Health benefits of sleeping skin to skin with partner

There have been tons of studies lately that provide fantastic evidence on how sleeping with the skin to skin touch of partner can provide certain health benefits. Various researches also reveal that one in three adults sleep naked. The fact remains no surprise that sleeping skin to skin keeps you cooler and is actually good for our health. Here are some more tips that will make you shed off your clothes and sleep with maximum contact with your partner. Let’s get started:

It provides better sleep quality

provides better sleep quality

Not getting enough good sleep is often the route problems of many conditions. This can lead to bad weight, uncontrolled insomnia, and many other diseases. A good way to counter the problem is to remove all layers of clothes. This provides a reduction in the body temperature which is an important precursor for better sleep. To initiate sleep, we often require our core temperature to decrease by two to three degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, if you remove clothes and sleep with the skin to skin touch, you won’t even feel relaxed but will be able to get a sound night’s sleep.

Many pieces of evidence suggest how a bedroom temperature is a good value to aim for. Women who are facing their menses can sleep nude. This will helps them as they can share the temperature with their partner which will aid in good sleep. Changing and decreasing levels of estrogen in women can cause hot flashes of feelings of heat all over the body. This is countered by feeling cool as you remove your clothes. You may lose your bedtime attire and get cozy with your partner to initiate a deeper and restful sleep.

It can help you in sleeping faster

When you cuddle your partner and experience skin to skin touch, you tend to get excited at first and then your body feels tired. This allows your bodies to come into a resting position which helps you fall asleep faster. This is better as compared to sleeping alone as it keeps you active and your brain keeps on thinking even when you are in bed.

help you in sleeping faster

Usually, a person falls asleep in seven minutes. But as you remove your clothes, your body temperature falls and you fall asleep quicker. Being comfortable and in contact with the partner’s skin can help prevent those midnight wakeups. Also, the body clock is also regulated if you sleep this way. Also known as circadian rhythm, the body clock determines if you are ready to fall asleep and when is the right time to wake up. Bring in contact with your partner will make you feel drowsy quickly and you will fall asleep faster.

Prevention of diseases

As discussed above, sleeping with the skin to skin with a partner can help you live a longer and healthier life. There is an astonishing link between the duration of our sleep, the sleep quality and the quality of our health. Usually, people who sleep less than 6 hours a night can be three times more prone to developing conditions like strokes, heart problems, and diabetes.

It can help improve your occupational life

For many people, sleeping naked while cuddling your loved one can be a nice gesture of love. It relaxes your mind, gives you good sensations and makes you feel relaxed. You tend to forget about your entire day’s worries and you are submerged in a heavenly feeling. And the best part is that you will wake up relaxed and fresh. You will feel better about yourself as you are more able to gather confidence to do well in your career.

Sleep is essential if you wish to be successful in your job. With a restful sleep, you are giving rest to your brain. And you are able to concentrate more on work during the day time. This will make you more productive and you will boost your career.

It helps burn calories

sleep helps burn calories

When you sleep skin to skin with your partner, your body responds to the intimate touches. This makes your body move and slide in random motion. It helps burn calories. Also, going early to bed has health benefits such as control overweight. It can help you get a good physique. Keeping cool while you sleep by removing clothes can speed up the metabolism of your body. Hence, the body creates more brown fat in order to keep you and your partner warm. As the heat is produced, more calories are burnt that is good for weight loss.

Eliminates stress

Stress is the foremost reason why most of us face a lack of sleep or other problems such as headaches or high blood pressure. Stress can have life-threatening effects on our health and can increase the chance of onset of deadly diseases. Stress can also bring on depression while suppressing our immune systems.

remove stress

To reduce stress, you need to limit the production of cortisol which is the primary stress hormone in our body. Various researches have concluded that skin to skin touch with the partner during the night can help keep a control check on the production of cortisol. The process delivers good sleep duration and good quality sleep which maintain, reset and stabilize cortisol levels to a great extent.


Improving fertility

One may feel a lack of sex drive at some point of time in his or her life. The reasons may be many including time gap, lack of good diet, lack of exercise, etc. When you sleep skin to skin with a partner, you are in a way activating your fertility hormone. For males, testosterone and for females, estrogen levels increase with the skin to skin touch. For many couples, skin to skin touch is a good way to keep their inner senses active. This helps to increase infertility.

In males, scientists believe that if you sleep in boxers or shorts, you are capping your sperm production in a way and you might have fewer chances of having a baby. Also, men who are having higher temperatures in their testicles produce fewer sperms. And since sleeping naked decreases temperature the sperm production tends to increase.

Increase in the quality of sex life

Sleeping naked or experiencing skin to skin touch with your partner is not only good for health but your sex life as well. We can’t deny how foreplay plays an important role in keeping your sex life interesting and full of love. Sleeping skin to skin can be a part of the love act that couples show towards each other. This allows you to feel excited and you will have a healthier sex life.

A boost in confidence

Sleeping skin to skin with your partner will make you feel confident about yourself. Sometimes, we feel a lack of motivation and will power only because we don’t have the body we wanted. This makes us sad about our body image which is detrimental to the overall satisfaction levels in your life.

bost confidence

This has become a global phenomenon that is affecting the confidence levels of both men and women. The danger continues to grow as many artificial methods of making your body perfect has arrived.

But when you ditch your nightwear and sleep naked with the skin to skin touch with your partner, you can experience a greater life. You will feel satisfied with your life and the position you are in. this provokes a new level of satisfaction in your mind. You will get a more positive body image. This also results in a higher amount of self-esteem, studies say.

Helps in improving your relationship

When you are sleeping skin to skin with your partner it simply means that you both are in love. These acts can’t happen without feelings. Hence the method proves to be effective in improving the quality of your relationship. Sleeping this way encourages physical intimacy which is a good sign for your relationship goals.

Researches have shown how skin to skin contact releases oxytocin. This is a hormone that produces when you get good feelings of intimacy. The hormone helps solidify positive feelings towards people we already love. The method is overall good for your mental and physical health. Above all, it works well in helping to build an attachment to your partner.

Reduces the odds of infection

This goes especially for women. Besides feeling freer and more comfortable while sleeping skin to skin with your partner, they allow their genitals to breathe free. This is good for the region as it gets air and remains fresh all night long. The best part is that this helps eliminate the risk of infection in the genital areas of women.

We know how yeast and bacteria are more active in warm and dark places. This the reason why they cause infections in your panties so easily. But if you remove them during the night, you are providing your private part air conditioning that eliminates the chances of any attacks that would have led to infection.


There are plenty of more health benefits of sleeping skin to skin with a partner. Many of those come from the fact that you are actually sleeping naked which is good for our body. The method can be used by any couple, regardless of their age or behavior. Sleeping this way has shown to increase our immune response as well. Many couples who are facing depression in their lives often take to this method and feel better. The sleeping pattern is ideal not for just our physical health, but for our mental health as well. Also, it helps increase the quality of our sex life, which is very important to stay happy in our life.

Hope this blog brings some new insights to be jotted down in your daily diary. Do let us know your views in the comments section.

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