Headache Natural Remedies

Relief your headache in simple steps.

Headache symptoms. Our aim is to relieve the headache that occurred due to flu symptoms. If you have a high fever, then you are most likely to experience a headache.

Headache and Muscle Ache Natural Remedies  due to Flu Symptoms



Do you know why?

Because, in order to get rid of the high temperature, your body starts to adapt by dilating the blood vessels for more sweating. This vasodilatation is the result of the headache.

But, in order to stop this throbbing head, you need to…

Avoid what might increases this pain. Dr.Sypriya Bali in the internal medicine, Max hospital recommended that “avoid eating the headache-inducing ingredients. Here is a list of the prohibited substances for headache: monosodium glutamate (MSG), chocolate, salty cheese, alcohol, caffeine, nuts, and fermented meats. Also, stop using all smart devices including your laptop, phone, and television. Finally, eat healthy to regain your power”.

Consider the previous tips, then let’s discuss our 3 headache natural remedies.

Peppermint Herb for headache

Many years ago, people used peppermint to relieve headaches.  It is almost the oldest medicine in the world. Peppermint present in 2 forms: leave and oils. It provides several health benefits. As well as, it has high nutritional value.

Mechanism of action

Peppermint herb has an active ingredient menthol. International journal of clinical practice published a journal shows that; menthol is highly efficient when it comes to headaches. It causes vasoconstriction. Thus, it stops and regulates the excess blood flow along with your body.

  • If you are allergic to menthol, then you should avoid peppermint.
  • It is not recommended to take peppermint oil orally. Because it lowers blood sugar.
  • Do not over-consume peppermint if you are pregnant or breastfeeding It is enough to take one cup daily no more. Due to the lack of studies for these 2 conditions.
  • Avoid the enteric-coated peppermint oil if you experience low hydrochloric acid stomach secretion.

Take care in case of diarrhea, it might cause anal burning during urination and excretion.

Recommended Dose
  • Apply a 3-7 oil drops on a piece of cloth. Or, add 3-5 drops in your bath. Inhalation shall be in a maximum of 2 Minutes no more.
  • Also, you can diffuse peppermint oil in the air.
  • Drink peppermint tea using its leaves. Surprisingly, this remedy will make you feel more alert and think more clearly.

Clove Herb for headache

Chemistry of cloves over flu home remedies

Cloves grow in some parts of Asia and South America. Moreover, scientists are using the various components of cloves in making medicine. Fortunately, one of the cloves uses is in treating headaches due to its high activity.

Mechanism of action

Clove has a cooling and pain-relieving effect. Its active ingredient is Eugenol, which is responsible for the soothing effect, as well as, its fighting infections.

  • It is prohibited to inhale or, to inject it to your veins; because it causes lung disease and Breathing problems.
  • Avoid dry cloves for its irritation
  • It is not allowed for children. Because it might cause seizures, fluid imbalance, and liver damage.
  • If you have a bleeding disorder, it is not recommended to use it; since its active ingredient slows down blood
  • Do Not Take different forms of cloves at the same time; this might put you in the risk of overdose.
Recommended Dose

The best way to use cloves is: to crush 3-4cloves and make the past. Then, apply on your forehead.

Another herb that acts as a throbbing head reliever is…

Butterbur Herb for headache

Butterbur Herb

Various studies carried out on Petasiteshybridus extract. All of them showed that; this herb has a potent way of alleviating a headache. Ancient People used to consider it; in solving several health-related problems. In Germany, they transformed the butterbur herb into a specialized form. Nowadays, physicians prescribe it as a remedy for a headache

Butterbur produces an anti-inflammatory effect; due to its ingredientsIsopetasin, Petasin, and Oxopetasin. The research reported that its extract hinders the activities of cyclooxygenase-2. Thus, it relieves pain and inflammation.

  • You should not administer the root of butterbur Because it contains a toxic compound; that might Poison your body system.
  • If you are pregnant, avoid butterbur products with pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) since it causes birth defects.
  • Do not apply to broken skin. Because it will be absorbed, which possibly causes cancer.
Recommended Dose
  • For adults, 50-100 milligrams of butterbur extract twice daily with a meal. However, for children, only 25 milligrams from the extract is enough to relieve headache.

Now, I can tell you that: No matter how heavy the headache, you will feel better upon using these herbs. So these are the 3 headache natural remedies

Check our website for the coming article. I will provide you with perfect treatments for the most painful flu symptom .

Name Nourhan El-Shneky.

Major: Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and a Researcher

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