Great Ways to Use CBD Oil to Stop Migraine Attacks

If you think that the weeb plant is an all bad omen for our health, think again. The CBD oil which is derived from the same plant that produces marijuana can be really healthy to prevent migraine attacks. This relates to its good benefits for our brain. The natural oil provides unique neurological effects that are making the substance popular in the therapeutic use of CBD oil to stop migraine attacks

An overview

The CBD oil is a chemical compound found in the hemp which is a relative of marijuana. The compound exhibits various nonpsychoactive properties. This means that does not make people lose consciousness. CBD has various medicinal benefits. This includes pain relief, reduction in inflammation, lessening anxiety and lethargy and many more. CBD may make a person feel relaxed and hence reduces stress. And it does it in a natural way without intoxication chances.

CBD is a cannabinoid but totally different from normal ones. It is also different from various chemicals found in cannabis and hemp. Every other cannabinoid is known to alter CB1 and CB2 receptors in our nervous system. CBD is a good element that hardly affects any of the receptors. It never induces a mind-altering state and hence comes with no to less side effect.

Various experiments indicate the healthy effects of CBD in our brains. It can lead to a host of healing benefits especially in cases of migraines. As an added benefit, CBD might also help in moderating the effects of other mind-altering chemicals such as THC.

CBD mode of action in the brain

As you might know, CBD does not directly bind to the neural receptors like CB1 or CB2. Its main mode of action is through various molecular pathways. It is acting in our brain through different channels that are independent of the receptors. The oil enhances and also inhibits the binding action of various receptors that are coupled through proteins.

CBD targets a serotonin receptor called a 1A receptor. The affinity can be linked with lots of therapeutic properties of the natural oil. We know that the serotonin receptor is reasonable for regulating hormone releases like cortisol. These are important for the metabolism of creating a response to stimuli for stress. Serotonin also regulates oxytocin that is linked with social behavior. Hence, CBD can alter serotonin and can bring about a good change in one’s mood and appetite. By enhancing serotonin 1A receptor activation, CBD simply impedes various issues and can also avoid certain disorders. These include anxiety, migraine, neuropathy, and chemotherapy side effects.

Same way, CBD also works for other receptors including vanilloid, nuclear and orphan receptors.

CBD and migraine- the introduction

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it is impossible to ignore its importance in the treatment of migraine. For a start, the compound is known to exhibit various pain-relieving properties. It is used in severe headaches. The oil is safe and can be used as a treatment option for migraines.

CBD and migraine

When you wish to use the oil for migraines, you should always consult your doctor first. Also, it is a good practice to check that the product is pure and is from a reliable source.

Does it work?

Our ancestors have been using CBD oil primarily to treat headaches and pains. The practice continues even before the compound became illegal. Also, there is a piece of huge supporting evidence that some of the substances present in cannabis might have good effects on human health, including the brain. Also, we know that the oil is beneficial for treating swelling in the joints and hence can also work with migraines.

Cannabis oil was to date not used for treating migraines. However, now, the cannabis combined with THC shows potential benefits for the relief of migraine. CBD users have frequently reported highly beneficial effects when using CBD for severe migraine condition. It does not only releases pain but may also reduce attack frequency. CBD has been used for treating headaches for thousands of years. While the studies are still going on, the effects of CBD for migraines may still need more conviction. However, the success stories of many users denote that is has proven benefits.

When we are using CBD oil, we wish to ensure that our body is safe. This means that many people who are trying out CBD may prefer something natural and effective. CBD focusses on the overall wellness of your body. When  compared with drugs who affect a specific part, CBD is an all-inclusive health element

Dosage and administration

When you are all convinced of using CBD for your migraine symptoms, you might wonder about the correct dosage and administration. Though it is a natural remedy, it may still be harmful to use it without proper knowledge or professional advice. Fortunately, CBD oil can be used in high amounts and still remain safe for our bodies. Various products are now marketed with CBD oil as an active ingredient that can be used in high amounts. Some can even be used in the serving size of 1ml equalizing to 33mg of CBD oil. Some other oils may have the CBD as little as 4 mg. A good practice is to follow the label on the product that can tell you the exact dose to be used. You can then make personal adjustments as your pain diminishes.

Certain experiments reveal how marijuana may pose high side effects, thanks to the THC content. Hence, the total daily dose should be limited. A good number is around 30 to 40mg per day. But since CBD is less potent, it is better to take it in high amounts to enjoy adjunctive benefits on migraines.

When you plan on relying on CBD for migraine, you should start with smaller doses. You can then see the benefits and even watch how your body reacts to the treatment. When you satisfy your curious hormones, you may increase the dosage over time. You will eventually find the right level of dose for your needs. You may compare CBD to a supplement. The professionals recommend to always read the label. Taking note of how your body is reacting and mood changes is also a good idea. This can help you in making certain personal adjustments without leaving the treatment.


CBD oil for other uses

CBD does not only affect our brain but our whole body system and in a good way. This means that when you consume CBD, you should not worry that it is affecting or harming other parts of your body. Here are some of its helpful benefits on our overall health

  • People suffering from certain types of gastrointestinal problems can get help from the oil. It can reduce the feeling of nausea or vomit up to an extent. It is also helpful in controlling various systematic disease
  • CBD can help increase our body’s capacity for fighting with cancer. While it is not entirely a cure for cancer, it does help in increasing our immunity. It is also helpful in reducing the side effects of chemotherapies.
  • CBD can help avoid the occurrence of various types of benign tumors.
  • CBD can be used as an efficient natural remedy to treat acne. Since it reduces stress, it also helps in making our skin glow while improving its overall appearance.
  • CBD is helpful in reversing type 2 diabetes. It helps prevent the onset of disease and may also help in managing it to a large extent
  • CBD has good antioxidant properties. This makes it a potential element for curing aging. The by-products of oxygenation from our cells help heal our scars. The CBD oil can help reverse the aging process while keeping our cells alive and healthy.
  • CBD has found to produce great anti-seizure properties It is one of the finest natural remedies for seizures of different intensity. This makes it a helpful element in the treatment of tumors, epilepsy and other such diseases.
  • CBD can also be used for Autism treatment
  • Be it a joint pain or a backache, CBD can heal the pain due to its analgesic properties. It is also used as balm or lotions as a topical remedy for curing pain in different parts of the body.
  • CBD is the number one formula for alleviating your anxiety. Since anxiety is related to a certain disease, it helps cure all those conditions. CBD has applications in psychiatry which involve reducing anxiety.
  • CBD helps reduce depression. It is nowadays used as a natural mode of treating stress and depression.
  • CBD can also be used in the elderly for the treatment of diseases like arthritis. In this condition, the joints and bones swell up and become inflamed. CBD bestows its effective anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce the symptoms.
  • CBD is used as an antipsychotic agent and as an effective remedy in Schizophrenia. It can treat various symptoms such as psychosis and paranoia.
  • CBD oil has also shown potential benefits in reducing the onset of Parkinson’s disease.
  • The oil can also be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  • CBD oil is also good for curing your pets. It has great effects even on animals.

What lies ahead- a bright future

Migraine is spreading in the human race and is becoming common these days. The majority of reasons include bad lifestyle habits and artificial food. This asks for nice research programs in terms of medicinal science. Scientists try to devise out methods that do not overload the human body with pharmaceutical side effects And CBD oil is a highly vital prospect in this case. It is one of the rare tools that can reduce the pain of migraines. Also, it poses fewer side effects which make it use a more beneficial aspect of medicinal science.

Various companies are now manufacturing oils containing CBD as the main ingredient. The industry is surely convinced to continue finding better forms of CBD products that can act as natural migraine treatment products. We are talking about balms, lotions, oils, and even shampoos. As we progress ahead, we shall understand more about migraines. The studies might include its triggers and underlying causes of the attacks. The more natural treatments we find in the future, the more we can fight with the syndrome. In this scenario, CBD oil for migraines can prove to be a treatment that can provide relief to people without being asked for heavy painkillers, in a natural way.

CBD oil has proved its good track record that comes with safety measures. Also, the fact that it is non-sedative makes is safer to use. Many people including teenagers can enjoy its effects on migraines.


If you or someone in your family or friends group suffers from migraines, you might know its havoc on real life. It can ruin your social life and demotivate you all throughout the day. It can decrease your productivity and may also interrupt your personal life. Making things miserable. But if you rely on CBD oil, all of this can change.

Migraineurs are known to try anything that can provide them relief. But CBD oil is a natural substitute for harmful drugs, dietary regimes, and other techniques. And nowadays, it is impossible to ignore the encouraging research on medical cannabis oil. Its been in the news more than now and is being accepted on a worldwide basis as an effective remedy for conditions like epilepsy and high blood pressure.

Since CBD shows promising results, scientists have planned on further studies for this product. It can even be used for conditions we never thought of. Great achievements have been made in the last years as far as migraine problems are concerned.

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