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Fitness can be really challenging for some people given their rigorous routines. Still, most of them dream of a toned physique to look a better version of them. People who never step into a gym fearing they would bulk up should dump their worries for the good often look for other ways to burn fat. This is where they can move mountains by simply increasing physical activity and changing diet. Both the pillars make up the bridge to a healthy and slim body fitness.

Why you need to avoid being overweight

Given the lifestyle and health complications of the modern world, it is common for a human to crash diet or hit the gym more than a few times in life. Working hard each day and yet working hard on the body fat can be downright exhausting for a majority of people. Obesity is directly linked to increased risk of diabetes, varieties of cancers and heart-related troubles. Obesity can be fought against by serious lifestyle changes. The lifestyle needs to be drastically altered if one wants to overcome a health issue like obesity. Being overweight can make one socially introverted and play havoc with personality issues. This is common in people who are at the age of 15-30 years.

Why you need to avoid being overweight

Obesity is not a permanent condition and therefore can be controlled gradually. Here are a few aspects of lifestyle habits that can help you avoid obesity:

  • Exercise your way to fitness
  • Control your diet by cutting on the foods rich in carbohydrates and fats
  • Following a fitness regime
  • Playing an outdoor sport
  • Prefer stairs in place of elevators
  • Stay more active

Today, we shall discuss physical activities as well as it changes that can help you in losing fat especially in terms of the belly area. Let’s get started.

Why physical activity is so important?

Your car works well when it is regularly checked for defaults, regularly used and serviced. Even if it is not used for a long duration, it is advised to start the car so that its engine gets activated and remains in pristine working condition. Same way, physical activity is important to keep all body muscles and organs working. Doing physical activity on a regular basis is vital for good health. And if you are willing to lose extra belly fat, being physical acts miraculously while maintaining a healthy weight.

physical activity is so important

If you are trying to reduce belly, the physical activity will help increase the number of calories your body is using for energy burning calories with exercises or physical activities to help in increasing your hunger as your body needs more strength. And when you couple things with a good diet, you may reduce the intake of calories which results in effective weight loss. Weight loss is a result of decreased intake of calories.

Additionally, physical activities also help in:

  • Reducing the onset of heart-related diseases as well as other conditions such as diabetes.
  • Maintaining weight throughout the fitness program
  • Keeping a check on your blood pressure and reducing high blood pressure conditions
  • Reducing pain in arthritis associated with disability and pain in the joints
  • Controlling type 2 diabetes
  • Reducing the onset of diseases of stroke, several forms of cancer and heart attack
  • Reducing symptoms related to anxiety and depression

Weight and Cardio Training:

Weight training always helps you to get in shape through different exercises. Through weight training, you can make your belly and even butt a lot better while working on their midriff section. Every muscle in the body is important and weight training provides a great opportunity to work on and strengthen every muscle.

Weight and Cardio Training

The cardio exercises play a pivotal role in improving the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, thus cutting down the extra layer of fat from the body. Being a warm-up exercise, you should keep in mind the fact that training begins on a slow note and then improves upon the speed every two minutes.


Walking can do miracles in keeping up your metabolic rate while providing a good platform for belly fat burn. When you walk at least half an hour daily, you are exercising not only your body muscles but body organs as well. Also, you tend to become more active. This helps you in burning off calories that you consumed the entire day. When you burn more calories, you tend to lose more pounds. Walking helps strengthen our leg muscles while making our belly slim. This is a decent intensity exercise that helps gradually yet effectively.

One can look to start walking for 30 minutes during the evening or morning. The time suits well as the freshness in the air are maximum during these hours. You can start from slow walking and then continue to brisk walking slowly. You can then increase the time to 45 minutes or one hour. Walking is a collective physical activity that also helps boost our mood and give us a break from our daily schedule.

Training with interval

When you try running for hours in a row, you might get fatigued easily. Also, such routine might become mundane which might allow you to get bored easily. The way out is the training with an interval that helps in losing weight with little intervals. Be it jogging, running or squats, you should look to perform these physical activities with short intervals. This will help you in increasing the intensity slowly and effectively. When you do more exercises at small intervals, you tend to work out more leading to better weight loss


Diet changes for belly fat burn

Diet changes for belly fat burn


As one can easily make out, having breakfast is the most important diet routine you should follow. When you eat your breakfast an hour after getting up, you tend to make your insulin levels more stable. You should avoid taking breakfast full of artificial sugars or fats. You should consume whole foods such as yogurt, egg white, nuts, soy cheese, etc. One should make it a point to consume breakfast at the same time daily. You can go for breakfast with lots of fiber-rich inclusions. You can also add healthy drinks such as fresh juices or home-made protein shakes.

Don’t skip meals

Eating regularly with intervals of not more than three hours can help in belly fat burn. Many people find it difficult to believe that skipping meals for long hours can actually increase weight. But this is true. When you avoid eating for too long, your body is incapable of digesting food in a better way. In other words, the body does not know when the food is coming in. It does not become used to digesting the food in a scheduled manner. Hence, your body metabolism shifts from regular to survival mode. When you include large gaps in between meals, the body stored fat is consumed. So, your belly tends to get bigger. If you eat something at regular time intervals, your body consumes fat, digests it and then turns it into calories which keeps your belly fat reduced and well-balanced.

Drinking water

Our body is made up of 70 percent water and that is for a reason. Water helps us indigestion as it breaks down complex molecules into micronutrients. By drinking more water, you are helping your body in digesting food easily. When you drink plenty of water during the day you are actually cleaning the body from toxic substances. Water carries off all the waste making our digestion more effective. Drinking 5 to 10 bottles during a day is recommended by medical experts.

Cap on oil

Oil is never a good omen for our belly fat burn. Not only it can introduce a spike in your blood pressure but it also is bad for your stomach as it makes you feel bloated most of the time. Even better oils like olive oil are not good for your belly. When you consume oil, you should make sure that it is hot in the pan. This way, you can prepare better quality meat and vegetables as they will absorb less fat in baked cold oil. Junk food like chips and fries are high in oil content. They should be avoided at any cost. One should also choose boiled options over fried ones.

Try not to eat anything before bedtime

When you are getting ready for a good night’s sleep your body is preparing itself to go into the hibernation mode. This is the time when you rest and give your body the time to grow or lose weight. Hence, when you eat something right before going to sleep, you activate the entire digestion system again which then gets disrupted. Snacks are a big no before you are going to bed. You should always look to burn fat at night rather than burning empty calories. Hence, make sure that you should not eat right before you sleep. A timeframe of half an hour before sleeping is good.

How much is enough?

If you wish to get that beautiful flat belly, you should start with around 2 hours of moderate types of aerobic activity. You can include another 50 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity twice a week. Various scientific evidence shows how physical activity can help maintain weight loss over long periods of time. While accurate values of physical activity depend on person to person, you should always aim for the genuine numbers. When you are able to do more, you should not be afraid of it.

For best results with weight loss programs, you will always need high amounts of physical activities. You may look to improve diet instead. But working out along with the diet plan is a sure shot way to lose weight. This will reduce the number of calories you are taking. Attaining a healthy weight and then maintaining it requires both physical activity and good dietary habits.

When you try to live healthily, you try on attaining your fitness goals in a safer manner. For people who are looking to reduce belly fat, indulging in physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet is a killer combination. If you tick all the right boxes, you can easily lose belly fat over a short period of time.

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