Receding gums are one of the most common problems of dental health that should be treated adequately. Periodontal diseases, such as chronic periodontitis, or harmful habits such as aggressive brushing are among the main causes of gum recession.

Receding gums are a problem that occurs when there is tooth root exposure can arise in different ways and cause a great sensation in the person’s teeth since their roots are composed of dentin, an extremely sensitive tissue to cold, warm, sweet and clutch.

Consequences of receding gums:

Suffering from gum retraction can have up to even their damaged self-esteem because the harmony of the smile is affected by changing their aesthetics.

But the most common problems and pain when eating certain foods, some people end up avoiding rather than looking for appropriate treatment.

Causes of receding gums:

The most common cause of gum retraction is brushed injuries. This happens when the person applies excessive force when brushing your teeth, when using the wrong technique or when the brush used has very stiff bristles.

Other possibilities are inflammation of gum disease,  due to the presence of plaque on site. Orthodontic moving, restoration treatments, a small amount of rubber, muscle inserts or misplaced brakes, crowded teeth, the thinness of the bone, among other reasons for an accurate diagnosis of the original problem, the dentist should be consulted.


Once the dentist to identify the source of the problem will be able to think of the most appropriate treatment following. In some cases, the gingival retraction requires surgery, working on a tooth or two at most.

Surgery should be well planned by examinations, so that the possibility that the results are positive in other cases where surgery is not possible, the dentist concentrates treatment on reduction and control sensitivity alone, gingival retraction does not cause the loss of teeth, but its origins are not attacked or if inflammation can happen.

For the problem increases without surgery, there can be a re-education in brushing techniques or brush exchange. There might be issues such as professional cleaning, occlusal adjustment, adequacy of restorations located near the gums or even the correction of a possible mal-positioning of the teeth by means of orthodontic hypersensitivity.



Now let’s remember that old saying, it’s better to prevent than to cure to avoid the appearance of gingival retraction and simple:

  • You should visit the dentist periodically, at least every six months.
  • Floss every day and opt for a soft bristle brush, brush your teeth with moderate force.
  • Sleep tight-lipped so that no mouth vents are drying out.
  • Drink plenty of water a day, which keeps the lining of the mouth always well hydrated.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid carbohydrates and foods that promote the accumulation of processed plaque and tartar.

We recommend that you go to the dental hospital near me to review for a periodontist to examine you.

Treatments to the problem of retracted gums:

In the case of receding of the gums, the dentist may suggest a scraping and a root planing. It is a two-part procedure.

First, the dentist remove all the plaque and the hard tartar above and below the gum line (where the gum joins the tooth). Then the dentist will perform the root planing, which consists of leveling the roots of the teeth to help the gums return to the teeth.

The dentist may offer you a local anesthetic during the procedure and it lasts more than one visit.

After the treatment, it is normal to have red, gum swelling that hurt because they are more sensitive. The dentist may recommend a short cycle of antimicrobial mouthwash to help reduce bacteria and prevent infection.

Scraping and smoothing are usually enough to solve the problem. But you may have to go through regular check-ups. This is to make sure that your gums have improved and have not gotten worse. It is also important to maintain a good oral health routine to protect the gums.

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