Top 5 Back Fat Exercises at Home Without Weights

Fitness is not something you are born with. It is a way of life you acquire by living a healthy life and keeping your body’s metabolism up and running. Fitness is a habit you adopt to live good and remain in good condition. When we talk about fitness, we usually picture a magazine cover body with perfect belly, toned muscles, nice curves, and even well-shaped butts. But we often forget the part we aren’t able to see much. Any guesses? Yes, we are talking about your back.

You might do exercises to shape up your muscles, lift weights to get those extra pair of triceps, do push-ups for the bulging chest and might even walk for hours to reduce belly weight. But what about your belly fat? Do you ever pay attention to it? probably no. And the reason is simple-things we cant see, we believe that does not exist. You might do shoulders exercises and even look to get a good upper shape from back.

But, every one of us ignores that lower-fat accumulating over the pelvic area. This fat, though might go unnoticed by you, may break your almost perfect appearance. It looks unwanted and ugly. Needless to say, it requires you to work on it by hook or crook. For those who are having it, need a strict schedule and for others who don’t, they need to work out to prevent the fat from occurring. Fasten your seat belts as we will enlighten you about some useful back fat exercises that you can do at home. Let’s get started:

Top 5 Back Fat Exercises at Home Without Weights

Cardio for back fat


The first exercise is not one workout, but a group of many. This includes various cardio movements that can be done twice a week to get the best results. There are various cardio exercises that tone our back part and make it strong enough eventually. These are not only good for whole body shape but also help reduce the back fat with effective results. You may choose one of the cardio-intensive activities and perform it on a regular basis. These include:

  • Skipping
  • Brisk walking
  • Jumping
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Boxing

Even if you do them once a week, these cardio workouts will burn calories. Here, you don’t need equipment to perform these heart-pumping activities. A walk around neighborhood run a park can burn significant calories. One can inject the element of creativeness in these activities, for instance, hanging to a pole or rope skipping. You may also go for a bike ride or try hiking once a week.

Pull-ups back fat exercises at home

If you are looking for a traditional way to get those strong back muscles, you should get on to do some pull-ups daily. Pull-ups are an important warm-up exercise that helps us get in shape. It is focused on your biceps, back and shoulder part. When you do it daily, pull-ups can really tone your back fat and give you a nice figure from the other side.


One can use his own versions of pull-ups, whichever he or she feels comfortable in. Always remember that pull-ups are not that easy as it seems. If you have a tough time doing them or starting these exercises, you may keep a stool to support your legs or ask someone to hold you while you try the exercise. You may start from 2 repetitions and then progress towards 10 repetitions daily. Remember that patience is the key here.


Doing these exercises are as easy as ABC. You don’t need any weights or equipment, but just a rod at a height few inches more than your height. You can begin by doing the negative pull-ups. You can do these by using your palms facing in an outward direction from your body. Start with the top of the movement. Slowly lower your body down in a controlled motion. The slower you do this, the better the effect you have on the body. Rushing might cause a nerve tackle. Reset to the top position and then finish a repetition. You should do this 5-10 times daily.

Another form of pull-ups for the lean back is the full pull-ups. These include more strength of the body and can be practiced when you have mastered negative pull-ups totally. Start with palms on the road and from the bottom of the movement when your body is in a straight position. Now, try to pull up with the strength of your back, arms, and shoulders. Now, lower yourself slowly and then complete a repetition. This can be repeated 5 times in one set. These full pull-ups are more effective as you start from zero position and then urge your body to lift your weight. This is also more effective as in this, the whole body is exerting force.


You might have heard how bridges help in cultivating a toned hip area. But, these exercises also reduce the back fat mass in an efficient way. Bridges can stabilize your back and strengthen it to gain more stamina. As a result, you reduce extra fat from back and are able to do more exercise. This exercise needs no equipment and can be easily done at home using your own body weight.

Start doing this by first lying on your back. Now, bend your knees to a 90-degree angle in an upward position. Keep your feet flat on the floor and try to lift your hips up. Do this until your back and hips form a straight line. Hold your body in this position for 15 seconds. After this, slowly lower down yourself to the ground. The movement can be repeated 10-15 times and 3 sets can be accomplished easily on a daily basis.

Bridges are highly effective if done regularly. These exercises might seem too easy after some time. Hence, fitness experts suggest increasing the intensity of your bridge. For instance, you can stay in a straight position for 30 seconds or keep a pillow on your stomach to increase the intensity. This exercise tones your all body parts and even strengthens your back and shoulder muscles.

Planks to burn back fat

Planks and straight arm planks to be specific are excellent for shaping your back area. This is another exercise that uses your body’s weight. These core-strengthening exercises can help you get good abs to figure along with a slim back part. You can do this by keeping your arms straight on the floor in front of your head. Now, slowly lift your body in a straight position. Try to keep your body as straight as possible. Now you need to hold this position for 15-20 seconds. Make sure that your knees or stomach does not touch the ground. You can perform this hold for 3 times a day. Planks exercise for weight loss

are very effective.


Planks are very effective but the problem is that many people are not able to do it in a proper manner.  Some lie too close to the ground while others have a problem getting in position.

Some important points to remember doing plank are

  • Your head should be looking straight not side wise. Avoid movement of the head during the hold
  • The hands should not be too far apart. They should be as far apart as the length of your shoulders
  • Your knees should not be bent. If they do, you might break the hold easily. They should be straight held in the air
  • Your pelvis portion should be tucked all the time during this hold exercise
  • Try to keep your belly upright as much as possible. It should not be shaped away from the floor. It should be erect and help upright.

Planks are one unique exercise that tests your endurance. This is because it has got no sets or repetitions. Longer you can hold the body, the better result you will get. You can increase the hold time to 50-60 minutes. You may experience some pressure in your back and belly part which is just fine. You will get the desired result the more intensive plank you perform.

Handstand exercise to loss back fat

Handstand might seem to be an impossible thing at the start. But believe it or not, it has effects that hardly any other back exercises can compare. To start off, you should try with wall-assisted headstand which as an easier yet effective exercise to remove fat from your back. This exercise circulates your blood vessels and can cause you to freshen up in seconds. It poses pressure on your backbone, hence strengthening it further. Handstand is also a balancing activity that can help you achieve momentum if done regularly. When you learn the balancing of your body on your hands, you can simply try the handstand without any assistance from the wall. But for now, let’s look at how you can perform a wall-assisted handstand.


As one can guess, the first thing you need to do is find a suitable wall with which you can perform the handstand. Try walking on the wall with feet up and hands down. You should ensure that you are supporting your head and neck. This can be done by pushing off the floor with your hands. In this position, you should hold your body as long as possible. You should keep your back straight and should avoid lowering it against the wall. Start the exercises on the basis of your stamina. You can even press through shoulders and hands to lower and raise your body slightly.

Push-ups back fat exercises at home

Push-ups are a form of exercise used when gym equipment was not even invented. These are really great for toning you are all body muscles. It gives shape to your chest, strengthen your biceps and tone your back region. Push-ups are also a perfect warm-up exercise before beginning an intensive workout. Since ages, various forms of push-ups have been invented and they all prove to be helpful.


This exercise can be done on any even surface, anywhere, without the need for any equipment.

To do this workout for losing fat mass from your back, you can perform modified knee push-ups. Start by lying down on the floor with your hands and knees up so that your body is not touching the floor. Slowly lower your chest to the ground. This step requires extra stamina and you should focus on engaging your back muscles while doing this. Then, push back to the starting position to complete a repetition. Do this repetition 10-15 times in 3 sets each day. You may increase the number of repetitions gradually.

You can change the intensity of such push ups by keeping any weight on your back. This will exert more pressure on your back and will allow it to lose more fat. You can also do push ups using an elevated floor. One can alternate the versions yourself to achieve bigger back fat removal goals.

Don’t forget the diet

Your diet won’t affect you if you are not doing any exercises. Same way, your exercises are useless if you are not undergoing a well-maintained diet. Similarly, for loosing back fat mass, you can adopt a low-calorie diet regime. The math says that you simply need to consume fewer calories than you can burn. This will make all the above-written exercises effective and you will soon get rid of that extra back fat. The calorie-deficient diet will reduce your overall body fat as well, helping you get into shape more easily. Your body shall then start to burn stored fat for energy which will shrink fat cells eventually. One should focus on losing fat from the back, but losing it from all of the body will help in shaping your back in a better way.

The takeaway

Your back is just like any other part of your body. Though you may not be able to see it in the mirror all the time, it does require attention and shaping, to the least. Back fat is a disappointing sign of being unfit and should be catered to immediately. And you don’t have to do much for shaping your back, simply follow the exercises we discussed. You don’t need any weights or any type of equipment. If you have will power, you can make a strict routine of doing these workouts daily and you will soon keep that back fat at bay.

Remember that fitness is not inherited, but achieved.

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