Hi friends…Kids are the most valuable assets. Our life revolves around them. But do you feel good if your child becomes sick frequently, He/she gets a  cough, cold and sneezing whenever the weather change? This means his immune system is weak as a comparison to the other children. Lets us have a look at what is the immune system. Immunity is the resistance power of the body to fight diseases and to fight infections. So it is the inner strength of the body in this article we will focus on how to boost kids Immunity.

Let us have a look at what are the visible symptoms or reasons for the low or weak immune system.



Sometimes weaker immune system in kids may be due to genetics. It transfers from one generation to other. For example,  if you are allergic to mango your kid may also be allergic to mango too. Or you may be allergic to mushrooms, chilies even some kids I have noticed may be allergic to a certain dry fruit or fruit too.

2) Pollution-Bad air quality or pollution may be the other reason for weak immunity. When the lungs inhale bad air it badly affects the respiratory tract. As a result, the immune system suffers.

3) Changed weather conditions-The weather changes without any alarm. Our body’s resistance power accordingly affects. Some kids are more prone to extreme weather conditions. Sometimes it is hot, sometimes it is cool, some days are humid,  so chances of getting attacked in such weather is more to kids with poor immunity.

4)Use of strong antibiotics-Sometimes due to cold, cough and flu symptoms we give antibiotics to kids. In some instances,    they give relief from the disease but in the long run,  may damage the internal system slowly. Strong antibiotics badly affect a kid’s immune system.



Now the question is how we can develop or boost kids immunity. Here is a list of the ways or tools to improve immunity-

Create a healthy environment around your kids-The very create a healthy environment at home. Make sure to limit sugar intake. Also, try to limit the consumption of junk food and packaged food. Develop healthy eating habits which will lead to stronger metabolism. 

Make sure your kid does not eat much in a time-Consequently the metabolism becomes weak. Make him learn properly in small quantities at a  proper time.

1-2 hours of physical activity or exercise daily-Make sure your kid spends 1-2 hours of the day in the playground. They can do some exercises or dance too. Make sure they sweat. This helps to develop healthy bacteria in their body which makes them much healthier and stronger

On-time vaccination-Make sure your kid gets all vaccines on time. It helps him fighting with the infections and bacteria and thus will help in developing an immune system.

On-time meals and proper sleep schedule-Make sure that the kid is taking his/her meals at regular intervals and at proper timings. Likewise,  sleeping timings must also be confirmed. Fix a particular time to take him/her to bed.

Strong immunity with yoga-Yoga do miracles to boost your little one’s immunity. Do a lot of walking, jumping, rope skipping, running exercises along with. Certain yoga poses and tips by a certified instructor help your kids to develop better immunity.

Maintain food hygiene-Tell the kid to wash hands before and after meals. Encourage him to cover his nose with hands while sneezing. Then immediately wash off his hands. Also,  make sure he wears clean and tidy clothes and changes clothes while coming from out. A cotton handkerchief must be kept for personal use. Also,  make sure that your kid brushes his/her teeth twice a day. Such small daily routine habits or tips will help him in the long run.


Supplements-A lot of supplements in the form of pills, powders,  and drinks are available in the market that boasts of increasing the immunity of kids. For example-Activ kids immune boosters, Cipla immune boosters, Pediasure,  etc. You may give a try for improved immunity along with a proper diet.

Include a rainbow diet in your food-There are certain food items that you must add to your kid’s diet. The rainbow diet improves kid immunity and overall health. The top three things in food are-

Vitamin C-All citrus fruits contain vitamin c. They contain antioxidants that help in developing immunity in the body. The micronutrients available in raw fruits and vegetables helps a lot to fight immunity problems.

Zinc-Steak, oysters, chicken breasts are good sources of zinc. Nuts and seeds too add to the zinc category.

Beta Carotene-Its a red-orange content found in fruits and veggies.Its found in carrots, papaya, tomatoes, pumpkin, and many more red-orange fruits and vegetables.

Boost kids Immunity with these SUPERFOODS


Yoghurt-Yoghurt contains probiotics that can give your immune system a boost.

Root vegetables-Root vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, reddish,  etc help in improving the immunity of kids.

Walnuts-Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty tissues that prevent respiratory issues too. Give him/her soaked walnuts if its summer season. The rest of the year they can enjoy without soaking and enjoy this healthy super nut.

Garlic-Garlic contains antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. This is called the superfood to develop immunity in kids as well as elders. So use 5-7 cloves of garlic in everyday food.

Chicken soup-Chicken soup hydrates the body. It also treats seasonal infections and flu symptoms and thus helps to build immunity.

Green veggies-All green vegetables such as red and green pepper, celery, spinach, and other leafy vegetables contain fibers and carotenoids. All seasonal vegetables contain antioxidants that help to build immunity.

Berries-Berries are the superfoods for immunity. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which help in treating the flu and infections and thus helps in building immunity.

Eggs-Eggs are rich in proteins. It also contains vitamins which lead to improved immunity.

Lentils-All lentils are a rich source of iron, zinc, magnesium, and proteins. Include these in your kid’s diet. Whole lentils are rich in antioxidants.

HOME REMEDIES DO HELP-Never ignore if a child is sick. Immediately consult a good pediatrician. But for small cough, colds and flu symptoms also try home remedies.

Avoid certain food items if he/she is allergic to particular food items. To avoid the side effects of antibiotics encourage the use of home remedies which is cheaper and safe too. Always keep in mind the disease takes its time to heal and normally takes 5-7 days to recover. So be patient.

I hope you will find this article helpful if you have small kids at home. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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Sunita Panwar(Neetu) is living in Noida. She did her BBA(Bachelors in Business Administration) and MBA(Finance)from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Sunita has also studied Journalism and Mass Communications. She had been in South Africa for 5 years. Writing is her passion. Health, fitness, and nutrition always has been her areas of interest. She has been writing blogs for some magazines and websites too. Authentic and interesting topics are what you are gonna read in the near future.

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