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Have you ever faced a scenario when you are trying to fasten your jeans and realize how tough it is? You would then realize that you have put on extra fat. But what about the fitness regime you followed last month? Needless to say, a life-altering mindset hack is deemed so that the weight loss lasts forever. So, before you get down to those fats and try to losing weight,  you should take a closer look at the mindset techniques we have to offer.

No, we won’t be offering any sorts of medications or regime solutions. We won’t even pose severe restrictions techniques. The idea is to simply get your mind right with right thinking in mind.

Concentrate on a better life

If you are looking to get the holy grail of staying fit and maintaining weight loss, the answer is by simply nourishing a better life. Imagine a place with natural elements. Imagine how would you feel in comfortable clothes. Wouldnt you feel rejuvenated if you have more energy or if you sleep better? Would life be better if you laugh more and be happier than ever? You can be a better parent, a lover, a spouse, a son or a daughter. If you can improve your life, you can change your lifestyle.

Concentrate on a better life

When you start your plan on losing weight, you should envision yourself as a healthier person. One who takes pride in what he does while enjoying the energy nature bestows on us. You should envision a better life where you are able to run and meet people without feeling embarrassed. The idea here is to think positive about life and become energetic.

This will help you in becoming energetic which will result in regular participation in exercise. Due to this, you will not gain weight as you will be interested in working out regularly. Changing your habits can be difficult if you think about trying out something new. If you envision something better, you can look forward to something and work towards it, including your lasting weight loss goals.

Practice the goal-shifting game

We often make being thin our prime goal. We do extra efforts to get thin and lose weight. But what happens when we reach the ultimate goal? We tend to think that the work is over and become relaxed. This acts as an ultimatum for problems to come again including weight gain. You should take weight loss as a result of your goal, but it should not be the goal itself. Instead, you should practice setting small goals. You should concentrate on sustainable things on which you can get full control. You may look to set goals about avoiding junk for a week.

You might set the aim of consuming fruits and vegetables diet during a day. When a goal is met, you can then set another goal. These tiny goals are easily achievable and hence can be replaced by other small sets of goals. Keep a checklist and tick the ones you are done with.

Give your breath a brake

It is almost a perfect idea to take a break before beginning any vigorous thing. Taking break not only help us devise out our goal in mind but also gives us that boost required to go further. When you are starting a lasting weight loss workout, taking a few minutes break in the beginning might be an uncomparable idea. You may simply take a break at the start of your day. Concentrate on your breathing and then focus on slowing down. This way, you can concentrate on your intentions. You will be able to better connect with your body. You may even lower your body’s stress response.

Give your breath a brake

A good exercise to take a break with breathing is to lay on your back and extend your legs. Then, place one hand on the stomach and other on the chest. Now, breathe through the nose for 4 to 5 seconds. As you breathe in, hold the air for two seconds and then slowly exhale the breath counting up to 5. With each second, your hand places on the stomach should rise and fall. You can then think about all the good deeds or think nothing at all. This is a peaceful break that will help you relax and rejuvenate your mind every day. When you do this, you will get the courage to keep up the thinking going all again.

Talk to yourself

Self-motivation and self-talk work wonders in the fitness programs. It’s you and your body that is struggling against time to achieve the body you always wished for. Hence, you should talk to yourself so as to get motivation for a long-lasting fitness regime. When you teach yourself positive talks, you will start to witness a change. You will think more about the better side of things. You might also apply this habit to other areas of life and achieve success. When you talk, you tend to envision a healthy lifestyle that is free from obesity. You can talk about your body, your goals, your beauty and even about the events occurring in life. You should never be hard n  yourself. You should respect yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Self-talking also helps in analyzing problems of failure or when you are not able to achieve something on the given day. You can then note what was lacking and then strategize your further schedule accordingly. A good practice is to ask yourself what was lacking, where did it go wrong and what could be done to make things better.

Learn to look for solutions, not excuses

Focusing on solutions is a mindful strategy that can act as a helping hand in your journey to thin. Excuses trap us when we are afraid to fail. How many times you have said to yourself ‘I can’t go to the gym as I’m not in a good mood’. Maybe plenty. This is a sheer excuse obstructing your way. Excuses allow us to simply give up or stop trying. You should give yourself permission to fail while eradicating excuses out of your lasting weight loss schedule. Always remember that it is ok to fail and you will learn after failing many times.

Learn to look for solutions

When you are not in the mood to run or jog or exercise, it is always best to simply face the situation. You should not trick your brain and admit that you are unwilling to do the task. Once you acknowledge something to yourself, it is tough to change it. Holding yourself accountable always helps to keep the thoughts in one place. Imagine when you are not ready to lose weight. The truth is that you are not ready to change. But you then alter your mindset and look for excuses. You might think of being fit and handsome, but in reality, you love living a comfortable lazy life with less energy. Hence, in spite of stepping out of your comfort zone, you start looking for excuses.


The simple way out of the excuse quandary is to look for solutions. If you are sick, you may rest a bit and then go to the gym. If you are feeling lazy, try listening to music and then getting up refreshed. There are endless opportunities to find a solution to every excuse. You should have a positive mindset to tame the situations which will affect your lasting weight loss regime.

Don’t get wrapped up in a timeline

When you plan on getting thin, you should never be dependent on the time period. This includes throwing up the calendar and discarding those timely reminders. There is no high or low in a fitness regime. When you plan on taking 500 steps in one hour, you might forge ahead and take 800 at the same time. This happens when you don’t have a time limit. On the contrary, your body tends to work in a limited manner if you set a timeline.

Here, patience is the key to losing weight effectively. This helps you overcome obesity in a sustainable manner. When you concentrate on meeting actionable goals, you should never look to get trapped in a timeline of fitness goals. You should believe that every hour is a chance to succeed and progress ahead.

Keep no room for rewards and punishments

When you make a good healthy choice, you are basically practicing self-care. While food is never a reward, exercise should never be thought of as a punishment. Instead, these are the ways through which you care for your body. You can get a feeling of best when you do these as a part of daily lifestyle. And always remember that you deserve both to stay healthy.

Keep no room for rewards and punishments

Also, rewarding can be an easy way to help yourself get a boost with morale and motivation, given that its done right. You may give yourself free time on reaching a specific goal. This will always help to collect self-confidence and continue lasting  weight loss with more conviction.

Get hold of trouble and obstructions

The most dangerous obstruction in your weight loss programs lies in your trouble thoughts in head. Make a habit of identifying these troubling thoughts. This can be identical to your internal consciousness or cravings when you are stressed. You can avoid them by saying ‘enough’ to yourself. This might be too silly to try but it does work. It can break your negative thought chain. You may then allow yourself to introduce some new and positive imagery thoughts. You can also count in your mind until the destructive thoughts go away. The troubled thoughts are usually obstructions in your weight loss programs and if you learn to side them away, you can stay focused and motivated.

Keep the focus on what you can achieve

Imagine stepping in a gym and focusing a goal on doing 100 situps in 15 minutes. Or vision running for miles in an hour. This seems impossible but moreover, it is a silly thing to tell yourself. This takes us to our next point of how focusing on things you can achieve is always helpful. A good goal might be tough and allow you to go that extra mile, but is always achievable. This can be compared to when you are trying to cook something healthy. You can add good ingredients, prepare it well, but you can’t expect to cook an all-new recipe every time you enter the kitchen. You can always take the help of a delivery boy to get something new and good for your liking.

While goal setting helps you to lose weight, you should not set a goal that is far away from your reach. You should not compare your fitness regime to others as every person has a different body, stamina, and strength. Moreover, you do not know what the person has gone through. Hence, you should analyze your own fitness and then set goals. once you achieve a goal, you should then look for the other goal which might be the next step to something you have already conquered.

In the end, cope up and then succeed

it is a universal fact that our lasting weight loss problems arise when we react emotionally to stress. And if you don’t believe this, remember why you crave chocolate or cheeseburger when you are not in a bad mood. Remind yourself why you ordered your favorite pizza last time, probably on a day that is going bad. When you are occupied with a busy schedule you tend to gain more weight. This is the same when you are tensed or stressed about something in a continuous manner. Stress not only makes you fat but also objects in your weight loss schedules.

So what can be the way out?  Once you decide to lead the path to get thin, it might be a chance that life becomes tougher. Actually, it’s not life becoming had, but you are making way against the odds. This can be hard but as you progress you will make way towards a stress-free course of life. We know that life cannot be perfect. Hence, if you struggle, you have the opportunity to cope up and emerge strong every time. You can create your own coping strategies. This shall help you succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle. You will then easily lose weight and overcome challenges life is throwing at you.


Having the right mindset is the root cause of getting success in lasting weight loss programs. This can help in managing stress which is the main cause of failures. You can take an instance of meal planning here. You can use the meal planning to have food ready to be consumed during the week even if you are busy with work and activities. Exercise will keep you motivated in the process.

In a nutshell, all of the mindsets are related to positive thinking. Life simply becomes happy and healthy if you start thinking in an optimistic way. If you wish to experience success in your weight loss program, you should change the mindset towards a positive path. You can then envision a better life. You can make plans believe to do it, set goals, walk on the desired path and take action when required. You can then be the person you always wish to be. And thereafter, you can lose weight and sustain it for life to come.

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