Kitchen and diet changes for weight gain

While most of the people are obsessed with weight loss and dieting, many others seek healthy ways to gain weight. This is quite common for specific kinds of people and situations. For example, a person recovering after a long-term illness or a major surgery may want to gain his weight back. A person with an eating ailment might also be looking for the same. Many sportspersons with metabolism changes and women hitting puberty or during pregnancy also wish to gain weight so you should try some kitchen changes for weight gain


There are infinite ways to put on weight like eating sugary foods, junk foods, protein powders, and other high-fat food items. However, all these easy weight gain options might not be good for your health in the long run. This is the reason why people look for healthy kitchen changes to gain weight without compromising their health. Also, you have to understand that gaining weight is not an overnight process, it takes time & effort.

Why choose healthy options for weight gain?

Many people think about eating more fatty foods, sugar, fast-foods, and processed meats, to gain weight. Although, these options might offer fast results, yet these can easily harm your health. In fact, these can lead to serious health issues like cholesterol, heart problems & blockage in the arteries. So why would you want to compromise your health with unhealthy options, when there are plenty of healthy ones available?

Therefore, you need to consume nutrient-dense foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, lean meats, peas, eggs, salmon, garlic & cocoa, etc. These will not only fulfill your required caloric intake but also keep you healthy.

Top healthy kitchen changes to gain weight

To help you better, here are some of the main healthy kitchen changes to help you gain weight without compromising your health.

Foods that help you gain weight

Grains & carbohydrates


Carbohydrates are one of the primary sources of energy and calories in the body. Carbohydrates are found in whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, sugar, brown rice, etc. Thus, most of the calories we consume daily are foods rich in carbohydrates. So you need to add healthy carbohydrate-rich foods to stay energetic and gain weight, without any problems.

Consume good fats


If you want to put on weight, you don’t have to start consuming all kinds of fat-rich foods. It is very essential to find healthy foods with good fats rather than putting your health at risk. There are many healthy options available for you to choose from. To begin with, you need to replace hydrogenated oils with other healthier options like olive oil, avocado oil, canola oil, etc. This will not only avoid heart problems but also provide you with the necessary calorie intake.

Full-fat dairy products


Many people may believe that fat-rich dairy products can lead to heart-related problems. But, recent medical studies have shown that dairy products with full-fat offer more energy and healthy calories. Also, these products have low amounts of additional sweeteners. Thus, you can consume various dairy items like full-cream milk, whole-milk yogurt, fat-rich cheese, etc.

Healthy snacking for weight gain


Snacking is a common part of everyone’s life as people tend to eat snacks in-between meals to suppress hunger. So you need to choose calorie-dense options over the unhealthy & low-calorie ones. Some of the snacks to eat include dry fruits, avocado, baked beans, dark chocolate, nuts, eggs, etc. You can also carry some of these along with you while traveling or leaving the house.


Consume fat-rich drinks


People tend to believe that artificially sweetened beverages like soda and other soft drinks offer high calories. Although, these offer a good amount of calories, yet they’re not good for health. Therefore, you need to replace these drinks with refreshing & healthy homemade drinks with high calories. Some of the examples of these drinks include fruit shakes, smoothies, juices, etc.

Protein supplements for weight gain


If you don’t eat meat, then protein supplements are an excellent alternative to increase weight. If you go to the gymnasium for working out, then combining it with whey protein and weight gainers can provide great results. Many people think that whey protein is unhealthy, but it isn’t. The reason is that the whey protein is manufactured from milk products & it helps in naturally gaining weight.

Schedule your meals


Scheduling your meal plan and snacks is a great way to put on weight. Therefore, you need to put enough time gaps between your 3 meals to ensure high energy intake. Also, you need to eat healthy snacks in-between meals to get better results in less time. Snacking before and after working out is also a good option. You can also eat some snacks just before going to bed at night.

Nutritious cereals


Incorporating nutritious cereals in your daily meals can provide your body with a great number of calories, carbohydrates & nutrition. You can always go for cereals and oats that are manufactured using grains. These also offer a great amount of fibers & antioxidants. Also, you need to avoid processed and artificially-sweetened cereals as they are unhealthy. Nutritious cereals include multigrain cereals, oats, Ezekiel, granola, etc.

Use different toppings


Toppings not only help in improving the taste of the food but also in increasing the caloric value of it. Cooking is an experiment-friendly task, which is why you can easily use the toppings of your choice. Some of the healthy and nutritious options include chopped veggies, dried cereals, diced nuts, fruit salsa, etc. Other nutrient-dense options to increase the caloric value of food include salad dressings, taste-makers, and vegetable sauces, etc.

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese


Cheese is one of the most nutrient-dense foods with high caloric value. For centuries, people all around the world have been eating cheese because it is healthy and easily available. Moreover, you can add cheese in most of the cuisines. This will not only provide you with healthy fats but also with a high amount of calories.

Red meat & whole eggs


Red meat and whole eggs are both excellent foods to gain weight in a healthy way. These are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. You can consume 3 to 4 eggs daily to put on extra weight. If you work out regularly, then adding red meat to your diet can help in increasing your weight quickly.

That’s a wrap!

Gaining weight is not a difficult task but you need to look for healthy options rather than unhealthy ones. Along with the high-calorie diet, regular exercise is also important if you want to gain weight quickly. You just need to incorporate the above-mentioned changes in your diet and you’ll surely see positive results soon.

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