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hourglass shape

When you try to achieve a perfect figure, you often compare yourself to an object that has a perfect shape. Hourglass is an ideal example of what, girls aspire to be like. Such a concept has given rise to the hourglass shape. While having your body the way it is can be a gift to cherish, many people consider toning their body to a large extent. The hourglass is a perfect body shape with ideal curves and no inches here or there whatsoever. It is the body of an angel that the almighty may have taken vacations to construct. And if you can achieve it, you are almost nearing the zenith of fitness success.

But all things that are good come with a cost to pay. You need to work hard, maintain your diet schedule, mold your daily habits, change your sleeping schedules, sleep position, reduce the intake of harmful food and do much more to get that body type. Out of all these things, the eating regime remains an important factor in your persuasion of the hourglass shape. For this, the diet plan needs to be strict and affirmative. Let’s know more about this.

A little more about hourglass shape

Diet Hour glass

The hourglass body type is a coveted shape. It is a type of figure you see in magazines, newspapers, influencer posts, social media celebrity pictures, red carpet photos and billboard ads. These are the well-groomed people who look good but do not reveal what they went through to get that shape. Some are on a strict diet; some are taking supplements and others are just doing it with an intensive workout.

If you like to hear some precise names, take Marlin Monroe from the vintage era who flaunted her body like an angel from heaven. In recent times, Kendel Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Maria Sharapova, Nicki Minaj and many more celebrities have these figure types. The shape they portray has chiseled shoulders, shapely curves and most importantly, a whittled waist that acts as a cherry on the cake.

What does an hourglass shape mean ?

Many people think that having an hourglass shape means you are the epitome of beauty. However, this is not true. Having such a shape doesn’t mean that you are more attractive or healthier. Many celebrities flaunting such bodies might appear perfect in videos or photographs but they don’t have those perfect measurements. Some even go beyond our imagination to use cosmetic procedures, that are too expensive for a normal person, to get those bodies. Many celebrities have personal trainers, they wear expensive shapewear and even hire professional photo editors and manipulators to create that hourglass figure illusion. It’s a combination of tricks that makes them appear that way. Nevertheless, they do act as an inspiration for many fitness enthusiasts. It is worth looking up to them, if that means you can have a good body, if not exactly, then somewhere near to an hourglass and achieve by hourglass shape diet.

.Start by setting realistic expectations

You cannot have an hourglass body in one week. You get not lose tons of pounds in a single day. If you want to aim towards having those perfect bodies, you need to set some realistic expectations. The ideal way to do this is to set small goals and then progress towards them. You should focus on losing inches around the waist and toning your shoulders, chest and hips. You can do these by using some healthy diet plants which we will discuss later in this article.

Get some motivation

Start by achieving some motivation. The best thing to do is to stop getting the picture-perfect figure and trying to tone your body slowly. You should be on your way to finding motivation in getting stronger, healthier and fitter. Stop striving to get the same figure of a celebrity. You should somewhere tell yourself that a perfect hourglass shape is your ultimate goal but you should be happy with whatever you achieve as you worked hard for it. This will keep you motivated and will reduce the chances of depression if you fail to get the same inches.

Exercises targets

To get that perfect shape, you should focus on having a smaller waist balanced by a somewhat larger-sized bust. The hips should have more curves. These are the areas your exercises should be focused on. To be precise, you should work on

  • Waist
  • Upper body including chest
  • Upper thighs, hips and glutes


Remember that what you eat should affect these body parts for an hourglass shape. If you are already slim, you should eat to build the muscles around your shoulders. You should also eat well to get broader on top and have a heavy curvy chest. If you are overweight near the midsection area, you might want to whittle away by reducing fat and doing flat belly exercises.

Maintain a good diet

to slowly progress towards your goal, you need to follow a clean and nutritious diet. This doesn’t mean that you should consume fewer calories. Starving yourself is never a good idea to get a fit body type. You should eat clean and always avoid processed foods. While everyone knows this thumb rule, it is easier said than done. The clean food here means that whole food that is in their natural state. You can opt for salads and other raw forms of fruits and vegetables. All sorts of whole grains, legumes and lean meats are in the category of commonly consumed clean foods. The healthier choices you make, the better your body will shape up. You should focus on eating a diet that is full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs to lose weight effectively by hourglass shape diet..One thing you should avoid is the consumption of processed food. These are dense in calories and have less or no nutritional value.

Also, try to have more fiber and water in your diet. This will keep you hydrated and will cut the calorie count, helping in maintaining a good weight balance.

Get protein and soluble fiber

protein and soluble fiber

Protein is not just essential but critical to weight loss. It also helps in muscle gain. Having good bits of proteins on daily basis will ensure that you are on the right pathway to lose weight. Protein works by keeping you fuller and avoiding the carvings of processed food. This way, you are eating less during the day while keeping the nutritional value up to date. Protein also aids in repairing your muscle. It not only strengthens the muscles but also help in healing them in case you are going for an intensive workout schedule. This way, you can build a curvier figure.


Also, don’t miss the importance of fiber in the hourglass shape diet. The weight loss regime is almost incomplete with fiber. Our body digests fiber slowly and hence, it helps maintain the feeling of fullness and in a good way. If you are consuming a good amount of fiber, you will be less tempted to snack on some unhealthy food choices.

Eliminate Soda and Alcohol

eliminate soda

Regular soda is stacked with calories and offers no dietary benefit. Diet soda has been displayed to increase cravings for sugary food varieties, so it’s ideal to avoid it, too. Alcohol has not exclusively been related to the abundance of gut fat, but it can likewise prompt undesirable food decisions. If you need to fix your abdomen, you should stay away from these things and not inculde in hourglass shape diet.

Scale Back Sugar

Scale Back Sugar

Who doesn’t cherish a sweet treat sometimes? You don’t need to totally eliminate sugar from your eating routine, but you should attempt to scale back. There is an immediate relationship between sugar and abundance muscle to fat ratio. The American Heart Association suggests that females burn through close to 25 grams of sugar each day. It’s critical that you read sustenance marks, as numerous food varieties these days contain added sugar.

Drink Plenty of Water

sparling water

Staying hydrated ought to be the main need for anybody, but particularly for those that are participating in a wellness routine. Drink a full glass of cool water when you first wake up to get your digestion cranking. It’s additionally suggested that you drink one more full glass before each feast to hold yourself back from overindulging.

For those losing weight

For most people, toning the body to get an hourglass shape is losing weight. When you are doing this, you must remember that you have to eat a sufficient number of calories every day. The calorie game is all you need to consider to keep up your body’s metabolism. While doing this, do not starve yourself. When you starve yourself, you will stop losing weight but it will become weak, not light. You will be deprived of essential nutrients and hence, you might feel weakness in the body. Hence, starving for a long period is never a good option.

If we talk in numbers, a safe daily calory deficit value is around 200 to 300 every day. If you are consuming 1000 calories in a day, you should aim for around 800 calories in a day. One important thing to note here is that every individual has a different calorie intake value. Hence, it’s important to eat all-inclusive foods so that you don’t get diffident in any nutritional component in hourglass shape diet. There are various online tools that you can use to determine how many calories you need to consume and burn each day.

Planning your meals

For losing weight, it’s very important to plan your meals the right way. You should first focus on protein. A gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight is the ideal way of calculating how much you should consume an easy day. If you are unsure of this value, you should find recommendations online that can be searched easily.

On your journey to getting an hourglass figure, you will get more fit. As you get fitter, your body will require more liquid. This is to flush out the toxins and free radicals found in our bodies. This means that you need to stay more hydrated all the time. Look for natural juices such as coconut, lemon, carrot, pomegranate, pineapple etc. when you stay hydrated regularly, you will also retain water which will reduce any fluffiness in your body. This is more prominent in your midsection which often makes you look fat. An adult should aim for drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day. Any value above this is also good for a healthy body.

If you are gaining weight

An important thing to note is that getting an hourglass shape is not all about being slim. It’s not a plan in which you simply reduce fats and get slim to achieve that perfectly toned body. The body plan is about getting the right shape with the right body parts in the right shape. You should aim for getting curvy chest and hips area while flattening your belly. Hence, you should not just aim to lose weight, but gain weight as well.

When you are planning to put on weight, you should have a clean hourglass shape diet regime. You may need to eat 200 calories additional than your normal calorie intake. But while doing this, ensure that you are not eating any artificial food. You can add more natural carbs to increase the calorie count in a safer manner.

When you look to gain weight, you should always look to get more muscle mass. The same is achieved by adding more protein to the diet. A focus on having 1.5grams more protein for every pound of your body’s weight is an ideal strategy to follow.

Another important thing to follow here is that when gaining weight, you should not ignore the importance of carbohydrates or fats. They are both essential to our body and maintain the regular functions in our body. All you need to do is to have them in the right amount to reap the benefits of a good diet plan.


In the end, always remember that the hourglass shape can be a good example of things you need to look up to in your life. You can get closer to that shape and even achieve it in the long run. But if you don’t have the exact shape, you should never be disappointed. You should take that hourglass shape as an inspiration and keep focusing on being an active and healthy individual. Amidst your journey to get that perfect body, never overlook the importance of eating healthy, doing regular exercise or staying hydrated. Remember that the ultimate goal of life is living it in a healthier manner which is more important than striving for a body type.

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