Yes…You can exercise and gain weight at the same time.

Do you wonder how is that?

Exercises for Gaining Weight

5 Fabulous exercises for gaining weight/ Exercise to gain weight

Push-Ups exercise to gain weight

Let’s start with our 5 juicy tips on how to use exercise as a weight gaining mechanism while causing no harm to your body. And here they come.

Before you start, you need to set up properly: Despite the fact that most people consider push-ups as an exercise for losing weight, researches proved that push-ups are highly efficient for gaining weight. Though it is difficult, the result you get from push-ups makes it totally worth the effort. If you require weight gain for a specific area of your body, specifically the upper portion, then making push-ups a habit and being dedicated will give you amazing results.

Steps to do push-ups:

  • Lie down on your abdomen and stretch all your body including legs, arms, and head.perfect exercise guide
  • Start to lift your upper body using your hands and make sure that your chest is in a straight line with your arm and hand parts, and right-angled to the floor.
  • For your legs, you can do either of the 2 things: if you are an athlete, lift the lower body with your leg-toes. If you are a beginner; lift your lower body with your knees and cross your sternum.
  • Your head must be in a straight line with your body to avoid neck injuries.

Now, you can start the exercise by bending and stretching your upper body as if you are pushing the ground. Make sure to engage your core exercising for the perfect result.

The reason push-ups are so effective is that it is the only exercise that makes our whole body workout. It is not even good for weight loss but also helps build up our chest, triceps and biceps muscles. Together, this works well for building up our upper body muscles and gain weight. Also, since this exerts pressure on our belly, we tend to lose belly fat more effectively. In addition, one can devise out various forms of push-ups to get good and unique results. For instance, push up on inclined plains or one hand push-ups can be your type of intensive weight loss exercises.

Swimming exercise to gain weight

Do you know why our mums usually bring food when we go to the beach?

perfect swimming positions

Because swimming works by aggravating your appetite, it makes you consume more food which leads to high calorie-intake and thus helps in increasing weight. Thus, swimming is another effective way to gain weight for people with low-appetite. And like all other exercises, being consistent and diligent with the whole procedure will provide you with desired results in no time.

Apart from being a great exercise, swimming has various other health benefits also. This physical exercise involves the movement of all your body parts for reducing the excess fat of arms, thighs, and abdomen. It can also tone muscles and improve overall body metabolism. Swimming engages various muscle groups of our bodies. It also activates and regulates our cardiovascular system. Swimming has always been an excellent balancing workout for various types of individuals, those with low-weight can gain and people with more weight can lose weight, and endure it for the long term.

Jogging to gain weight

Jog is considered a superb form of cardiovascular exercise.

workout nutrition guide

How manipulative is it? You can either lose much weight through jogging or gaining much weight and the trick is your heart rate. In our case, you need to jog lightly, so that you do not reach the fat-burning zone. You will only encourage your body to elevate its metabolism and improve your appetite and allow you to consume more protein. thus, your muscle gains more mass.

Is walking good for gaining weight?

The simple answer is No! Walking is a slow form of jogging. Though it might not be as effective as jogging, walking does help in weight loss, not weight gain. Many fitness programs involve walking as a prime warm-up activity. Walking increases our heart rate and body metabolism. It causes us to eventually burn calories. And if you wish to really use walking as a good exercise to lose weight, you should go for intensive sessions in which you are doing brisk walking for an hour or so. This will show good results as far as weight loss is concerned. If you wish to gain weight, you may look more towards physiological exercises that include lifting weights and gaining muscles. Walking is idle for people who are looking to shed pounds, not gain them.


Squats exercise to gain weight

If you are looking forward to gaining weight in specific areas of your body such as your hips, quadriceps, and calves, squatting is an excellent exercise to increase weight on these parts of the body.Perfect exercise

The process involves you placing your feet in such a way that; it is slightly higher than the shoulder-width apart. Slowly descend by bending through the hips, knees, and ankle and repeat.


  1. Your back should be in a neutral position to prevent back injury.
  2. Keep your knee and leg-toes always in a straight line to prevent knee injuries.


Squats are an important form of exercise, concentrated mainly on your thigh areas. The exercises help you stay fit, active and energetic. Squats help you build lean mass in the lower part of your body. And when you have muscles on your legs, you tend to do more robust fitness training. This shows how squats are good for overall weight gain. Also, many fitness enthusiasts make it a point to do squats regularly to do an intensive workout or weight lifting for upper body muscle gain.

Yoga to gain weight

Are you wondering how yoga can make you gain weight?exercise guide for beginners

Do not underestimate such an exercise. You still do not know what it does. First, you need to learn the precise and correct pattern of breathing; you shall inhale 2 consecutive times from your nose, and exhale 2 consecutive times from your mouth. Studies confirmed that; This gentle, relaxing form of exercise support mental, spiritual and physical development. Also, it helps you renew your appetite for more food. It brings you peace and a relaxed mind; and when you reach that phase, your stomach says welcome to more food. And good luck with your exercise to gain weight.

Should you exercise every day to gain weight?

If you are looking to increase weight, you need to consider eating more and exercising daily. Hence, you should work out daily to keep your weight in the elevating phase. What matters here is that you mix up your exercises with different variations. You should not stick to one part regularly for a long period of time. Same way, you should not do push-ups daily. You should prepare a fitness plan that incorporates all types of exercises that will help you gain lean muscle from every part including your shoulders, chest, biceps, thighs, etc. Make sure that you exercise to increase weight only on the right parts of your body. You should not look to increase fat on parts such as belly or back, you should concentrate on exercise to gain weight.

So, exercise plays an important and main role in gaining weight. because you need to emphasize your muscle growth and development.

Can fruits help me to gain weight?

If you are wondering this, then you are already reaping the benefits of fruits and their nutritious value for our bodies. The answer to this question is yes. Though they may not affect our body weight directly, they do help partially in the overall weight gain. Now, if we think about fruits, we may not imagine protein or carbs. These are present in fewer quantities in fruits. So, how do fruits help? They work by increasing our digestion and metabolism.

Many fruits consist of elements like flavonoids, citric acid, water content and much more. These all aid in our digestion and make us more hungry. The appetite increasing the property of fruits helps us eat more and hence, we gain weight in the process. Above all, we can’t ignore the natural ingredients fruits have that are helpful for our body and physical structure.

You can decide to combine the exercises mentioned above to form a comprehensive workout. It is worth knowing that weight gain is not an overnight process. You must be dedicated and consistent in other to achieve your desired result. And you will.

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