When we meet people, we are attracted to one or more facial parts. This is human nature that we tend to develop a focal point when talking to someone so that we are comfortable in conversing. This may include eyes, cheeks, nose or lips. According to research, for most people, the focal point is the lips of the person they are conversing it. Thus, it is all the more important to take care of lips and caring naturally for your lips is wonderful.

Lips are one of the most beautiful and the most delicate features that God has provided us. During summers, our lips tend to get chapped due to the harmful rays of the sun. A sense of dryness attacks our skin during summers and the first thing that gets affected is our lips. Now, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make our lips look good and healthy in every season. There are numerous lip balms and lip moisturizers available today. But, none of them provides an instant and everlasting solution to this problem. Lips should be treated by chemical-free and natural products, as they will not cause any reaction to the lips and heal them effectively.

Why lip care is essential

Our lips have the thinnest vessels out of any organs in our body. The blood flows through these tiny skinny vessels which give our lips its pink or red color. Lips also have fewer oil glands and hence are unable to filter sun rays with our naturally producing melanin. They have no protection of their own. This leads to problems such as chapped lips in winter and dry lips in summers.

Drinking lots of water

Just as your skin needs lots of hydration from inside, your lips also need water to stay alive and gorgeous. Drinking lots of water can help keep your lips moist and healthy. Water is essential and acts as the most natural way of keeping our skin and body hydrated. The dehydration caused in extreme weather can lead to chapped lips. This can be avoided if you drink at least 10 glasses of water every day.

Drinking lots of water

When we drink water, usually a few drops are left on our lips when we sip it. These can linger on your lips while maintaining the fluid balance. This way, your lips stay moist and hydrated. Drinking more fluids during winter is recommended as the cold air can take away the moisture out of the lips.

While drinking water is a straight shot for better lips, you can also try other methods when you are unable to take plenty of water. You can take help from humidifiers in bedrooms, living rooms or offices. This equipment can restore the moisture in the air which can keep our skin moist including lips. These also help get rid of allergens that can cause infection of our lips.

Using lip balms

Cosmetics like lip balms are made for a reason- to prevent our lips from drying out. But nowadays, there are so many options in the market that you can’t ignore buying one for your daily use. Be it a natural one, an artificial one, a jelly or simply a balm for soothing skin, lip balms have become an important accessory for your cosmetic bag.

When looking for lip balms, the most you can do is to get the ones with natural ingredients. These include aloe vera gels, shea butter, rose extracts, glycerin and many more. You may avoid ones with artificial colors or protectants. You may choose ayurvedic preparations as they are chemical-free. Since lip-balms typically provide moisture for 8-10 hours, you may need to apply them only twice or thrice a day. You can keep the small cosmetic in your pocket and apply when you feel dry.

Nowadays, lip balms are available for men, women, adults, and kids. It is a good practice to use these in extreme climate. Also, you should avoid consuming lip balms, though they are oral friendly.

Lip balms also help soothe your lips while locking the moisture in the veins of the lips. These work by adding a layer of protection over the surface of your lips. This protects them from cold and hot or humid air. They also give moisture to chapped lips in different seasons. Various lip balms also contain the SPF or sun protection factor that avoid harmful sun rays’ impact on our lips surface for a longer time.

Almond and lemon oil

Almond and lemon are perfect as a skin brightening agent for our lips. Lemon oil is a natural bleaching agent that also acts as a skin toner. It is safer to use and is suitable for every type of lips. Lemon and almond oil can act as an effective way to recover your lips from skin damage as it lightens them naturally.

Almond and lemon oil

Almond oil specifically is a great moisturizer that can do wonders for keeping your lips hydrated. Sweet almonds oil hydrates your lips from within and helps improve their complexion up to an extent.

To use these natural products, you should squeeze lemon juice and add sweet almond oil to it. The quantity may depend on the amount you wish to use. Mix the two ingredients nicely and then massage them onto your lips for 2 minutes. You can also leave the mixture overnight for better results.



If you wish to get rid of cracked lips the easier way, nothing can beat the effects of glycerin. Made from rose extracts, the product does not only soften our lips but also fill in cracks making them look shinier and better. It has moisturizing properties that can help moist our lips especially in the winter season. A unique benefit of using glycerin is that it also makes your lips red. If you have dark lips due to smoking or any other reason, you may look to apply glycerine that will give your lips a reddish shade. The product does make a difference in a short amount of time.

Glycerin for lips care

Glycerin also helps avoid flaking and bleeding of lips. When your lips are not moist for a long time or when you do not care for them, they might become flaked in which a hard layer of skin might be formed on those red vessels. The situation may become so worse that your lips may bleed. But glycerin can help avoid this problem. Within a couple of days, it can get rid of flaking and bleeding. Furthermore, glycerin can help prevent the signs of aging. Aging or premature aging can not only affect our skin but our lips as well. You might be able to see fine lines or blemishes on lips. Glycerin can help with this condition as well.

Some other unknown uses include:

  • It helps reduce irritation when your lips become extremely dry. Glycerin can cure this problem so that it never happens again.
  • Glycerin is also effective in treating cold sores and mouth ulcers. It is oral friendly and is present as the main ingredient in several medicated ointments.
  • It can also help reduce skin pigmentation. Your lips might become pigmented due to aging or sun exposure. Glycerin helps reduce such symptoms effectively.
  • Glycerin removes dead skin off your lips. This is best done by leaving glycerin on your lips overnight. When your dead skin is removed regularly. your lips get new skin making them look fresh and healthy
  • Glycerin is always making your lips healthy. It softens and moist our lips while avoiding dryness. It even prevents various problems like drying or flaking, thus making the lips healthy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential oil that is used for a variety of beauty purposes. You can see it being used in beauty parlors, for hair spa and washes, for skin glowing treatment and for overall wellness. Vitamin E is also good for our lips. This is because it contains nutrients that increase the moisture of our lips, thereby making them good to look at.

The most popular use of vitamin E is for the treatment of chapped lips. Various lip balms contain this oil to give better effects to our lips. Nowadays, various lipsticks and beauty products for lips also contain Vitamin E. It acts as an antioxidant as well as a natural conditioner. It even possesses protective properties that can help protect your lips from sun damage. Vitamin E oil is used for speeding up wound healing in our bodies. This means that cracked or flaked lips can heal quickly with this essential nutrient.

Vitamin E is used for treating irritated lips. They are takin in the form of capsules. However, they are also available in oil form or can be applied as creams or ointments.

On a concluding note

Earlier, no one concentrated much on making lips beautiful. But nowadays, various pollutants and bad quality of weather have degraded the quality of our lips. The daily commute and scorching heat, thanks to the increasing earth temperature are bad for our lips and skin. Hence, lip care is the need of the hour. As our skin is subjected to tough conditions, we need to adopt new remedies to take care of our delicate lips.

Another important thing is that nowadays, having nice lips has become a part of a good personality. Various actors, models or even working professionals looking to take care of their lips so that they present a good impression. Various people even undergo cosmetic surgeries to get a good pair of lips. They also use various balms and applicants to make their lips stand out in their overall physical appearance. However, if you use our methods, you will always have gorgeous lips and won’t be needing any treatments. While this means the regular applications of natural ingredients described above, you also need to take some precautions. This includes:

  • Drinking lots of water daily, especially during summers
  • Avoiding smoking or coming near an area where too much smoke is present
  • Always wearing sun protection like sunscreen when going out in direct sunlight
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Use only branded cosmetics on lips including good quality lip balms, lipsticks, glosses, and shades
  • Take nutrient-rich diet
  • Drink lots of juices and consume fruits containing high-quality water content
  • Exfoliate your lips once a day. You may do this with a soft brush or with a lip scrubber
  • Use products rich in shea butter, cocoa butter or vitamin E content
  • Moisturize your lips with aloe Veera or glycerin
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