Burn Calories with Effortless Metabolic Rate BOOST by 150%


Metabolism Boost, Speed Up Metabolism


Yes, I know… you are worn-out from exercise. I can feel that you are fed up following strict diet plans.

No More Worries… Here, I will provide you with 5 Magnificent keys that will enhance your metabolic rate by 150% at least.

Trust me you will not regret it 😉

How to increase bmr?

1. Water

Metabolism water effect

Despite the simple word, it’s a turning point in your metabolic rate. Most of us complain about abdominal fats. Only with water, You can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30%. Which can last for 30-40 minutes? Drinking a glass of water every 1-2 hours keeps your metabolic rate elevated throughout the day. Try this tip and weigh yourself after a week, you will thank me for this 😊

2. Green Coffee to increase metabolic rate

Years ago, studies illustrate that caffeine has a major role in boosting metabolic rate and losing weight. However, According to Dr. Simran Saini from Fortis Hospital, chlorogenic acid is responsible for this feature. Studies proved that; green coffee elevates the metabolic rate by 3-9%. Also, it decreases sugar absorption. That is why I always say that: the best time for drinking green coffee is directly after the meal. Additionally, because it is a natural suppressant, it curbs your appetite and increases fat-burning enzymes as well. In addition to the detoxifying advantages.


3. Green Tea to increase metabolism

Multiple research analyses proved that: green tea enhances the metabolic rate by 3%. This only happens if you drink from 3-5 cups a day. And do not panic for the over-usage, there are no side effects for green tea😉

Burn Fat

4. Breakfast and Meal Time

One of the most important things to boost your metabolic rate is Breakfast. If you approached to start your morning with an active metabolic rate, your body will preserve that for the rest of the day. This can only be achieved with enriched protein breakfast. Why protein?High Protein

Because studies illustrated that; your body uses about 10% of your calories just to digest protein. Also, a huge mistake that many people Do is eating only once or twice. Recent studies pointed out that; your body is derived into a starvation mood, due to a few meals’ intakes. In order to avoid this, snacks should be introduced every 3-4 hours.

And when I say snacks, I do not mean chips or chocolates! I mean light, healthy foods such as yogurt, fruits, salad, skimmed milk, and fresh juices.

More importantly, Stop eating at night. Because your metabolic rate is adjusted according to your biological clock. It gets active in the early morning and weakens during the night. If you force it to wake-up at night, it will not work. Consequently, food will be stored as fats ☹.

5. Detox your liver

Do you want to be slim from your waist-line?

Detox Drink

Congratulations, you can now!

Detox is your way of a perfect body.

it flushes your liver from toxins; which is the main reason for midsection fats. Resulting in better digestion and fat burning.

Thus, start your detox immediately! Not only by cutting down unhealthy food, but also by following a detoxifying style.

I can assure you that: if you followed those simple steps, you will always be in shape and healthy.

Name: Nourhan El-shakey

Certificates: Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and a research assistant. (graduated from the German University in Cairo, Egypt).

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