How to get rid of thigh fat

Obesity has become a global epidemic in the last few years. A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are two of the primary reasons behind obesity. Getting fat is easy & getting back into shape is really difficult, but it’s not impossible. You just need a sheer will to fight back with obesity and get your body into the perfect shape. It is not an overnight process as it takes a lot of effort and patience. Also, focussing on particular areas to reduce weight gives faster results than exercising in general. In this article, we will focus on getting rid of thigh fat.

Thigh fat is one of the primary concerns of many people, especially women. Bulky thighs can stop people from wearing desired clothes. Due to the stubbornness of the thigh-fat, you’ll think that you have to put lots of effort to get rid of it. But we present here a few very simple exercises for reducing thigh fat


Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat

Targeted exercises are the best way to reduce thigh fat. Here are some of the most effective exercises to lose thigh fat/fat thighs quickly.

Best exercises to reduce fat thighs:



Squatting is one of the most effective exercises to lose thigh fat. You can do different types of squats to easily lose unnecessary body fat from the whole body. Squatting helps in toning your lower body and pelvis region by quickly burning fats. By squatting correctly on a regular basis, you can build up your hamstring muscles, calf muscles, quadriceps & lower back.

The right way to do squats is by keeping the upper body straight and lifting your arms at the shoulder level in the front direction. Then, you need to bend your knees until the level of your hips is lower than your knees. Repeat these steps slowly until you feel the fat burning.

Jumping Jacks for fat thighs


Jumping Jacks is also an excellent exercise to reduce the stubborn thigh fat and build muscles. Moreover, jumping jacks can help in strengthening your legs, core area, and arms. You can also prevent heart & lung disorders by doing this full-body workout daily. By doing it the right way, you’ll surely burn a lot of calories & see noticeable results in a few weeks.

Stand straight with your feet joined and arms lifted on sides up to the shoulder level. After that, you need to jump & open your feet more than the width of your shoulder. Along with this, you need to join your hands above your head. Then, jump back to the initial position and repeat these steps a few times.

Forward Lunges

Forward lunges are very effective to get rid of bulky thighs and heavy waistline. In this exercise, you need to stand straight with your feet joined. Then you need to move one leg out in the forward direction and stretch until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Also, keep the upper body straight and repeat these steps with other legs. Just start with a few lunges and increase the reps with time.

Burpees for fat thighs

Apart from burning calories and eliminating extra thighs fat, Burpees also help in improving your body balance and posture. For this exercise, you need to stand straight with your feet placed apart at shoulder-width. Then, you need to squat down and place your hands on the floor, in-between your feet. After that, you need to hop your feet back to form a raised-plank pose (completely straight body). Immediately, bring your legs to the initial position and jump with your hands above your head. When you land, you need to be in the starting position to repeat all these steps again.Burpees




Running is surely the finest and most reliable ways to lose overall body fat. Running offers a long list of other benefits like muscle development, bone strengthening, building stamina, and keeping the body in shape. Moreover, it helps in avoiding cardiovascular problems and obesity. Running can help in shaping your bulky thighs into muscled ones. For best results, you can always start with jogging and eventually shift to sprinting.

Brisk Walking


People who cannot run due to age or other health issues can always choose brisk walking as the alternative. Brisk walking means walking as fast as you can, but not running. Brisk walking puts immense pressure on thighs and leg muscles, which helps in burning all the unnecessary fats and calories from the body.



This is surely a very good work out to build your leg muscles and strengthen your knees. You can easily do this exercise on stairs, step-up bench, or a sturdy chair. Proper precautions and execution are very important for this exercise, otherwise, you can get hurt. For this exercise, you need to step on & off a sturdy bench with both your feet, alternatively. Repeat this until you feel the burning sensation in your thighs.

Reverse Plank to reduce fat thighs


As the name suggests, this plank pose is the reversed version of the standard plank pose. It’s very effective for losing thigh fat and toning your abdominal area. For this pose, you need to sit with your legs straight on the floor & both feet joined together. Then, you need to put your arms on the floor and keep them straight. After that, lift your body by shifting your weight on your arms & heels. Form a straight line with your body and look at the ceiling. Hold the position and squeeze-in your abdomen area. When you can’t hold the position anymore, slowly lower your body back to the beginning position.

Leg Circles exercise to reduce thigh fat


This is a simple yet very effective exercise to burn the extra thighs fat. For this exercise, you need to lie down straight on your back. Then, you need to concentrate and raise one leg up towards the ceiling. When your leg reaches the utmost level, you need to start making small circles with it in both clockwise & anti-clockwise directions (5 times each). After that, you can bring down the first leg and repeat the same steps with the other leg.

Leg Ups & Air Cycling


These are both easy & effective exercises when it comes to losing extra thigh fat. For leg ups, you need to lie down straight on the ground and lift both your legs together at about 30° angle. Hold your legs for 5-10 seconds and then, slowly put them down. Repeat this a few times daily.

For air cycling, you need to lie down on your back and lift both your feet up at a 90° angle. Then, you need to move your legs in a circular motion, as if you’re actually paddling a cycle in the air. Keep doing it for 30-60 seconds, after that relax and repeat the same steps.

That’s all!

So these were the 10 simple yet most effective exercises to lose your thigh fat. If you do these exercises daily, you can easily get perfectly-shaped thighs in a month. Make sure to do every exercise in the right way to get the best results. Start now to get the best results!

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