Low-calorie intake is often related to good health. Everyone consumes calories daily. And the amount might exceed our normal intake levels. Well, we all know it, realize how it is harmful and are aware of how to control it. But when we get down to doing things in practice, the procedure seems far fledged.

Avoiding calories simply mean you will have to avoid delicacies you would love consuming. This is because calories are mostly available in flavour rich food such as sugars, carbohydrates, cheese, bread, and baked items. These all are loved by us and it is hard to avoid them. But, we do have to avoid them to become thin and healthy right? so what is the solution?

Buckle up as well tell you 7 ways through which you can cut calories without cutting flavour. The tips for cutting calories are useful for any person.

How to do it

favorite calories

The idea is to change your favourite calories filled recipes with that including fruits and vegetables. You can also substitute in fibre, saturated fat, calories, and low sugar eatables. One can easily replace or reduce oil. You can also use low-fat milk for cream. Here are a few more points to try

Try these:

  • simply lower down fat-containing eatables such as butter, margarine, and oil. These can be reduced to one-third in one-half of your recipes. Try things by cutting a small amount at first and then increasing the reduction slowly.
  • You can use tiny tweaks to cut calories such as reducing fat in the moist baked product. You may use dried fruits or even apple sauces.
  • One can replace moisture and flavour loss that comes from losing fat. You can substitute it up with broth, fruit juice, spices, herbs, vegetables, and non-fat milk.
  • If you love cheese or butter, simply go for non-cholesterol products available in the market. These are quite plain in taste, but you will get habitual if you start consuming them regularly.
  • Replace your milk tea and milk coffee drinks with non-sugar or non-milky ones. You can start having black coffee or green tea instead. These not only contain fewer calories but are also healthy for our body’s immune system.
  • replace the fat dairy produces with those higher in saturated fats and calories.
  • if you wish to intake high-calorie food, you should consume only a limited amount. These include cheese, nuts, avocado, coconut and other fruits
  • you can avoid drinking soft drinks that contain high calories in the form of artificial sugars. Instead, try having fresh juices that are equally tantalizing. You can start having coconut water, carrot juice or even banana shakes.

Select good oats


Everyone loves oats and they are healthy too. But did you knew that oats can also contain calories? A piece of good advice is to select steel-cut oats over traditional quick oats. These are high in fibre content and less in the glycemic index. Steel-cut oats make for nice healthy breakfast. They are also rich in Vitamin V, protein, fibre and calcium. They have less amount of unsaturated fat as well as salt. The high fibre content balance good blood sugar and insulin levels. It also helps avoid blood pressure and heart strokes. Here, it is important to note that food rich in fibre slows down digestion and keep blood sugar level under control.

Add protein

cottage cheese

If you are one who simply can’t control taste buds and has a cake or a pudding, then you may add protein to it. This is a great way of dealing with hunger with a cut. Adding a good protein supplement in powder form or cottage cheese form is a great idea. This will create a snack that slows down the sugar release in our bloodstream. This will keep insulin levels under control. Here, you should mind the number of calories you are taking. It should be sufficient enough to be burnt during the day. You may go for exercise or workout if you are taking added protein such as whey protein powder.

Try more substitutes


Have a good salad instead of a burger or a sandwich. Have boiled egg instead of an omelette. Have tune or salmon instead of chicken. You may also prepare wraps with lettuce leaves, tomatoes and onions. You can try as many substitutes as you want. I f you feel the flavour to be to a plane, you may add a pinch of your favourite spices. Usually, two slices of bagel or bread can raise the glycemic load of the meal and hence can be replaced by better options.


Also, if you decide on having pizza, you can select a healthy crust. Go for whole-wheat thin crust. Same is for sandwich bread. You may also get extra pizza sauce that has added antioxidants coming from cooked tomatoes.

Healthier soups

Healthier soups

Simply go for soups containing lentils or other legumes. These are always better choices than butter or cream. You can also void potato creams. The legumes have high fibre content and less glycemic values. Beans are always healthier than potatoes in terms of calories. If the soup is having a glycemic load, you can add cheese that is low in fat. This shall increase protein and fat making things delicious and healthy at the same time.

Another good health choice is to not to have fruit by itself. For instance, you can have a tablespoon of almond butter. You can get a slice of cheese and add nuts. This shall increase the protein and fat content of your lip-smacking snack.

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates

The tips on cutting calories remain incomplete without mentioning dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a good alternative to other chocolate drinks such as shakes or chocolate milk. Dark ecstacies are lower in sugar and thus contain low sugar levels. It also provides a healthy factor in promoting antioxidants. Studies also suggest that having a small portion of dark chocolates every day can help lower down blood pressure. And this is without any extra gain of fat. An important thing to remember here is that you should have an only limited amount of dark chocolates. One can easily become addicted to these delicacies and hence their consumption should always be in a controlled manner.

Some other essential substitutes

some other essential substitutes

if you wish to see tips for permanent weight loss safely, you need to embrace good and healthy substituted. You can top your bread with almond or peanut butter instead of the normal one. You can also use olive spreads, hummus or pesto. These are good alternatives to jams and jellies. Jams and jellies are high in artificial sugar content.
One can make a habit of eating whole fruits and vegetables. These are regarded as better than juices. This is because the fruits contain fibre and juice to remove them. Whole fruits and vegetables are always a great source of natural sugar.
If you try on an alcoholic drink with dinner, you can skip starches inclusive in bread, potatoes, pasta or rice. You should have lean protein and vegetables for getting extra calories.
You can replace chips or cracker with dips. You may choose from a healthy dip like white button mushroom or garlic dip.


When you plan on your journey to thin, it is not required to adjust your taste always, By following the substitutes we just discuss, you may cut the calories and still enjoy meals full of tastes. With some research and planning, you can create a list to incorporate various alternatives. You can use a half cup evaporate whole milk or skim milk instead of whipping cream. Go on trying a cup of reduced-fat sour cream r fat-free sour cream in spite of a cup of sour cream. You can also try non-sugar yogurt instead of a flavoured one. Always remember that sugar and carbs are the sources of calories. You can substitute them with healthier ones.


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