Epilepsy Awareness

What Is the Latest News about Epilepsy?

  1. One research published on 22nd July in 2019 from the University of Texas. It reported that epileptic seizure generally takes place in people who get traumatic brain injury (TBI). After a brain injury when new neurons got removed from mice. It showed that there was a decrease in the seizure. Researchers believe that this method will reduce post-injury epilepsy.
  1. Another research launched on 10th June of 2019from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. The study reported that a unique pattern of molecules takes place before a seizure takes place. This approach will result in a warning system that will enable people to know about their chances of a seizure.
  1. Third research published on 25th April of 2015 from RIKEN, which is a large scientific research institute in Japan. The scientists showed an experiment with a mouse model. They proved that the absence of epilepsy responds by impaired contact between the striatum and the cortex.
  1. On 28th May of 2019, a University of California revealed that non-harmful and synthetic analog cannabidiol (CBD) is very much efficient in preventing seizures in rats.

What is the Impact of Epilepsy in Society?

 Impact of Epilepsy in Society

Epilepsy has several non-medical effects upon those who are suffering from it. To make sure that epilepsy effectively controlled, it is important to refer to a pediatrician or a neurologist. He should have a piece of updated knowledge about epilepsy. As epilepsy is a condition related to health, the person going through with epilepsy also needs to cope with its social and mental problems. This segment is regarding its impact on society. We have divided the members of the community into a smaller section. As a result, give a much closure view to each of them. Let’s continue reading.

Impact on Education

One of the most common things known in individuals having epilepsy is memory problems, as well as learning disabilities caused by co-morbidities like brain damage. Deficiency in attention appears during seizures in school-children. As a result, a negative impact of drowsiness and short focus occur. Thus, the intake of Antiepileptic drugs can affect a person’s educational merits.

Impact on Employment

Researchers reported that up to 50 percent of people remain unemployed in developed countries. Also, they predicted that if epileptic seizures did not get full control now, then it will rise to 100 percent. This unemployment will lead to lessened well-being, lower self-esteem, and low quality of life.

Impact on Relationships with Society

Less engagement culturally and poor adjustment in the society can result from apparent disgrace or over-reliance brought about by protection by parents. The people with epilepsy also get afraid due to the embarrassment caused by a seizure and thus prevent themselves from involving in social activities. As a result, a few friends, less support network, a higher chance of anti-social behavior and a lower chance of marriage.

Impact on Sexual Relationships

One of the most vital things required for a good relationship with the other sex is self-esteem. If someone has low self-esteem due to epilepsy, then it will lead to destroying sexual relationships. Damage in the brain will result in anhedonia. Injury in the head may lead to a reduction of libido and erectile dysfunction. Improper sexual functioning can cause self-aversion, depression, and marital distress.

Impact on women

Unique problems are caused by epilepsy for women. The frequency of seizure can be made worse by menstrual hormonal changes. Women in this niche often face anxieties regarding children.

Impact on Quality of Life

The quality of life means the extent up to which a person’s perspective about the emotional, spiritual, and social experience of life is positive. The quality of life can get easily reduced for an epileptic person. As a result, the reasons being less social, not good sexual relationships, increase in isolation from society, and lower rates of marriage. Also, the quality of life decreased due to low confidence, increased helplessness, lack of educational merits, and under-employment.

How to Prevent Epilepsy?

How to Prevent Epilepsy

We have assembled some tips through which one can decrease the chance of epilepsy. They are as follows:

  • Consume healthy foods.
  • Prevent yourself from playing video games.
  • You need to skip your computer or TV time as much as possible.
  • Try to be away from bright and flashing lights.
  • You need to take all your medicines as suggested by your doctor.
  • Don’t take alcohol and drugs.
  • Master the art of relaxation and stress handling.
  • Get a surplus amount of sleep every night. Have a perfect sleeping schedule according to your needs and stick to it.

What Are the Human Rights of Patients?

What Are the Human Rights of Patients

People with epilepsy can face several restrictions. They are like not getting a driving license, not getting occupation they liked, restriction in educational opportunities, etc. Epileptic patients can face several restrictions. Such as no driving license, no proper occupation, educational opportunities restriction, etc. Also, they might be restricted to get complete access to life and health insurance. In numerous nations, enactment reflects a very long time of misconception about epilepsy. Like:

a)   In countries like India and China, epilepsy seems like one of the reasons to prohibit marriage.

b)  In countries like Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, laws that allowed marriage cancellation on the grounds of epilepsy not corrected until 1971.

In the USA until the 1970s, it was right to prevent an epileptic person from entering theatres, restaurants, and other public buildings. According to universally respected human rights norms, it can limit separation and rights infringement, provide access to health care services, and can uplift the quality of life for individuals with epilepsy.

How Does WHO Response to Epilepsy?


WHO along with some of its partners realized that epilepsy is the main concern. The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and who started a campaign globally. It was done to know much deep about epilepsy. Additionally, it also provided awareness among the people to decrease the consequences of the disease.

This has led to giving importance to the subject in many countries. As a result, countries began to take care of this subject as well. The WHO Region of the Americas signed the plan to fight against it in 2011. Also, the World Health Assembly (WHA) resolution got a green ticket in 2015. Several projects are carried out in countries to prevent the gap in treatment, to educate the people, to find its preventing plans, etc. As a result of these projects, today, we have cost-effective and simple ways to fight with epilepsy.

The Programme of WHO for decreasing the gap for treatment of epilepsy and the mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) aims at fulfilling these goals in Myanmar, Vietnam, Ghana, and Mozambique. Also, these aim to enrich the people to stand against epilepsy. Because of these steps of WHO, today, 6.5 million more people can get treated against epilepsy.

In conclusion, you shall know that the researchers never give up to find a permanent treatment for epilepsy. Besides, they search how to completely prevent it with people with a high tendency to have it. On the other hand, WHO is working hard to provide acceptable circumstances for an epileptic patient to allow him/her to engage with the environment in all fields. Also, there is public awareness for epileptic patients for their safety and comfort. To give a hand for these patients to live ideally as natural as we live. Thus, no need to worry about your future. Do your best for a perfect quality of life and let the environment do the rest for you ;).

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