm gym gear will no longer be an excuse. And if you plan to go running outdoors, no problem. Pack a lightweight jacket and some thermals to protect you from the cold. (Anyone else finds winter runs therapeutic? Just us? Ok
  • Book a summer holiday.

    Give yourself something to work towards by booking your summer holiday during the winter. This will mean you’ll have a goal to work towards – as they say, summer bodies are made in winter. Having the end goal in mind will help you to stay motivated. The only decision to make is where to go…Book a summer holiday

  • Find a workout partner. Buddy up with someone and work out together. Finding someone that has similar goals to you is a great way of staying motivated. You can challenge each other and make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals. If you don’t know anyone, try new exercise classes at the gym to help you to meet new people. Most people in gyms are on similar journeys to yourself, so don’t be afraid to give someone a quick hello!
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  • Try something new.

    Take up a new indoor sport or try a new exercise class instead of sticking to your usual gym workout. By switching up your routine and trying something different, you’ll be motivated to keep going as you learn new skills, or meet new people. You’ll never know what you like and dislike until you try it, so here’s a great place to start.

  • Warm-up. If you’re feeling the chill, then maybe it’s time to try some hot yoga or have a sauna or steam room session after your workout. Exercising in this way will help warm you up again, and is also great for your immune system so you’ll be less likely to pick up a cold.Warm-up
  • Workout on your lunch break. In the winter, early mornings and evenings are usually cold, dark and miserable. Why not avoid these times altogether and make use of your lunch break to do some exercise? If you have a gym at work or close by, then perfect. If not, why not try going for a run or a long walk during your lunch break to keep moving?
  • Just do it. This one’s simple. Yes, it’s cold outside. Yes, the weather’s miserable. Yes, Netflix has a new show starting today. But if you really want to stay in shape, you just need to work out. There are many options for exercising in the winter, so pick those that work for you and get on with it. Trust us, you’ll never regret working out.


Most of us don’t like winter, but it doesn’t mean our motivation levels have to completely drop during these months. By using the 8 tips on how to stay motivated to exercise in the winter, you’ll be on track to keep exercising. Try different things here, such as a new class, or a new sport. And when push comes to shove… just get the workout in! You’ll thank us when you’re on the beach next summer!


RaviI’m Ravi – a fitness enthusiast, who teaches people how to transform their bodies and lives through fitness and nutrition. I own Sports Samurai, an online store selling high-quality gym bags and backpacks – you don’t want to miss these, so click the link.

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