Reduce Wrinkles with these simple home remedies

Wrinkles are basically folds, ridges or creases in our facial skin. These start appearing as a natural aging process. However, one can also get wrinkles if his or her skin is suspected to be deprived of water for a long time period. The first wrinkles that occur on our faces are due to facial expression. But, as we age, wrinkles form a part of our skin. No one likes the occurrence of these folds and hence, everyone looks for great remedies to cure this problem. So what is the cause and how to reduce wrinkles with home remedies?

The root causes of wrinkles can be medication use, sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, and several other environmental factors. Some people even get wrinkles as a genetic factor.

Wrinkles can also appear in other parts of our body besides face. It can appear in our face, neck, and arms and back of hands. Mostly, people do not like the appearance of wrinkles as these show your aging process. Hence, there has been researching remedies to treat wrinkles. Some may opt for medications or therapies while others look for natural remedies.

What causes wrinkles?

When we talk about the causes of wrinkles, there can be more than one factor behind it. As we know people get wrinkles as they age older. This is because the skin becomes thinner and drier. It further becomes elastic and is not able to bear damage from external factors. This results in lines, creases, and wrinkles on the skin.

In some cases, facial expressions such as repeated frowning, smiling or squinting can also lead to wrinkles. These may even start appearing at a younger age. When we use our facial muscles, a groove is formed under the surface of the skin. If you are young, this groove comes back to normal as skin springs back. But when you get older, the skin loses its tenderness and elasticity. Hence, it is not able to spin back which results in permanent creases on our face.

Result-oriented home remedies for wrinkles

Lemon for wrinkles

Lemon, as we all know, has been an active important ingredient in a plethora of home remedies. Be it removal of pimple or simply the process of getting glowing skin, lemon works well with every skin regime. This is also the same in getting rid of wrinkles or laugh lines. Lemon works as it rejuvenates our skin by removing all types of dead skin cells. This helps a good regrowth of skin which can reduce lines and wrinkles. Lemon also clears up marks or blemishes. It is used as an anti-aging product in reducing age spots. This means that it can make a difference in getting rid of wrinkles.

lemon for wrinkle

For better, results, experts suggest that the use of clear lemon or lemon juice is far better than the bottled variations. Bottled lemon juice often contains preservatives and artificial ingredients that may damage our skin. Another thing to note here is that lemon juice should be used in dilation and it can dry out our skin when used alone.

How it works

Lemon juice is full of natural citric acid. This acid is a wonderful agent to counteract bacteria. The acid removes dead skin cells from our facial skin. As it combats bacteria, it helps make our skin flawless. The citric acid in lemon reduces dead skin cells from our face. It is making the way for new cells to grow more rapidly. When the new cells replace the old, you leave no room for wrinkles. As the skin cells are forming, again and again, your face looks younger without wrinkles.

To use lemon juice, simply squeeze out 2 or 3 tablespoons of fresh juice and then apply it over your face with a cotton swab. You may also include other elements such as honey, Aloe Vera, coffee, etc. If you have sensitive skin, you should not use the treatment more than two times a week. Also, since, lemon can be highly acidic, make sure that you use a proper moisturizer to keep the health and glow of your skin intact. For highly sensitive skin, lemon juice should be applied only in the area where wrinkles are present.

Jaifal or nutmeg to reduce wrinkles naturally

Nutmeg is usually a fruit that is used in various food preparations such as chocolate shakes or coffee. The spice can prove to be beneficial for wrinkles. Furthermore, the aromatic essence of this product can even make it more desirable. Nutmeg is also used for hair fixing procedures as it is known to increase the volume of your fairs. But the skin benefits are something we are going to concentrate on.

Jaifal or nutmeg

Nutmeg is a super skin-food as it offers its known antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The spice also shows antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for our skin. It can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, premature aging, acne, and blemishes.

Nutmeg usually works best if you simply add a pinch or two in your regular meals. The spice detoxifies your body and helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin which reduces wrinkles occurrence. Nutmeg contains anti-aging properties as it promotes circulation while fighting free radicles. It prevents fine lines and wrinkles on our skin.

Nutmeg face mask

To apply nutmeg for wrinkles, you can make things simple by the anti-aging nutmeg face mask. To prepare it, simply prepare a mixture with one teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of plain yogurt, one of lemon juice, a pinch of ground cinnamon and another pinch of ground nutmeg. Simply mix the ingredients and prepare a uniform mixture. Apply the mask on your skin and cover the areas where wrinkles are present. Make sure that you do not touch-sensitive areas such as eyes, ears or lips. Let the mask dry for 15 minutes and then wash with warm water. Pat dry and see the difference.

Dal chini powder/cinnamon to reduce wrinkles

Hailing from the rich lands of India, cinnamon or Dal Chini powder is a spice whose mesmerizing aroma cannot be ignored. The powder is used to add flavor and essence in various food preparations. But its benefits go well beyond that, yes, it can be used to treat various skin disorders including wrinkles. The best thing about cinnamon is that it can be used in various forms. It can be used as an oil, powder or even as a mask.


We know that when we age, our skin starts breaking down collagen. This leads to several prominent signs of aging including the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. But, cinnamon simply boosts the production of collagen in our body. This will keep our skin healthy for a longer period of time.  This slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cinnamon powder also stimulates blood vessels and hence enhances the blood circulation in our facial blood vessels.

Cinnamon benefits for skin

cinnamon for wrinkle

You can use this beneficial spice with cinnamon oil which is the safest form. Simply start by mixing 2 or 3 drops of cinnamon oil to 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You can also use petroleum jelly here. Blend the mixture to make a paste. Apply this mixture to your face evenly. Make sure that you avoid contact with eyes. Leave the mask to dry for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply the mask twice or thrice in a week for better results.

Reduce Wrinkles with Honey

If you wish to go for a natural and safe process for slowly getting rid of wrinkles, then honey is the safest option. Honey is easy to use and can be found easily in any home. This is an inexpensive product and application is very easy. The reason why honey works so well is that it contains various nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These work well for your skin and can make it look even and soft for a longer time.

honey for wrinkle

Honey also contains strong anti-bacterial properties that help provide anti-aging properties. Honey also acts as a natural cleanser for all types of skin. It is also used as a natural skin moisturizer and lubricant.

Uses of honey

  • It is a great antifungal agent that counters the debris on the skin formed by dust accumulation. It cleanses the clogged pores that are responsible for breakouts on our faces.
  • Skin is a natural sugar that has safe enzymes that can promote the functionality of the cells of your skin.
  • Honey preserves the pH of our skin. This helps in preserving skin oils which means it also acts as a moisturizing agent. Honey also prevents the extra accumulation of oil under our glands.
  • Honey is a natural cleanser as it removes dirt and clears the skin without making it too much dry.
  • It fights inflammation and prevents irritation and redness that is a common phenomenon of our skin.
  • Honey also reduces pimple and acne as it fights certain types of bacteria.
  • It helps remove the dead cells of our skin and promotes the growth of new skin cells.

If you wish to sue honey application for wrinkles, you can simply use the raw version with the help of cotton balls. Another option is to simply prepare a mask by using a mild cleansing agent with honey. This can be left over for the whole night. Honey can be used as an impact making ingredient in various types of anti-aging masks. This can include a lemon mask or any other natural product. Honey elevates the properties of natural anti-aging elements.


Aging is a process that cannot be avoided. But, if it starts early, one needs to have a backup plan. Say if you start getting wrinkles before the 30s, then it’s a matter of concern. Wrinkles are not bad if they occur with age. But when they act as a sign of premature aging, then you need to look for problems. And using natural methods is the best solution out of the problem.

When you use natural anti-wrinkle remedies, you get to observe the changes without any side effects. This is much better as opposed to other drugs and medications available in the market. Those come with dreadful side effects, not to mention the long term harmful effects on our body. The other options include facial procedures like laser treatment or dermabrasion. These are not only costly but harmful to our skin as well. Also, the chances of success are not 100 %. In such cases, using natural remedies is the best method.

Concluding, here are few facts about wrinkles you might find interesting:
  • There are two types of wrinkles including dynamic and static. Dynamic ones appear when facial muscles are used for expressions. Static wrinkles are ones that develop as our skin gets old with time
  • One can develop wrinkles even if you are driving in the car. This is because the window is not able to protect yours from UV rays. These rays cause the quick onset of wrinkles before time.
  • Wrinkles can also be caused by skin-damaging habits such as smoking. Nicotine simply is bad for our skin as it deprives it of oxygen which makes it age before time. Smoking can increase the occurrence of wrinkles on our face.
  • Wrinkles can also lead to various vision problems. Many people get a problem in their eyesight on the occurrence of wrinkles. Also, repeated contraction of your eye muscles can lead to wrinkles. This is a two-way connection that is scientifically proven. Also, if you improve your eyesight, you may soften the wrinkles on your face.
  • Poor diet is also a leading factor in the appearance of wrinkles. If you are consuming excessive sugar, the skin protein fiber including collagen becomes stiff which causes wrinkled. Avoiding sugary foods and consuming a nutrient-rich balanced diet can help in the repair and protection of your skin.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading home remedies for wrinkles and relating to our piece of information. If you have any queries, discussion or any incident to tell, do let us know in the comment section.

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