Do you know that underweight people are more prone to death? Yes…

But do not panic, there is a solution to this.

In this article, I will provide you with the reasons, consequences and magnificent herbal treatment for weight gain.

If you are under weighting this is most likely to be due to; either simple causes or complicated causes (disease-based). For now, let’s discuss this…


If you are born slim and your body did not store many fats especially after puberty.

then, you are more likely to have genetic features that cause your underweight. In this case, your metabolic rate will be relatively high. It Burns food Quickly. Also, you will feel that you do not have that appetite and craving for food.

High physical activity

If you are an athlete or even an amateur who church sports and spend much time walking,

High physical activity

Jogging or even access the GYM frequently. Most probably you will be lean. Although, there is a trick with exercise that might help you gain weight. however, most people who exercise lose weight since they burn high calories. (check our website frequently to access our coming article” Top exercises to gain weight”).

Psychological reasons

Psychological reasons

Never ever underestimate your psychology state. It can turn your life upside down. Because the hormonal Fluctuations that drives you to be either so excited or so depressed, have access to your metabolic rate. In addition to that, in some cases, your mood swings reduce your appetite so overall calories will be Low.


Do you feel nervous or annoyed if you did not sleep well?


Certainly, yes, Think about what your body will complain from due to lack of sleep. It really suffers! The unstable biological clock may disrupt the organs’ function. Sleep is needed to build up muscles. Even if you are an athlete who ate too much protein and practice daily workout, do not wait for gaining muscles if you did not provide your body with the required sleep hours.



Some medicines may either reduce your appetite or causes nausea and vomiting to lead to a few daily calorie intakes. Also, many studies showed that there are other factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and drugs. May contribute to your underweight reasons. Do you know why am I concerned with underweight people? Because of its…


Being underweight more likely to cause death rather than being over-weight.


Upon research examination on neonates and adults, researchers approved that there is a high association between death and being underweight for both adults and babies. Underweight death contributes 1.2 times higher from obese and 1.3 higher from severely obese! surprisingly, they found that overweight people are with a lower percentage of death than underweight!  Nope… No, No, Do not think about it… I am not telling you to be overweight or obese, both have their bad sides. We are talking about how dangerous it is to be underweight.

That is why you need to start managing it instantly.

Herbal treatment for weight gain

There are multiple ways to underweight treatments. For me, I prefer using Herbs.

Why herbal remedies for weight gain?

1- Herb are known for their high nutritious elements and that your body will certainly need in your underweight case. Improves your internal health and muscle weight. Multi-vitamins


Why herbal remedies for weight gain

2- If you are a vegetarian or someone with no time for home recipes, a cup from any herb will provide the needed function. (do not forget to ask your doctor if it is possible to take them according to your health state or not). You non-vegetarians I know what you are thinking… you need the recipes, right? Do not worry, keep following our website and I will provide delicious and appealing recipes for you in the coming articles.

3- Some of you do not like taking pills or any chemical medications. Thus, if you considered herbs this will be with low no side effects.

Let’s start with us…

Unknown herb

Natural herbs for weight gain

  1. Ashwagandha
    Ashwagandha is one of the prescribed herbs for gaining weight. it is mainly used for muscle building and converting body fats muscles. It is also known for its boosting characteristic to your appetite. Thus, consider ashwagandha, and try to stop eating. One of its benefits as well as, is managing stress and act as a body reliever in case of fatigue and gives you the strength you always needed.
  2. Shatavari
    Shatavari’s role is to please you, if you are in a bad mood, exhausted or stressed. Try this herb. It will elevate your mood, Increases your hunger and makes you forget all the tension you have by boosting your physical energy.
  3. Saunf
    The saunf main task is to manipulate your digestive system. So, if you feel that you are not hungry or lost appetite considers saunf. You will thank me for it
  4. Vidarikand
    This herb is one of the most nutritious herbs ever if you do not want to consider it for weight gain, you shall consider it for its vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. Try this herb and good luck for your gorgeous and young appearance no matter what your age is. And enjoy your muscles weight gain
  5. Safed Musli thanks for safe musli, because of it, many underweight people have gained their power and Immune system function once more. It improves your muscle’s durability while working out. Usually used for stress management, as it helps to elevate the mode and physical performance.

6. Pippali
Pippali improves the Basal Metabolic Rate. It Induces your appetite for more food and calorie intake. So that you can eat more and gain weight in a healthy natural way.

7. Zeek

How Great That Herb Is!

It is not only full of vitamins and many nutritious elements. But also reduces cholesterol levels. So, No more worries about storing bad fats. it also improves your immune system and finally, you can fight the illness and stay healthy for a little longer.

Consider those herbs in your lifestyle and do not rush their effect. Natural remedies usually are very useful and will help you reach your goal, they just need their time to prove themselves

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