Stress Management

Who doesn’t feel stressed?…

Senses for Stress Management

You might do not have time to exercise.  Or even have a good massage session to relieve your stress.

The good news is: You still can handle it. senses are the magnificent gifts that can relieve us. Only with professional management and self-encouragement, you will have a better mood.

5 Senses for Stress Management

#1 Taste Sense

Come on… do not tell me that tasty food does not count for you.

Scientifically, it was proven that food elevates your mood instantly. Especially, those enriched with tryptophan amino acids, such as chocolates, banana, nuts, and many others. Because they Increase serotonin levels. Which is; a hormone that is responsible for maintaining a good mood.

So, let’s start now. Order your favorite sandwich or cook your preferable meal. And do not forget: close your eyes, chew slowly and feel the delightful taste.

Do you know why? …. Let me tell you at the end 😉.

#2 Touch Sense

Touch Sense for Stress Management

What is the secret behind the rocking chair or a comfortable sofa in the psychiatrist’s room?

Comfortable clothes, surrounding temperature and whatever we sit on affect our psychological state to a great extent.

Although it seems sarcastic, it really works. Especially for emotional touches. Try to ask your beloved ones to give you a hug.

#3 Smell Sense

thanks for AromatherapyAromatherapy is one of the well-known meditations for stress relief.

Perfuming yourself with any odor you like, can perfectly change your mood upside down.

There are some scents are known for meditation such as holy basil; which comes at the top scents. Because it is categorized as an “adaptation herb”. It manipulates your brain to adjust you for a better mental state.

#4 Vision Sense

Vision Sense for Stress Management

Have you ever tried to use your site for a better mood?

A meditation called visualization was recently introduced to the science field. It uses mental images that take you to calm and peaceful places or even a journey.


Recent studies proved that; using your eyes to look at blue and green colors relieve your stress problems. Because they call for natural beauty.

You can try it on your own. Head a memorable place to you. if you have the chance, try to walk on the beach. At least, think about sitting in a green park. You will certainly feel better.

#5 Hearing Sense

Hearing Sense to manage stress

Yes, it matters… several studies proved that; hearing sense has a direct effect on your temper.

For example: listening to your favorite song will distract you from your issues. If you like instruments, turn on one of your adorable music pieces.

Here comes the final part: Do you know why blind people have a good hearing sense?

Because normal people body automatically distribute their overall potential to their 5 senses.

If you lost one sense, inner energy will equally spread to the remaining 4 senses; amplifying each one of them. Did you get it now?

Also, if you mix 2 senses together, you will feel much comforted. for example, you can watch a favorite movie in the dim light like a cinema hall. Or, you can go to your favorite restaurant to smell the cooked food, while eating your favorite dish.

Five tips to help manage stress

Important tip: whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Try to stay calm, consider talking less and try not to take advice from untrusted persons.

Wrong people might reach your mind easily when you are tensioned.

And keep in mind that: Everything might change in a blink of an eye. So, Smile. because life has multiple reasons to be grateful for.

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