Happiness and sorrows are part of our lifetime.  While we can get the courage to face the situation, we simply cannot avoid them. Ones who become accustomed to this irony of life, tend to become strong. While others fall prey to certain problems such as depression, lack of confidence and even symptoms suicidal depression.

When are engaged in a scenario, we often feel like it is the end of our life. For people who are too sensitive and mentally ill, the problems become mountains that are hard to cross. Gradually, the problem conjures the consciousness of the subject and keeps dragging him down towards the space of depression. At last, a time comes, when our life becomes a problem. This gives rise to suicidal thoughts. In these situations, giving up living appears much better than living a hell of a life.

But suicidal thoughts are simply a creation of our mental status. Nothing is too bad or too good in this life. Its all in our head and suicidal thoughts are simply the result of negative thinking and too much depression.

Who is prone to suicidal thoughts

Scientists believe that suicidal thoughts and symptoms of suicidal depression are seen mostly in people undergoing stress and depression. Majority of cases have the tendency to be treated. However, in some other cases, the individual is at risk of attempting or ending his life with suicide.

People who get suicidal thoughts do not carry the disease their entire life. A person having suicidal thought should immediately ask for help. If your friend or a loved one is suffering from such a mentality, you should take measures to protect and help them.

Some facts

Before venturing into the depths of suicide and mental illness, let’s take a look at some hefty facts:

  • If a person is carrying suicide warning signs, it might be the case that he won’t carry it long enough or his entire life
  • People who are having a family history of mental illness are highly susceptible to develop suicidal depression
  • various causes of suicide thoughts may vary from anxiety, depression, anorexia, substance abuse and even eating disorders.
  • there are certain social bodies created to help people get rid of suicidal thoughts with immediate help and assistance

Suicide warning signs and symptoms

Unlike any other mental disorders, the warning signs might differ for every individual. People might develop such deadly thoughts due to their own circumstances. Since the problems vary and depend on financial condition, living atmosphere or emotional stress, the signs also vary. However, there are a few common symptoms that can be recognized. These include:

  • Experiencing emotional stress
  • experiencing a feeling of hopelessness
  • Feeling as if trapped somewhere
  • Experiencing mood swings
  • Becoming happy or sad without a reason
  • Having an abnormal preoccupation with dying, death or any other such violence.
  • Thinking constantly about revenge
  • Having the feeling of guilt, happiness or sadness to an extreme level
  • Facing high measures of anxiety
  • Feeling agitated without any reason
  • Going through split personalities
  • Experiencing the change in sleeping patterns
  • Experiencing changes in daily routine
  • Engaging in extreme smoking or drug intake
  • Engaging in risky behaviors such as over-speeding
  • Facing suddenly increased isolation
  • Getting hands on weapons such as harmful medications or guns
  • Feeling depression attacks or panic attacks
  • Going through impaired concentration
  • Getting a feeling of being a burden to others
  • Experiencing a phenomenon called psychomotor agitation. This may include pacing in a small area, removing clothing and putting them back and wringing hands.
  • Constantly saying the last bye to everyone as if the life is going to end soon
  • Facing an inability to experience emotions and pleasures of life. Having problems in normal activities such as exercising, social interaction, eating or getting intimate with a partner
  • Experiencing repent and criticism
  • Constantly thinking about ending life or talking about not ever been born

While all of these suicide warning signs can be common, the detection can be equally hard. This is because the patient might hide these symptoms until they reach to a great level. people often keep such behavior changes to themselves.

Reason for suicide and mental illness

Usually, the cause of suicidal thoughts is the feeling of not being able to cope up with a problematic situation. The severity of such a situation is usually overwhelming. The reasons for the situation might be due to:

  • financial crisis
  • love or emotional trauma
  • a loss of someone
  • an accident
  • robbery or theft
  • a broken relationship
  • a devastating illness
  • natural calamity
  • losing a loved one

The suicidal thoughts may also root from reasons such as grief, financial issues, remorse, breakup, unemployment, grief, violence or sexual abuse.

There is also family history which can act like some other risk factors involved in the situation. One can get suicidal mental illness if the family has a history of

  • substance abuse
  • violence
  • sexual abuse
  • suicide
  • hopelessness
  • loneliness
  • mental disorder
  • being gay with no support
  • law problems
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • children having disciplinary problems
  • children with social or bully or any other school problems
  • having a psychiatric disorder
  • prone to awkward or impulsive attitude
  • having a gun
  • facing insomnia
  • knowing someone having suicidal thoughts problem

Besides these factors, the suicidal thoughts can also arise due to some genetic disorder such as bipolar disorder, anorexia nervosa, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, panic disorder, major depressive disorder, gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder, adjustment problem, dissociative identity syndrome, panic problem, schizophrenia, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

People usually observe that ones having the risk of suicidal ideation are having a family history of suicidal thoughts.

Suicide prevention and cure

After learning the signs of suicidal thoughts, the prevention part is equally important. Family, as well as friends, may notice a change in behavior with persons developing this illness. They can help to talk to the person and giving him counseling on how important one’s life is. There are certain points you can keep in mind while talking to a person prone to suicidal mental illness:

  • Ask the patient if he is thinking about suicide all the time. When you discuss the issue, the chances reduce
  • You should stay around such people to keep them safe. A person may also help further by removing means of suicide or other harmful life taking items such as knives. One can also lock windows and remove fans when possible
  • You may also help by listening patiently to the person facing suicidal thoughts. Talking help them reveal their thinking and might calm them down
  • One can make such people happy by being there for him in times of problems
  • One can follow them up with any crisis that has occurred in their life. This will reduce the onset of suicidal thoughts.

Above all, always keep in touch with such people by making calls constantly. This will help them feel that there is someone to help them out.


Suicide prevention is not a big deal. All you need to do is to recognize the behavior and make a plan to avoid such low-life events. Above all, we should always remember that we are lucky to be born as the most intelligent species on the planet-the humans. When we don’t have to give life to anyone, we should not be allowed to take anyone’s life including your own. Suicide is even regarded as a crime in most countries of the world.

When a person commits suicide, he is not the one who suffers, the sufferers are those who are left behind. His family members or friends are the ones who suffer the most. Hence, suicide is always an evil thing to do and everyone should stay away from its thoughts. With these thoughts, we hope that you stay safe and always keep up the spirits not to fall prey to suicidal thoughts.

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