Simple Home Remedies For Heartburn Relief

Heartburn is a very common health condition experienced by people all around the world. Generally, heartburn is referred to as the burning feeling in the chest & throat caused after a small hiccup. This condition can often make you feel uncomfortable through chest pain.


The most common causes of heartburn include acid reflux, certain foods, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). But the real question here is that what should you do when you experience this health condition? While there are many medications available for its treatment, yet it is healthier to go for natural solutions. To help you better, here is the list of simple home remedies for heartburn relief.

Natural remedies for heartburn

Simple Remedies

Wear loose clothes – In many medical studies, it has been found the tight clothing can result in heartburn. This is because tight clothes tend to squeeze your stomach and lead to the upward movement of consumed foods. Thus, a burning sensation is caused when these foods reach the esophagus. So it is recommended to wear loose clothes when you start experiencing this problem.

Avoid alcohol & smoking – If you are a smoker or a drinker, then it is better to avoid alcohol and cigarette. Many medical studies have shown that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can worsen the burning sensation. Thus, you need to stay away from both these if you are prone to heartburn problems.

Chewing gum – Several medical studies have shown the positive effects of chewing gum on people suffering from heartburn. This is because chewing gum helps in regulating the production of saliva in the salivary gland. When you sawallo it, it can dilute the acidic substances in your esophagus to provide relief from heartburn.

Stand straight – It is common that the burning sensation due to heartburn gets worse when you lie down. Thus, you need to stand straight whenever start experiencing this problem. This is because, standing straight helps in lower down the acidic contents from your esophagus, back to your stomach.

Elevate your upper body – If you can’t stand straight due to sleepiness or some health problem, then it is bestd to elevate your upper body. One can do this by sitting straight against the wall or placing extra pillows under your head. Thus, it allows the acidic contents in your esophagus to settle down into your stomach.


Relaxation techniques – In many cases, heartburn is due to stress and anxiety. Thus, it is good for you to sit straight and do yoga or meditation to get rid of the burning feeling. There are many different breathing techniques and yoga asanas to treat this problem.

Avoid acidic & spicy foods – Eating acidic and spicy foods can trigger heartburn easily due to their flavor and nature. Thus, you should  not to eat these foods if you are prone to this health condition. Some examples of acidic and spicy foods include pizza, burger, grains, caffeine, processed foods, meat, and fish, etc.

Baking soda with water – Many medical studies prove the positive effects of taking baking soda with water to treat heartburn. Since baking soda helps in diluting the acids in the esophagus, reducing the burning sensation as well. Thus, mix one spoon of baking soda in water and sip it in, when you experience the problem.

Ginger – Since ages, ginger acts as a home remedy to treat gastric problems due to its inflammatory properties. Thus, you can add crushed ginger in the food you cook or make ginger tea to cure heartburn issues. Moreover, ginger offers an immense number of other health benefits as well.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines – If you experience heartburn quite frequently, you should look forward to getting in touch with a doctor. After knowing your problem in detail, the doctor will be able to suggest the best OTC medicines for you. Various antacid medicines like famotidine or ranitidine will help you keep this problem at bay.

The Takeaway

So these were the top 10 simple home remedies for heartburn relief. By eating the right foods and improving your lifestyle, you can easily prevent this problem from happening itself. Also, make sure to get in touch with a doctor if the problem persists.

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