When we hear someone talking about bad concentrating power and poor memory if usually infer that they are referring to a kid, however, the issue of concentration and memory are not restricted to the young age group anymore. It affects lots and lots of adults as well.

With mobile phones taking over our lives, we are absolutely addicted to constantly unlocking it for no apparent reason. We keep thinking about all the notifications we could have got when our phone is away from us and that seriously impairs our concentration.

A lot of people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome. This condition is characterized by people feeling that their phone has vibrated even though it has not. This syndrome is in existence mainly because instead of making smart use of our smartphones, we have become slaves of it.

As the technological wave has hit our mankind, our bodily conditions are worsening every single day. We are losing our retention and concentration power rapidly. Although, now a lot of people have started discovering various ways in which meditation changes your brain.

People who practice memory improvement meditation know how drastically a couple of minutes of meditation on a daily basis change their lives. You can concentrate better and your memory sharpens too.

Here is some way in which you can improve your concentration and memory with meditation:

  • You sleep better:

When we are talking about hawk-like concentration, the first thing that needs to be done is quality sleep. Now it is important to note that lesser hours of sleep or even more of it is definite to impair your concentration power.

It’s time to call it a day but you still can’t doze off? Almost everyone in this world has dealt with insomnia at least once in their life and it is believable because we spend our days comparing our lives to others and running back and forth mindlessly.

Put all those haphazard thoughts to rest and close your eyes. Discover your happy place and spend some quality time there. There is no point of hustling so much to earn when you have lost the most precious thing, mental peace! Meditation changes your brain drastically, so practice meditation and improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Meditation to improve concentration:

With the revolution of social media in our life, we have received an array of advantages and disadvantages. While social media is great for interacting with our loved ones and staying updated, sometimes we become so obsessed with making our living social that we forget about the ‘stress-parasite’ that has been eating our life from inside leaving it absolutely hollow.

Having a happening life on Instagram is easy, what really matters is having a prosperous and peaceful life in real. Give your phone a break. Appreciate the 3-D beauty around you. Concentrate on the task in hand rather than posting about it online.

You can also adopt various meditation techniques to boost your concentration. Meditation is scientifically proven to enhance your concentrating abilities. Meditation actually clears all the clutters you have in your brain and helps you gain perspective in your life.

Get yourself a reality check. Realize what really matters and concentrate just on that.

  • Make your brain a superpower:

Those who have ever seen what a brain looks like, in a book or in a movie, know that the outer surface of the brain is made up long wavy tracks. These waves are called gyrification in medicine. Since our brain is confined within our skull, it has no excess space to spread and extend into when people get more mature and wise.

That’s why the brain forms this gyrification which are practically brain folds. This gyrification is directly related to your memory and brilliance. The more gyrification you have, the more brilliant you are.

This gyrification enhance your memory because these folds facilitate the movement of brain cells which help in communicating better. Now the question is, how does one increase his gyrification in the brain?

This really is not as hard as it sounds, you can improve memory with meditation. Long-term meditators are seen to have much higher gyrification than those who do not meditate.

  • Be more focused:

Don’t allow yourself to get consumed in this digital world. Practice meditation for as little as 20 minutes every day and you would see that you have developed a laser-like focus. With a focus so sharp, you can always be assured that the decisions you make are absolutely distraction-free. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your concentration as well as retention abilities, you should definitely try different techniques of meditation and you will see the positive results by yourself.