Importance of having a family children’s dentist.

Every parent will have to take time and handle a medical emergency for children with absolute care and attention. Irrespective of whether it is a broken bone or a child’s painting tooth, it is important that everything is properly attended at the right time. Sometimes it will not be a big deal, but if you find that your child is restless and is unable to follow the daily routine well, it is important for you to look out for the children’s dentist.

Smoothing a chipped tooth will not be termed as a medical emergency, but if there is severe pain, an injury or something similar you will have to look for an expert first. It is always advisable to follow up with a regular children’s dentist so that he will have a perfect understanding of the history of illnesses and will be better prepared to take remedial action more effectively.

Discussed below are some dental medical emergencies when you will have to start looking out for a children’s dentist.

Majority of the issues that require an emergency visit to the children’s dentist will be related to trauma. The other reason being those related to tooth development or tooth infection, which may be gradually, and not as an emergency.

Tooth pushed back into the jawbone

Sometimes dental trauma forces several teeth upwards into the jawbone. Most of the times the force of the trauma is so much that it can also cause a deep injury to the tooth’s ligament which ultimately leads to a fractured socket. If you come across this type of emergency and see that something like this, it is essential for you to contact the first expert you come across.  Depending on the depth as well as the nature of the intrusion, the children’s dentist will either wait so that the tooth descends naturally or will perform a root canal therapy. This will in a way be helpful in preserving the structure of the tooth.

Knocked out tooth

If a tooth has been permanently knocked out completely, it is essential that you find the tooth if possible and rinse it with water only by touching its crown area. You can then contact the emergency children dentists because only they will help you in re-implantation of the tooth. If it is a child’s tooth, the dentist will not re-implant the same due to the pain involved in the procedure. This can also cause damage to the tooth bud. It is still very important for you to visit the children’s dentist once and get a clear clue of the treatment



Tooth displacement

Also known as luxation, extrusion, tooth displacement involves a lot of trauma for the child. When you visit the children’s dentist you can be sure of a good treatment but it will all depend on how the tooth is after the trauma.  This is mainly because if there is a luxated tooth it will remain in the socket for some time with the pulp that is very intact. But when the tooth protrudes at an unnatural angle, it will often fracture the underlying jawbone.

Dental Care


If your child is complaining of a toothache, you should first rinse the mouth with warm water and disinfect it completely. If the pain continues you should schedule an appointment with the children’s dentist for a properly detailed checkup just to know the reason and origin of the pain.

A quick decision on your part will not just help lower the trauma faced by the child. It will also help you get quick solutions from the children’s dentist for a problem that persists. If at any time your child experiences facial trauma, you should make sure that you consult with the children’s dentist so that you can be sure of their dental health. You should know that it is only with prompt attention from a medical professional that you can restore and repair the facial trauma, ignoring which may lead to serious cosmetic impairments as the child grows up.

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