When we do not concentrate on our diet, we tend to gain much weight than our body can handle. The scientists say that we become overweight simply when we are unable to burn more calories than we intake. And once you disrupt this balance, you may have to see drastic consequences. In such cases, fat can accumulate anywhere on your body including back and arms too.

Reason for arm fat gain

Reason for arm fat gain

Fat deposits in our arms because of overall too much weight gain of our body. Our arms are often the last part to gain weight. This is because they contain fewer amounts of fat cells. The fat gets stored in these cells when there is no other part of the body left to go. When the fat deposits in the arms, they usually become saggy.

Reason for back fat gain

Back fat is also a common phenomenon as many people face the issue. Fat accumulates on our back due to a combination of several reasons. This includes atrophy of back muscles or simply excess body fat. Poor nutrition may also result in back fat. Above all, the lack of physical activity and proper exercise is the prime reason for back fat deposition.

So, we have discussed the problem. Now let’s discuss the solution. We shall look at the use of baking soda to get rid of back and arm muscles.

Arm fat deposition is simply another type of obesity symptom that results from excess accumulation of fat. However, fat on arms look quite uneven and may make your arms appear flabby. Fat only on arms is usually rare as this is very uncommon. Hence, people having fat on arms will also have fat on other parts of the body such as thighs or belly. Hence, if you are looking to lose arm fat, you should concentrate on losing overall weight.

Baking soda to lose arm fat

Baking soda for arm fat

Baking soda not only helps lose arm fat but overall body weight as well. Coupling the intake of baking soda for arm fat with one hour of exercise daily can show great results. You can also use other activities such as jogging, brisk walking, and arm-toning. The reason why baking soda works well is that it has certain antioxidant properties. It also contains several enzymes that aid our digestion and helps keep fat deposition in check. The baking soda can easily dissolve the accumulated fat cells in the body. It works very well to reduce fat, especially around arms and thighs.

To use baking soda, simply mix a teaspoon of it in one glass of water. Then add a tablespoon of fresh lime juice to taste. The water should not be too cold or too hot. Take this mixture every day, possibly empty weight to get good results.

Baking soda to lose back fat


Baking soda for back fat

Back fat is usually a type of belly fat gain that is going beyond boundaries. It is usually seen in people who have already gained belly fat. Sodium bicarbonate or belly fat can help reduce back fat easily. This chemical compound, when mixed with water, it reacts with the acid in your stomach and then makes it more alkaline, or turn it into the water, co2 and salt. Due to its alkaline properties, baking soda aids in indigestion and hence helps in the proper extraction of toxic materials from our body. Baking soda also helps our body burn more calories, which results in efficient weight loss. Baking soda increases our body’s metabolism which further results in the proper utilization of nutrients in our body. If you take baking soda regularly, you are easily able to excrete unwanted material, which helps in losing weight.

Baking soda is usually advised to be taken on a regular basis before your workout. Yes, the baking soda works well if you are doing back exercise daily. Fitness experts say that taking baking soda with water empty stomach before you start your back fat workout is a good way to increase weight loss.


Baking soda benefits

Baking soda has many benefits that cannot be overlooked. It is used in food preparations, for preservation and for making things more alkaline. But its use in the fitness world is the most important aspect of the chemical compound. Slowly and gradually, fitness enthusiasts are trusting in its properties of making weight loss quick in a short amount of time. Before we conclude, here are a few more facts about baking soda, you would love to read:

  • Baking soda was earlier used only as an antacid to be taken through the mouth in its powder form. It is also used to treat upset stomach and heartburn symptoms.
  • Besides helping in weight loss, baking soda is also found in toothpaste. This is because of the mild abrasiveness and bleaching properties of the compound help in dental care
  • December 30th is a day dedicated to baking soda. It is known as national bicarbonate Soda Day
  • The baking powder consists of acid that is either slow-acting or fast-acting. The fast-acting one reacts with water at room temperature and the slow-acting won’t show its properties until it is heated to a certain temperature
  • Baking soda is also used in the cleansing of our body. It helps remove toxic wastes from our body. It also helps in urination, which is a good sign for our kidneys
  • Baking soda is used in bread and cookies as a leavening agent. It is nowadays also used to tenderize meat in several exotic preparations.
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