You can Exercise and Gain Weight at the same time.

Do you wonder how is that?

Exercises for weight gain

5 Fabulous Exercises for Gaining Weight


Let’s start with our #5juicy tips on how to use exercise as a weight gaining mechanism while causing no harm to your body. And here they come.

Before you start, you need to Set Up properly: Despite most people consider Push-ups as an exercise for losing weight, Researches proved that; push-ups are highly efficient for gaining weight. Though it is difficult, the result you get from push-ups does worth it.  If your weight gain is required for a specific area of your body, specifically the Upper Region of your body. Then making push-ups habitual and been dedicated will give you an Amazing Result.

  • LieDown on your Abdomen and Stretch all your body including legs, Arms, and Head.Push up
  • Start to Lift your Upper Body using your Hands. And make sure that your Chest is in a Straight Line with your arm and hand parts, and Right Angled to the Floor.
  • For your legs you can do either one for 2 things: if you are an Athlete; lift the lower body with your Leg-Toes. If you are a Beginner; lift your lower body with your Knees and Cross your Sternum.
  • Your Head must be in a Straight Line with your Body to avoid Neck Injuries.

Now, you can start the exercise by Bending and Stretching you’re your upper body as if you are pushing the ground. Make sure to Engage your Core exercising for the perfect result.


Do you know why our mums usually bring Food when we go to the Beach😊?


Because, Swimming works by aggravating your Appetite, making you consume more food which leads to high calorie-intake.

Thus, Swimming is another effective way to gain weight. Being consistent and diligent with the whole procedure will provide you with your desired result in no time.


Jog is considered a superb form of Cardiovascular exercise.


 How Manipulative Is It? You can either lose much weight through Jogging or gaining much weight and the trick is your Heart Rate😉. In our case, you need to jog Lightly, so that you Do Not reach the Fat Burning Zone. You will only encourage your body to elevate its Metabolism and improve your Appetite and allow you to consume more protein. thus, your muscle gains more mass.


If you are looking forward to gaining weight in specific areas of your body such as your Hips, Quadriceps, and Calves. Squatting is an excellent exercise for that.Squats

The process involves you placing your feet in such a way that; it is Slightly Higher than the Shoulder Width apart. Slowly Descend by Bending through the Hips, Knees, and Ankle and repeat


  1. Your Back should be at a Neutral position to prevent Back Injury.
  2. Keep your Knee and Leg ToesAlways in a straight line to prevent knee Injuries.


Are you wondering how yoga can make you gain weight?Yoga

Do not underestimate such an exercise. You still do not know what it does😉. First, you need to learn the precise and correct pattern of breathing; you shall Inhale 2 consecutive times from your Nose, and Exhale 2 consecutive times from your Mouth. Studies confirmed that; This gentle, relaxing form of exercise support Mental, Spiritual and Physical Development. Also, it helps you renew your Appetite for more food. It brings you Peace and a Relaxed Mind; and when you reach that phase, your stomach says welcome ToMore Food. And good luck with your gained weight.

So, exercise plays an important and main role in gaining weight. because you need to emphasize your muscle growth and development.

You can decide to combine the exercises mentioned above to form a comprehensive workout. It is worth knowing that weight gain is not an overnight process. You must be dedicated and Consistent in other to achieve your desired result. And You Will😉.