How to get fresh and glowing skin

Everyone loves having flawless skin. However, it takes effort and time to maintain that skin. If you wish to have the skin of dreams, you should make a point to care for it on a daily basis. There are a few points you need to remember. You should always use a correct cleanser for your skin. You may opt for a milk cleanser or a moisturizing glycolic. The brightening wash can help get rid of brown spots form your skin. Some people also make it a point to drink an appropriate liquid that can be helpful for glowing skin. This goes along with having a balanced diet. The diet can help skin preserve moisture that keeps it hydrated. So the question is how to get fresh and glowing skin?

However, when you are unable to do these all, you are actually skipping caring for the skin. This paves the way for a plethora of skin problems. This is further worsened by bad eating habits.

Studies reveal that serious skin issues are always a setback for men and women not only physically but emotionally as well. A vulnerable skin condition such as acne can bog a woman down tremendously and her confidence can take an instant hit. Women suffering from skin problems even hesitate to step out of their house feeling embarrassed about their looks.

However, the solutions if paid attention to is only at an arm’s distance.  You can always look up to the natural sources which can definitely provide you solace from your surging skin problems.

Skin experts and cosmetics

With cutting edge technology peeping at us all the time, it has become remarkably easy for us to get the skin issues off our face. With a large pool of skin experts voicing their opinions over their respective blogs, we can now sit back and enjoy the luxury of skin treatment at our home itself.

For those, who are not contented with the skin services available online, can always avail the assistance of skin experts at their clinic. A notable rise could be witnessed in the number of women looking for skin solutions in the present era. The reason for this trend could be the success rates that have been registered by these ever-growing skin doctors who have made women feel good about their skin all over again.

Natural sources for fresh glowing skin

Prevention is always considered better than cure. We should always focus on getting the act together as far as our skin is concerned. It is always better to put effort into the skin on a timely basis rather than crying over the spilled milk at a later stage when the situation gets out of the hand.

Natural sources for fresh glowing Skinf

Most people who love their skin should always make it a point to indulge in routines that keep their skin glowing and charming and make them feel all the more beautiful. After all, it is our skin that we are most particular about.

Aloe Vera, a cactus look-alike moisture-laden plant is filled with anti-bacterial properties that cease the bacteria that activate acne from growing. On the other hand, consuming ingredients like baking soda, tea tree oil and lemon juice on a daily basis can work wonders for the dampening skin women hate to have. And then there are the Sunscreen lotions, which have certainly provided women with a magic wand to shield their skin from the scorching heat.

So, here are some more effective natural ways  or lifestyle habits that can help you get and maintain glowing skin in an easy manner:

Getting enough sleep

A good sleep of not less than 8 hours is not only good for our heart and brain but for our skin as well. This relates to the fact that when you don’t take proper sleep, you get stressed a lot. This urges the body to produce cortisol which is a stress hormone. High levels of cortisol increase inflammation of the body including the skin under your eyes as well.

Getting enough sleep

Poor sleep can increase stress in your body. It can also lead to acne or pimples. It also causes increased itching in your body. The vicious cycle may also lead to other skin conditions or even elevate the already ongoing ones. On the other hand, getting good sleep can improve your skin and help clear it from various conditions.

When you don’t sleep well, the inflammatory response of your body is increased and it leads to an increase in skin sensitivity. You may also get prone to allergic contact reactions or dermatitis. This happens because the inflammation of the skin leads to the breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen. These are the hormones that give our skin its glowing characteristic and without it, our skin loses its shine.

Here are some other disadvantages of not getting good sleep:

  • It makes immune-related problems of the skin worse.
  • Our body is unable to regulate the immune system making us prone to various diseases
  • It reduces our overall beauty as our body’s hydration system is not able to balance itself. Our skin is unable to get time to recover moisture if we are sleep deprived.
  • During sleep, our aging hormones are repaired. When you don’t sleep well, this is avoided and it results in premature aging which is a nightmare for everyone.
  • It may also lead to weight gain as it makes you feel less hungry
How to get good sleep

Getting good sleep is as simple as ABC. You need to sleep at a regular time and wake up early in the morning. There are a few more important points that shall help you increase the quality of your sleep:

  • Avoid having a heavy meal before you sleep at night
  • Drink plenty of water during the day but avoid having it late at night
  • Keep all gadgets especially phones or smartwatches away from you while sleeping
  • Try sleeping in a dark room in quite an ambiance
  • Use breathable mattresses and sheets that do not collect germs or mites
  • Avoid watching televisions half an hour before sleeping

Warm water

Warm water is simply good because it contains less or no bacteria or other harmful particles. It has always been linked with good health. Fitness enthusiast uses it to reduce fat and enhance body metabolism. But warm water is also a boon for our skin. If you drink warm water regularly, you may increase your health a lot. When you drink hot water in the morning, you boost your body system and help it in removing toxic waste to be able to prepare for the day ahead.

warm water for glowing skin

Drinking hot water can decrease the chances of congestion as well. It reduces stress levels and get rid of anxiety. hence, improves our skin textures. When you drink water regularly, you have fewer chances of getting infection, inflammation or acne on the skin. This is because the warm water keeps your skin hydrated in a natural way. Besides drinking, you may also look to wash your face with warm water. This helps remove dirt particles from the outer layer of your skin in an effective way. It is the reason why every facial mask or face pack ends with a wash using warm or lukewarm water.

Some other uses of warm water include:

  • It helps relieve congestion of throat and bronchitis
  • Relieves the symptoms of constipation and indigestion
  • It helps remove excess fat from our body
  • Works best as an antioxidant
  • It is good for treating cold and cough symptoms

Ayurvedic scrubs for glowing skin

Scrubs might be the invention of the modern-day skin glowing regime, but they are actually effective if we chose better products. In other words, ayurvedic scrubs can help you with glowing skin in a better way when compared to chemical scrubs. Ayurvedic scrubs are usually the formulations that contain herbal elements such as aloe vera, lemon, orange, basil, neem, and other ayurvedic preparations.

One can either buy ayurvedic scrubs from the market with no artificial ingredients. There are various herbal brands that offer such products. It is always good to see the label to check the ingredients. Another way is to prepare the ayurvedic scrubs at home. You can create these yourself by mixing ingredients such as egg, lemon juice, neem extract and so on.

The use of ayurvedic scrubs is a cakewalk. You just have to take a pinch of scrub in hands and then massage it firmly on your facial skin in a circular motion. Do this for a couple of minutes and then wash with warm water. After this, you should apply a good moisturizer. This is because when you scrub your skin, you are opening or unclogging its pores. Hence, by applying a moisturizer you are eliminating the chance of dirt settling into these open pores.

Some advantages of Ayurvedic scrubs include:

  • Help cleanse our skin
  • Help remove makeup in an effective way
  • Removes clogged pores
  • Help prepare our skin for facials
  • Help in removing dirt or dust particles from our skin
  • Assists in the process of exfoliation

Avoiding stress

Needless to say, stress is bad for our brains and our skin. When we are stressed, a chemical response occurs in our body that makes our skin more reactive. It also makes skin problems harder to deal with. When you are tensed or sad, you tend to get more breakouts. This is due to the reason that stress causes your skin to produce cortisol that makes your skin glands produce more oil. The oily skin can easily get acne and other problems.

avoiding stress

Stress also acts as an added factor in worsening various skin problems. It can worsen the symptoms of conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and hives or skin rashes.

Here are some tips to avoid stress:

  • Never neglect your skin. Take care of it even if you are tensed or stressed
  • Participate in regular physical exercises
  • Do things you enjoy most to avoid stress. Taking a bath or reading book can be good options
  • Take time to see nature. This helps reduce stress hormones
  • Practice meditation that may reduce stress and help you in managing it. You may look to learn Yoga or other meditation techniques such as positive imagery
  • Get a good sleep to reduce stress
  • Always keep the company of positive individuals around you

Getting and maintaining glowing skin is no more trivia nowadays. As you can realize, the trick is to just change your health habits that come with added benefits and cons. When you learn to live life in a good manner, you will be able to nourish a skin that glows for longer and stays with you for years to come. Also, you should avoid getting into the hang of bad habits such as smoking or alcohol. You should always learn the importance of great skin and how it can boost your confidence. In a nutshell, avoiding skin problems can make life tougher. So, it’s better to start adopting these natural lifestyle habits than crying later when nothing can be done.

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