Are you worried about the height of your kid? Exercises and yoga will do the magic

Hi everyone…I am sure most of the moms feel their kids are short in height as compared to the kids of their age. Are you such a parent? Yes, I was. My 8- year old son was short of height as compared to the kids of his age group. When he was 4, I felt like he stopped growing. It was not like he was not eating properly. But definitely,  I was missing something. His sports coach helped me to tackle the problem. When talking about the height it is necessary to know the basics of the problem. Let me focus first what are the possible causes of not gaining height properly in kids. The possible causes of short height are as follows.

Reasons for short height


1)It can be heredity-If any of the parent is short in height then there are chances the kid will also be short of height. Genetics determines the height of the kid. One more fact is that the kid gets his height from the father and weight from the mother. If the father is tall, the chances of the kid to get taller are more.

2)Lack of nutrients- If your kid is not eating properly, he/she is also not growing properly. Lack of vitamins, minerals and other such nutrients in the body doesn’t let the body and mind grow in a good manner. The lack of nutrients is the other reason for short height in kids.

3)Lack of physical activity- If your kid is sitting idle, always in front of the screen, not doing any physical activity and has no exposure to the sun, then there are chances the kid is not growing properly. He lacks the growth hormones that stimulate the outer environment and sweating a lot. Lack of growth hormones impediments the proper growth of the body.



Yes, start it from home. First,  let him encourage to start up with simple exercises at home. Tell him/her to follow the following commands-

1) Be a table-Tell the kid to stand straight. Now help him/her to bend body slightly as keeping both the legs on the ground and both hands too on the ground. The shape is like a table with 4 legs and the tummy is upwards. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the hands and muscles. Remain in the same pose for 2-3 minutes.

2)Be a bridge-Tell again the kid to stand straight. Now help him to bend slightly and keep the hands-on ground and little widen his back. The shape is like a bridge. Back in the upper base in this exercise. It helps the growth of the spinal area.

3)Sit behind the wall as if you are sitting on the chair- Let the kid stand behind the wall. Now tell him/her to make his position like he/she is sitting on the chair. Let him be like that for 2-3 minutes. This exercise will help the kid to use his senses and right leg and arm fitness.

4)Lie down straight. Move leftwards and rightwards-Tell the kid to lie down straight. Tell him/her to move in the left direction. Then tell to stop. Again tell him to move in the right direction. Then tell to stop. This fun exercise your kid surely will enjoy.

Yoga makes you taller



a)Tadasana-Tad means tree. Tell the kid to stand straight. Then tell him to take both arms up and hands open towards sky and toes also up. Tell him/her to be in the same pose for 2-3 minutes. This exercise is very effective in gaining height. This also helps in increasing IQ levels and concentration in kids.

b)Konpadchalayan asana-Tell the kid to lie down straight. Then tell him/her to move the legs slowly clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Tell them to do it 5-10 times. The kids will love this fun exercise. Its simple to perform.

c)Bhujangasana-Tell the kid to lie down on the stomach. Then take the head towards looking at the roof or sky and both hands palm on the ground. Be in the same position for 2-3 minutes. Do it 5 times in a go. It is good for flexibility of backbone, good posture,  and simultaneously good height.

d)Sarvangasana-Tell the kid to lie straight. Then slowly tell him/her to take both the legs up and up and both hands must be on the lower back. Be like that for 30 seconds. Then take the legs down. Do it for 4-5 times daily. Its shoulders stand pose. It is easy to do through regular practice. It helps in regulating proper blood in the body and gaining height.

e)Suryanamaskar-This is the king of all asanas and very good for the overall growth and weight management. Tell the kid to stand straight. Then fold the hands and take up both hands. After this, slowly come down and touch the toes. Then taking one foot back take the neck up. Again come down and lie on the ground. Its basically for prayer to lord Sun who is the God of good life and development.

f)Plow or Halasana- Its a continuation of Sarvangasana. Help the kid in taking the body up and both hands on the lower back. The tell him/her to take the legs further down to the head. Be like that for 3-4 minutes. Then bring the legs up and reverse it by coming in the straight position. Do not rush while doing this.

Height growth food


1)Give him/her calcium-enriched food- Calcium-enriched food is very good for kid’s growth. It’s good for the bone health of kids. Give the kids milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

2)carrots/Spinach-Carrots, spinach are a  very good source of Vitamin A. Also give them fortified cereals, green vegetables which are a good source of antioxidants and good for boosting immunity in kids and gaining overall height.

3)Seasonal fruits-Give the kids all seasonal fruits to eat. Fruits such as mango, apple, guava, kiwis, blueberries, apricots are enriched with all-sufficient nutrients and very goods for kid’s weight and height management.

4)Soya products-Soya is good for kid’s health. So include soya in their daily diet.

5)Ginseng does help- Ginseng is very good for kid’s growth. It helps to grow taller by stimulating the growth hormones. It also helps with muscle growth. Ginseng also said to be a balancing hormonal factor.


1)Put a hanging rod-In your balcony put a hanging rod. Give little support if the kid is small. Then slowly leave. It’s very good for increasing height.

2)Follow a healthy routine-Make sure the kids wake up on time and sleep on time.10-12 hours of sleep is a must for the kids. Follow a proper sleep schedule.

3)More physical activities and sports-Make sure the kid is indulged in more physical activities like running, jogging, cycling, badminton, rope skipping and more such physical activities and sweat a lot. It is essential for good growth hormones in the body.

4)Take special care of what he/she eats-Make sure the kid is taking the wholesome diet full of nutrients and grow properly.

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