Dandelion benefits

In the world full of adulteration and sedentary lifestyles, health has become a major issue. One cannot live longer if the body doesn’t respond well to the outer world with ailments like joint pains, aches, and indigestion. But, Ayurveda has a common solution to all these problems that is The magical herb of dandelion.

Health benefits of dandelion

Let’s look at the 15 key dandelion benefits for living longer in this ill world.

Decreased level of cholesterol to live longer

Decreased level of cholesterol to live longer

Have you ever feel the constriction of your veins & nerves? If yes, then you have a potent chance of having excessive cholesterol levels. But, do not worry as according to a study carried out by researchers, dandelion has a great impact on reducing cholesterol levels present in the human body.

What’s more, is exciting is that it doesn’t have any side effect too! The bio-molecules released by dandelion benefits reduce the trans-fat in the liver thereby, lowering the levels of obesity and cholesterol in the body. Hurry up & get yourself an ultimate cure for cholesterol to stay younger forever.

Fights with inflammation

Fights with inflammation

Body itching and red burns are quite common during any disease. Generally, we try numerous ointments to get rid of them that eventually causes side effects. Now, since dandelion is having its medicinal properties, the presence of polyphenol compound protects the DNA and body tissues from burns & live longer.

How many of us face regular issues with tonsils in the throat? I think it’s an endless list to count. A delicious and nutritious soup containing dandelion helps to recover rapidly from tonsillitis and have a clear throat.

Cures diabetes to help live longer

Cures diabetes to help live longer

In every 1 out of 10 people living on earth, Diabetes is a common disease that disturbs the regulation of Insulin in the body where a person does not feel healthy. Dandelion compliments the medicinal dose through excess secretion of insulin (Diabetes Mellitus) in the pancreas that reduces the chances of diabetes.

Anti-diabetic drugs are loaded with chemicals like Taraxerol & Chlorogenic acid that have adverse side effects on body tissues. These drugs can be simply replaced by Dandelion which doesn’t interfere with body tissues & cures diabetes.

Enhances ease of digestion

Enhance ease of digestion

With the advent of junk food in our daily food cycles, indigestion is a common problem. In that case, one looks for remedies like soft drinks or soda. But are these the right solutions to live longer? I guess they aren’t because they are acting like slow poison in our bodies. Then, what should be the cure?

The answer is simple, an ayurvedic herb dandelion, which has loads of Inulin a nutrient, which contributes to maintaining a healthy stomach & intestine flow. The rich fiber content of dandelion enhances the flow of bile & promotes digestion.

Natural beauty agent

Beauty is from within not from outside. Still, we spend our valuable money to stay younger by purchasing toxin loaded cosmetics that harm our skin just like sugar does to a diabetic patient. But, wouldn’t it be great if we get a natural herb for skin freshening.

I think the solution is ahead of our eyes only that is a magical herb of dandelion. Dandelion flowers are a great cure to depigment skin & reduce wrinkles. The blossoms of dandelion soaked in water give a cooling & relieving sensation when applied on the skin. One can either use them at bedtime or during mornings on the face.

So, hurry up and apply dandelion liquid water to glow your skin and staying younger.

Safeguards the liver to live longer

Safeguards the liver to live longer

The liver is the powerhouse of the human body that aids stomach indigestion. A healthy liver ensures a healthy mind and soul. But, since the food habits have changed towards junk food, it has got difficult for the liver to synthesis bile & break food.

Therefore, a natural & healthy beverage that is Dandelion tea enhances in cleansing the liver & detoxifies it so that bile can be synthesized. People addicted to liquor can find this Dandelion tea a great medicine to cure liver infections & live longer.

Stabilizes bone density

Stabilizes bone density

A lot of commercials are filmed on powders supplementing Calcium for strong bones. But, are those really effective? The answer is clearly no because apart from Calcium they possess many nutrition fewer constituents that induces body fat & irritation in the gut. If one needs to stay younger, then such supplements should be avoided.

Then what can be substituted as a remedy to these powder supplements? Clearly, natural products are the best ones for any sort of ailments in the body and a similar option for it is Dandelion tea, one of the best sources of Calcium which prevents weakening of bones especially in women during the cramps in menstruation.

It increases bone density remarkably & reduces the chances of diseases like Arthritis, joint pains, and Osteoporosis.

Increases stamina & energy to live longer

Increases stamina

Stamina is a major concern for anyone working day in and day out, as they get tired and fatigued very early. So, the need of the hour is a product which can supplement with an instant burst of energy in body & one could work for longer times. A natural product that fits the missing piece of this jigsaw puzzle is Dandelion.


Dandelion benefits leaves soaked water when consumed at any time of the day enhances the glucose levels in the body & removes all sorts of physical and mental fatigue. The result is a better immune system with excellent recovery time & a feel healthy frame of mind.

Cures anemia

Cures anemia

4 out of every 15 women in the world are suffering from a blood disease called Anaemia due to low levels of Haemoglobin. For them, a rich source of ironwork wonders which is exactly what Dandelion consists of. Dandelion removes the deficiency of iron from the body and enhances the count of red blood cells to cure Anaemia.

Anemia can take away your precious moments of life anytime so catch onto it quickly to live longer & younger.

Dandelion herb for weight loss

helps in weight loss to live longer

Excessive weight and fats are known as the magnet to pull many incurable diseases in the body & not allow them to stay younger. With so many fitness camps going around, we all want to stay fit and healthy. Amidst the need of losing we end up spending a huge amount of money on gyms and supplements which finally result in no improvements.

Ayurveda, on the other hand, has come up with new aid to weight loss that is dandelion, which secretes biochemical & burns the excess fat off our body improving the metabolism. It is a very cheap source of reducing weight than any of the existing methods.

Maintains salt levels in the body

Salts are the basic requirements of a healthy body. The correct amount of salts maintains electrolytic neutrality in the body & reduces hypertension. Dandelion tea keeps the diuretic levels up to saturation in the human body & increases wastes removal through urine retaining the useful nutrients in the body.

Therefore, stay fit and feel healthy with an adequate balance of salt in the body.

Forms quick blood clots during injury

Forms quick blood clots during injury

Have you experienced the browning of skin after an injury? It mainly happens due to the clotting of blood by antibodies. Vitamin K and Thrombin are major influencers in accomplishing such recovery. But, some of the individuals lack the presence of such minerals in their bodies.

So, for them, Dandelion seed is the most effective remedy to replenish the levels of Vitamin K and aid in the formation of blood clots. To live longer without an internal injury blood clots are vital for us.

Remove acne and pimples

Removes acne and pimples

Oily and street foods are the major contributor to the formation of acne and pimples on the skin, that covers the whole face and gives an unpleasant look. We perform so many actions to cure these but only a few works that too with a pimple at some other place.

What one requires is a permanent solution for removing these pimples & the right ingredients to feel healthy! That can be accomplished with the natural ingredient of dandelion that purifies the blood from germs and bacteria to give a clean look without any acne. A common solution to all skin problems comes with a cup of dandelion tea.

Reduce the growth of cancer cells

Reduce the growth of cancer cells

Cancer is a fatal disease whose cure is still not rectified and known completely. The cancer cells multiply within themselves so rapidly & form a colony that proves to be incurable. But, some natural ingredients are such that aids in stopping the growth of cancer cells.

Dandelion is one such tonic whose roots are perfectly suitable for curing cancer. This is possible up to some extent by stopping the growth of cancer cells. Again, it all depends upon the stage of the Cancer that whether it is curable or not.

Eradicates Gall bladder issues

Gall Bladder is known for better digestion of the food that we consume. But, in some cases due to foreign infections, Gall Bladder infection develops & one has to go for its removal which is painful and difficult to handle.

But, in Ayurveda, a cure through Dandelion leaves is mentioned which stimulates metabolism & detoxifies the body from chemicals that cause infection in Gall Bladder.


Misconceptions lead to the spread of wrong beliefs that devoid the person from obtaining the right benefits of a product. Similarly, dandelion is considered an unwanted weed in many respects. But in actual it is full of essential nutrients required for a healthy body. Therefore, don’t believe in someone’s sayings about dandelion benefits and use it by yourself to see the magnificent results.

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