Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds have been hailed as one of the best ingredients for many dishes. But this seed is not just some sweet-smelling pretty face. Coriander seeds are known to be one of the best natural medications for many disorders. You can even rely on coriander seeds to help you with nausea and anxiety. You can use coriander seeds directly, or you can use them to make Coriander water. Either way, you can rely on coriander to help you with your much-beloved fitness. Here are the other salient health and fitness benefits you can get with coriander seeds.

 Supports digestive function

It is said that a person’s mood depends on how well their stomach is. Truly enough, who would want to smile when they have to rush for nature’s call every few minutes or have to wait all day long for the big one? I hope you understand what we are speaking about here.

improving your digestive system

One of the most common problems today is irregular bowel movement and indigestion. Be it for lack of healthy options or just lust for crispy crust cheese burst pizzas (among other things); you cannot neglect your digestive system. It is an important part of your body.

If you suffer from poor digestion, then coriander garnished food can be of great help. Besides giving your taste buds a really good time, coriander helps promote digestive functions. Coriander seeds are rich in fiber and minerals. They contain minerals like iron and manganese. These are what help in improving your digestive system.

Because it is a source of fiber, coriander seeds are not digested fully. Yet they help in improving your digestive functions.  For better bowel movement and digestive health, be sure to use coriander in your daily meal.

Eye Problems

How many people in your home or office wear specs? If your answer is less than 30%, then you really live in a good place. And what about you? Do you have contacts or specs? Yes/No?  If your answer is “yes”, then coriander seeds are for you. If your answer is “no”, you should consider coriander regardless to avoid that.

Perhaps you can pull off the look, the cutesy-dorky-nerdy or serious-focused look. But as they say, once a blessing, twice a curse. Ask the ones who have to wear them the trouble they have to bear to maintain their specs.

Soak a few coriander seeds in water overnight. Make a paste out of the seeds in the morning and as for the water, drink it. The paste you make can work wonders for your eyesight. Studies have shown that coriander paste can help relax your eyes.

Coriander also has proven to be quite effective in conjunctivitis. If you do not know what conjunctivitis is, it is an eye disorder that results in the inflammation of the conjunctiva of your eyes. Coriander can help cure conjunctivitis naturally. Who would want to waste money on costly eye drop when there is such a low-cost, effective natural remedy?

Helps Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for your body. Up till this point, you might have had to hear this statement for like a million times already. But, where to get this D, Vitamin D (ahem…)? Elementary science books mention “You can get Vitamin D from the sun”. Well, you can get a lot more from the sun now — an unwanted tan and melanoma courtesy of the ozone hole.

Helps Vitamin D

Vitamin D cannot be directly absorbed by our bodies. It needs help. Help from Vitamin K. Speaking of Vitamin K, have you heard that Coriander Seeds are rich in Vitamin K? Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin whose effects are reduced by metals like mercury and lead. Coriander helps in removing these harmful minerals from our bodies.


Coriander can help lower your bad cholesterol (also known as Low-Density Lipoprotein). The only other known substance that can effectively help in this regard is OMEGA-3 found in sea fish. By lowering your bad cholesterol, it helps in the absorption of Vitamin D in your body. To help your body grow healthy as vitamin D deficiency is not good for overall health, and as an alternative to UV rays, Coriander can help.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is one thing everyone can do without. A little bit of it after a hard day’s works is good. It helps us feel self-satisfied, reminds us we did something. But muscle pain on a regular basis can be a great ordeal to with.

Muscle Pain

Be it after walking a long way, after running around doing errands, carrying heavy loads or post-workout muscle pains, you need to take them seriously. Muscle pain might fade away with time, but if you feel it every day, then it can be a symptom for something serious. You need to have it checked out.

Coriander can act as an analgesic. Now, what is an analgesic? An analgesic is a drug or substance that can help in relieving from pain. Basically, you’re over the counter pain killers are analgesics. Only this time, you do not need to worry about the side-effects associated with painkiller tablets.

Coriander’s inflammatory properties help it to give you relief from muscle pain. Given the presence of minerals like iron and magnesium, coriander can treat muscle fatigue and accelerate muscle recovery. Not just something that smells good, coriander is the “guy who delivers”. Coriander naturally heals the thyroid.


What is arthritis? We do not mean to give you a lengthy explanation about it all. Let’s face it; you have Google for that. You can probably search all about it by just a click of a button. We would, however, give you a gist of it all.

Rheumatoid Arthritis or arthritis for short is the chronic inflammation of joints in our body; it leads to immense pain. You cannot move probably because every time you do; the pain kicks in. Arthritis can affect not only joints but also organs. Cases of patients suffering from eye arthritis are not unheard of. Prolonged arthritis can impact badly on your health. It can make you completely immobile. Considering that arthritis is an auto-immune disorder, your body’s immune system can become your enemy.

Coriander to the rescue! Studies have shown that Coriander can help bring your arthritis under control. It is rich in flavonoids and anti-oxidants. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce chronic arthritis.

Arthritis patients have to suffer from numbness and stiffness of the body. If you are an arthritis patient or have someone close who suffers from this, then you know what we are talking about. Coriander can help abate that stiffness. It is a natural remedy to arthritis and has been used for quite some time now.

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