goji berry tea

goji berry

Goji berries come in small-sized red berries. These are packed with powerful medicinal properties and many types of antioxidants. They are often used as adding a flare of color in many recipes. They also impart a delicious flavor and a taste to any dish. The berries sold are powdered or are used in their dried form. They can also be used as a tangy tasting element in various juices, syrups, squashes and blends.


Goji berries are native to Asia and are also called wolfberries in the common language. They often have a sweet taste with a reddish color. They are also a part of the medicinal treatments used from ancient ages. They can slow down the signs of aging and even strengthen your life and kidneys. They have plenty of health benefits which shall be discussed later in this blog.

Many food supplements have these berries as their prime ingredients. They are also a part of the superfood blends and used along with several other herbs, extracts, herbs and vegetables.

Health benefits

When it comes to health benefits, goji berries have much more to offer than one can expect. Firstly, they are highly nutritious. They act as a great source of nutrients and have plenty of vitamins and minerals. As less as 6 tablespoons of fried powder of these berries can pack a sufficient amount of calories, proteins, fats, carbs, fiber, sugar, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. a small serving of such fruits can help us get the most of our daily requirements of essential nutrients and minerals.

Goji berries are very rich in iron. Iron or folic acid is an essential mineral that helps in the oxygen transportation of our body. It also assists in the formation of healthy red blood cells which help us develop a strong immunity. Other vitamins including A and C also play an important role in developing our immune system. They also act as antioxidants and support our body.

Antioxidants neutralize certain harmful chemicals and free radicals in our body that are formed as a part of the chemical reactions occurring in our body. These also prevent cell damage and DNA toxification in our bodies.

Some other important uses of goji berry include in reduction and protection of cancer and heart diseases. The fruit is also said to be beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes.

Goji Berry tea benefits

Goji Berry tea benefits

As discussed above, there are many ways in which goji berry can be used. But medicine and fitness experts suggest that the best way to use the goji berry is in the form of tea. Tea can help you utilize all of the main and most potential benefits of the Goji berry. Tea works by soaking the Goji berry and then having it. It is often debated that having fruits in their raw or dried form can be traumatizing for our gut and digestive system. It can also lead to various stomach problems and ulcers. When you add water, be it cold or warm to fruit, you are bringing it back to life.

So the next step is to make the Goji berry tea. To start, take one tablespoon of Goji berries for one cup of tea. Now, place the dried berries in a teacup or teapot. Soak them in the cold water. Make sure that you are using enough water to totally soak the number of berries you have taken. Now cover the berries and let them remain soaked for at least 4 hours. After soaking is completely done, you may start boiling the water. Boil it for around five to ten minutes. After this, slowly strain the berries and have them in a teacup. Make sure that you are drinking the tea hot to enjoy its aroma and freshness from within.

Goji berry tea health benefits and weight loss effects

weight loss

Recently, many people have claimed that they have been using Goji tea successfully for weight loss. It is often said that having the tea empty stomach in the morning can do wonders on your weight loss regime. This also helps improve your health by consuming berry tea on regular basis. The healthy value increases, your metabolism speeds up, your skin becomes glowing and you can shed more pounds.

However, as always, medical experts may debate on the highest efficacy that comes with this type of tea. They are debunking the facts and exploring any potential side effects related to these fruits. But, people who have seen good effects continue to consume the tea as a beneficial aspect of their lives.

Let’s know more about the health benefits of the Goji Berry tea:

Goji berry tea helps in improving various problems that occur with age.

When you are consuming tea on regular basis, you are regularly consuming a lot of nutrition that works well for your body. These types of high intake of antioxidants provide anti-aging effects in our bodies. In particular, an antioxidant called zeaxanthin is highly useful in preventing age-related problems. Some of the age-related problems we face are c onnected to oxidative stress, free radicals and UV light.


An experiment suggested the same and was published in the Americal Academy of Optometry and Vision Science. Following the research, senior citizens who drank the berry juice for 3 months showed signs of increased positive antioxidants including zeaxanthin in their bodies. Such high levels of this antioxidant showed various types of positive effects including the improved condition of the eye healthy. Another report stated that Goji berries may have a certain side effect on our eyes.

However, it is already researched that the consumption of fruits always helps our eyes. The fruits protect our retina from the ganglion cells that are the underlying cause of diseases such as glaucoma in which a person can even become blind.

Goji Berries improves our Immune System levels

Stronger Immune System

The goji berries are packed with healthy antioxidants, which boost the immune system. The berries arm the human body with the ability to fend off free radicals and inflammation.

The berries are plentiful in vitamins An and C, which are vital components in the building up of the human body’s immune system. A vigorous immune system goes far in fighting various infections, from the normal virus to more serious conditions like  breast cancer.

The beneficial antioxidants one gets from these berries can dial back the development of growths, diminish inflammation, and flush away harmful substances from the body.

An examination report on mice distributed in the journal Drug Design, Development and Therapy says that the goji berries can inhibit the development of growths, while also boosting the adequacy of cancer treatment therapy.

Goji Berries tea is good for healthy skin

Improve sk

Other positive side effects of the goji berries come from an essential plant phytochemical called beta-carotene. The beta-carotene upholds healthy skin, by fighting off skin irritations, inverts skin aging, and deals with the harmful effects of the Sun.

An investigation report on mice that were given 5% goji berries juice to drink tracked down that the mice became immune to UV fair complexion damage, among other skin issues.

Goji Berry tea helps control our blood sugar levels


For quite a long time, goji berries evangelists have been claiming the splendidly shaded fruits have assisted them with managing their blood sugar. That has since been corroborated by science through a 2015 research study that showed goji berries assist with balancing the insulin and glucose levels in the blood.

The examination further showed links between the utilization of goji berries and the ascent in HDL levels in patients with type 2 diabetes; HDL is what is popularly known as great cholesterol.

Goji Berries help reduce problems such as depression, anxiety, and sleep problems

Avoid Stress

During a lab test on rats back in 2016, researchers established that goji berries could assist with combatting Postpartum Depression and anxiety. A resulting lab test was done on humans in the United States, and it was established that individuals who drink goji berry juice experienced increased body energy, were in a superior mindset, and had worked on the stomach related system.

In the US study, two gatherings of participants devoured 120 milliliters of the goji berry juice and another gathering a placebo drink throughout 14 days.

After the lapse of the 14 days, the two gatherings were offered questionnaires to round out. The questionnaire questions gauged how they felt emotionally, their general state of wellbeing, psychological and neurological health, musculoskeletal side effects, cardiovascular and stomach-related complaints.

They were also asked if there were any other new adverse effects on their health and general life that they could attribute to the drinking of the goji berries juice or the placebo juice. The researchers further took measurements of the subject’s blood pressure, weight, weight, vision, and heartbeat previously, then after the fact the 14 days.

On the 15th day, it was then established that the gathering that took the goji juice had more energy, could zero in on tasks better, showed enhanced athletic abilities, felt calmer, had a sharp mental acuity, and felt more substance.

Then again, the individuals who took the placebo juice didn’t have the above-referenced positive manifestations.

Goji Berries are useful in the prevention of liver damage

For quite a long time, Chinese traditional medicine practitioners have been using goji berries to treat liver problems. A past research study shows that goji berries are compelling in managing liver health complications, for example, preventing deterioration of the alcohol-induced fatty liver disease.

A separate research concentrate on the effects of goji berries juice on the liver revealed that the fruits assist with inhibiting the development of growths in the liver.

What are the side effects of goji berries?

Indeed, there is always a different side to a story, and goji berry evangelism is no special case. Medical researchers have noticed rather undesirable effects of consuming the goji berries on patients using certain medications, including:

  • Drugs for diabetes
  • Blood Thinner medications
  • Blood Pressure medications

Individuals using such medications ought to always talk with their PCPs before taking up goji berries nutrition. The same goes for anyone who has encountered allergies from consuming other sorts of berries.

 Can we consider Goji berry A Superfood?

Many goji berries lovers utilize the word superfood to portray the health advantages of goji berry nutrition. The medical science local area has to a great degree backed that term, revealing the chemical mixtures inside the fruits and what they mean for the human body and mind. The phytochemicals found in the natural product, like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and polysaccharides, have been demonstrated essential in the battle and prevention of various conditions and diseases that can afflict the human body.

The takeaway

While reading this article, you might look more at the negative effects of Goji berry tea. However, this is something you may ignore. We say this because of many reasons. Firstly, Goji Berry tea is a natural derivative that has been used since old times. It is beneficial in most of its aspects. The ideal way to use it makes it less harmful and more useful. One should always look to use it in a controlled manner. Having not more than one cup of a day is recommended.

The negative side effects occur when you use Goji Berry in the form not advised. This is usually the ripe form or in an uncontrolled manner in the dry form. Since we are here soaking the berries in water and then take it in the form of liquid, the nutrients remain in the tea and the toxins are usually expelled out. Hence, it’s safer to say that one should always try the Goji berry tea without a doubt.

Always remember that your fitness and weight loss strategy will function with not just one factor, but many. Hence we advise you that you keep exercising regularly, keep eating a balanced nutritious, fat-free diet and keep meditating to get to your weight loss goals. Goji Berry is a fabulous addition to this strategy and will even give you a boost up. But you can’t just rely on it individually to get miraculous results. You should follow all other regimes too and then, you can lead a road to a healthy and happy life.

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