How Meditation cultivates your inner strength and grit?

What is meditation?

Meditation is the mental exercise that helps an individual to become a better person. Meditation involves relaxation, focusing and awareness. In general, meditation is all about getting awareness of wisdom and healthy perspectives of life. Through meditation you are not turning off your feelings or thoughts you are just learning how to observe them without judging them. In addition, you also start understanding your feelings and thought is a better way. The practice of meditation is done by sitting position and with closing your eyes.

In psychology, the meditation is defined as “a family of mental training practices that are designed to familiarize the practitioner with the specific type of mental processes”


Meditation for inner strength

Mediation is an important element of yoga practices that helps to develop your capacity to be flexible. Through meditation, one can increase their inner strength and cultivate the grit. Increasing the inner strength and cultivating grit is very important for maintaining the overall balance, managing stress and helps you to deal with the difficult emotions. Inner strength and grit will help you reduce the health issues, help you to self-regulate and you can easily deal with life’s challenges. Without inner strength and grit these it is very difficult to acquire all these benefits. One of the good news is that you can easily take action to develop all these qualities.

These qualities can be easily learned and practiced by anyone. Grit is how you preserve yourself and stay motivated to move in the perfect direction to reach your goals in your life. It is the driving force that will help you to realize your goals and makes you move towards your goals without interruption. Well, resilience means the ability to withstand life’s challenges and helps you re-energize yourself when you face difficulties or when you fall.

The driving force and resilience are closely related to the inner strength which and inner strength is the combination of the different qualities that keeps you feeling strong to deal with the different challenges in your life. There are different traits of inner strength and those are your own toolbox of resources that you can draw on when it is necessary such as confidence, will power, acceptance, focus, and courage, etc.

The three important factors grit, inner strength, and resilience comes with conscious efforts and these factors will help you to maintain the emotional, mental and physical health. All these factors are linked to each other therefore when you take care of these factors you are taking care of yourself on all the levels.

Researchers have proved that meditation improves stress resilience and reduces inflammation.  It is also proved that practicing meditation can benefit both physical and mental health. Regular meditation can support you in many different ways in cultivating inner strength and grit. Here are the most important and beneficial 7 ways a regular meditation cultivates the inner strength and grit.

7 ways the regular meditation prop ups the inner strength and grit 

  • Regular meditation helps you to calm down your mind in this way you can access your inner strength and grit. Meditation helps to control your nervous system in stressful times. It helps to rest the stress response and digest mode. This will help you to deal with the difficult situation in a better way. When you are fighting the stress response you are reactive and you cannot think clearly about the situation. Whereas when you are out of stress and into the restful mode you can well understand the situation and deal with the challenges, you can easily process the difficult emotions and finally, you can operate the situation from a stronger place.
  •   It helps to self-regulate– there are different types of strength-building exercises that will be helpful to develop the physical strength and target the particular muscle group. In the same way, meditation can also affect the changes in certain parts of the brain. People who practice meditation can experience visible changes in gray matter in the brain
    that is linked to regulating emotions.
  • It helps to cultivate awareness– cultivating awareness has a positive influence on all the areas of your life. This is because the moment you realize something through your consciousness you get an opportunity to deal with the situation in a  brilliant way. Awareness helps to shut the negative emotions. When the light shines into the shadows you can be aware of the situation and challenges and able to move on in your life, this will ultimately clear the path and keeps you moving in the right direction to reach your goals.
  • Meditation helps you to understand the importance of showing up– meditation helps to develop your ability to feel the benefits that come from sticking to something important in your life. It helps to develop consistency and commitment to your own well-being. You cannot experience the results as quickly as possible. Meditation needs practice for that reason. The reason might be different each time because you undergo different phases in your life every time. By showing up you will get a chance to learn and grow also connecting to your inner strength and self-motivation.
  • It keeps you focused– focusing is very important to redirect your energy. you need to when you have focus and on what you have to focus on. You must have a space to reflect, connect and resource. Grit and the inner strength cannot appear out of anywhere, you need to do some work out to nurture them to grow. So that grit and inner strength can help you to keep focused on the important things in your life. Cultivating your inner strength will bring balance in your everyday life and meet your goals.
  • It helps to build healthy habits that can reprogram your thinking– normally we face so many problems and struggles in our life. This is mainly due to overthinking or from the repetitive thought patterns. The downward spirals of worries can take you away from your inner strength. It can easily distract you from your life goals. When you meditate on a regular basis you are building healthy habits. This can help you to release any attachments to your thoughts. It will help you to realize the importance of your thoughts.
  • It teaches you responsibility– we all know very well that no one is responsible for our emotions and experience. With the help of meditation, you can learn that you are responsible for yourself. It will help you to make a choice that will support your personal well-being. This will result in a willingness to work and sit with comfort. When you take responsibility you will access your inner strength. This will increas the growth in your mindset and ability to connect with others with responsibility.


inner strength and grit are the key components to maintain daily meditation practices. When you meditate on a regular basis you will get a chance to increase your inner strength. The more inner strength means the more you are able to stick to the wellbeing practices in your life. This is not just an easy path but a worthwhile route that helps anyone to access the place of strength. It provides the essential resources key to become successful in your life.

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Emilia was born in Austria and developed her passion for yoga through her older sister. She completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India at the early age of 16 and continued her studies until now. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda and a Master in Yogic Science.

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