Weight gain is not a new term to most of us. While many of us crave the right weight, others do their best to lose weight as they see it as a way of healthy living, which is quite true. Obesity is linked with diseases such as heart syndromes or blood sugar levels. And well-maintained weights often stand as a good sign of personality. One remains more active if he or she has optimal weight and is not over or underweight so we should morning habit that cause weight gain.

Morning habit that cause weight gain

But even after knowing all this, we tend to gain weight. And this is quite understandable as you may gain some pounds after a little vacation. You may break your ankle and spend a month stuck to the comfortable couch snacking on those chocolates and junk food. No matter what the reason is, weight gain can come to you easily.

But the problem arises when you don’t know the reason you gain weight. One morning you wake up only to realize that you can’t zip up your jeans easily, which was once a comfortable piece of attire you were proud of. And you get shocked as you have been on a fat control diet all week. It may feel as if dark magic is bestowing its powers on your belly, making it grow big, the lesser you eat. You might easily find yourself screaming to the void, while standing on the weighing scale, counting those extra pounds.

The reason you gain weight

reason you gain weight

Out of the ordinary reasons, there might be some hidden things you ought to know that might cause your weight gain. These include simple ones like junk food eating, lack of exercise and so on. Some of the other reasons might include insulin resistance being out of control, stress levels and exhaustion are increasing, a lack of good sleep or a side effect of any medications. Well, we won’t take you to those medical realms in this piece of writing. A fact that is discussed too less than often can be the leading cause of your weight gain. This is the morning habits that you have included. Sounds interesting? Let’s get to know these in details:

Not being physical

Not being physical is one of the most common side effects of late-night sleep. When you are tired in the morning, your body tends to react to things slowly. You even feel lazy watching the sunlight shine on your face. And when you are lazy, you are not able to do your daily morning chores as you would have done being active. This leads to weight gain. You will eat but not move. You will take time during bath and while washing your face. This will prevent you from burning your calories in the morning. And if you don’t burn them, you will get fat and deposit extra unwanted pounds. One indication of not being physical is when you wake up late and then sleep again after eating. This is very unhealthy not just for your belly, but for your entire body and morning habit that cause weight gain.

On the other hand, if you remain physically active, you will love the sight of the first light every day. You will be able to help everyone, remain active and will also be actively participating in morning routines including exercises. This will lead to the burning of calories in the morning. This will regulate your weight and prevent overweight.

Usually, we remain nonactive in the morning due to our hectic schedule. We can also wake up lazy if we have slept late last night.

No exercise- Morning habit that cause weight gain

This is one underrated ritual that is slowly feasting on your healthy lifestyle. Studies reveal how exercising in the morning can do wonders in burning more calories and preventing weight gain.

The reason why morning exercises are so important is that they are done on an empty stomach and help in burning more body fat while contributing to weight loss in an effective way. When you wake up early in the morning, you should take time to exercise usually gives an impeccably fresh feeling. You will also feel refresh and energetic when you exercise. Doing exercise in the morning should not mean that you have to go to a gym or a workout place. It also doesn’t mean that you start working out vigorously and start having supplements. You can simply exercise as much as your body allows. Even a half an hour combination of squats and push-ups at home can be efficient. This not only burns fat but also keeps your mood up for the rest of the day. You can also follow exercises such as cycling, running, skipping, jogging, brisk walking, etc.

Skipping drinking water

Skipping drinking water

Do you know that when you consume warm water first thing in the morning, it acts as a very good natural digestion agent? When mixed with your saliva, the warm water remove toxins from our body in the morning. Various nutritionists and dietitians stress on drinking lots of water for losing weight and staying healthy. Though normal water is also useful, warm water does act in a better way in flushing out toxins from the body. This is probably because warm water is pure and free from harmful chemicals. Drinking water in the morning gives a boost to your metabolism. On the other hand, if you skip it, you might feel low indigestion all day. Drinking a glass or two in the morning can help in losing belly fat

. It works by cleansing your system including free radicals and fat molecules.  Furthermore, drinking water in the morning also reduces your appetite. It also lowers down your calorie intake while helping in maintaining our body’s hydration levels.

Avoiding morning sunlight

Avoiding morning sunlight

Many of us have a habit of keeping room lights turned off even when the sun has risen. This means that we skip the first natural rays of sunlight that are bestowed on us. Sunlight is not only good for providing vitamin D to our body but can also help us in losing weight. Various researches have shown how ultraviolet rays of the sun can provide health benefits when exposed to in the morning. Among other things, sunlight helps us to feel more energetic. It increases the metabolic activity of our body. A bit of exposure to sunlight in the morning can also lower down your BMI which leads to better health. And if you have better health, you will be able to lose weight easily.

Consuming unhealthy food in the morning

When we wake up in the morning, we are usually hungry. This is because we have had dinner last night many hours ago. This forces us to simply open the fridge and consume whatever appeals to our taste, even before breakfast. This can be a recipe for disaster as far as your diet plan and weight loss is concerned.

Many people wake up late and then rush towards their daily life routines such as jobs or travel. This can incline them towards having a quick bite with easy options for breakfast. You may opt for one of the processed and packaged food from the market. These are never good for weight loss and can instead cause weight gain.

No matter how much you convince yourself that you are taking the most healthy processed food, the preservative and flavors in these are harmful to your health. They pose an adverse impact on our overall body metabolism. When you regularly have those junk food in your breakfast, there is a layer of fat getting deposited on your body. The sugar content, as well as the preservative in such foods, further leads to an increase in adverse carvings. This further results in overeating which destroy our weight loss diet plan.

One should always take a wholesome and healthy breakfast. We shall be discussing it in the following point. Breakfast should include natural foods such as oatmeals, juices or fruits.

Completely avoiding breakfast

avoiding breakfast

Often at times, when you hurry in the morning, you rush here and there and forget having breakfast. Alternatively, you might develop a habit of grabbing a snack with a cup of coffee in the hurry. While this is acceptable, skipping breakfast totally is a crime in the law book of weight loss.

Believe it or not, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, even when you are on a strict weight loss diet. Having breakfast gives us the required energy and nutrients we need to progress in the day. Also, since our stomach is empty since night, having a healthy breakfast with optimum amounts of calories is always a good thing to do.

When you don’t have breakfast, your body’s metabolism messes in a way worse than you can imagine. You are more likely to make poor food habits if you skip your breakfast. When you eat a healthy breakfast during the day, you will reduce your carvings. This helps in preventing extra hunger in the latter part of the day and you can consume fewer calories in the night that aids in weight loss.

The takeaway

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning has a great impact on your weight gain. If you are trying hard to lose weight, morning is always an important judgment time. The choices you make at this point in time will ensure how your diet plan will turn out to be. Your morning rituals are undeniably eminent. One needs to be careful about these morning habits if he or she is looking to shed belly weight. At times, you might think why your plans are not working as you are exercising regularly, sleeping well and eating a healthy diet. And the loophole must be things you do in the morning. Those tad bits of habits can make or break your fitness dreams.

Always remember that you are not alone in this. It is never late to mend your ways, especially morning habits. And if you are unable to achieve your desired goals, you should always stay motivated and measure your progress. Most blunders are made when individuals kick their day off with the wrong practices.

We hope that you were able to relate to the topic and will find some inspirations out of the points. Do let us know your reviews about the blog in the comment section.

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