The women, in their majority, want to be slim and fit, but when we talk about muscle gain there is a holdback.

You must know that the muscles are the ones that give the form of your body because the only form that fat gives is round. So, all muscle groups need to grow in order to give the body a nice form that is wanted by everyone.

The good news is that this can be obtained by anyone, no matter of their fitness level or genetic legacy. You don’t need to live in the gym and eat only “water” to achieve this.

So, let’s destroy the two myths which are on the lips of many women:

Myth 1 – If you lift heavy weights, women become “massive”

This myth has kept away many women to include weights in their training. Some women gain muscle mass more easily than others, but that is normal as some of them are more flexible when they start doing Yoga. The purpose to train with weights is to sculpt the body.

Maybe the image on the left kept you from lifting the weights. Essential to these women, besides thousands of training hours, there are growth substances: steroids, hormone, etc,  Forget about this when you are thinking about yourself.

The one in the right is a CrossFit professional athlete Christmas Abbott. She is doing dead-lift barbell and thousands of training hours that include lifting weights. Do you think that she is that big?If you lift heavy weights, women become “massive”

Myth 2 – Women need to be just toned, not having visible muscles

In most women’s magazines, you will see a lot of advice about cardio and fitness workouts, all of this combined with diets that can starve you. Ok, all of these are good if you want to be hungry all the time, hate the gym and have a “skinny fat” look.

Because visual examples are the best to give you an idea about what we have talked, below you will have in the left a skinny-fat body and the same person on the right after the build-up of muscle mass.

Women need to be just toned, not having visible muscles

Or this image, where both have the same fat to body ratio, but the one in the right has more muscle. If you are skinny, the muscles are responsible for your body curves, without them you are just skinny.

Myth 2 Muscle gain

Muscles – Fat relation

First, you need to build up muscle mass to burn fat. When you start training intramuscular fat will be moved outside of your muscle and this will look that your waist is bigger than before.

But this is for a short time because you will start to burn that fat

and your muscles will harden, better said, will tone up and will be firmer.

Almost all women are saying that they want to go to the gym to tone the muscle, as we said before, this is what the magazines are telling to do. But to tone, you need to have muscles and for this, you will need to train more with heavyweights. A group of muscles that are toned, at rest is keeping the form better than muscles that are untrained.

To make you an idea about this, you can see when you are sitting down your leg muscle will stretch. A strained muscle will not stretch that much and it will keep the form. So, when you will sit down, your legs will not look twice as wide as they are.

Muscles - Fat relation

As we talked before, the preconception that training with heavy weights you get bigger. Is not true because with heavy weights you will do fewer reps . This will only help to grow the force and too little muscle mass. If you can push 30lbs, but you only use 20lbs you are wasting your time in the gym. The muscles are not overloaded and they will not tone up or become stronger.

Perhaps, this is the main reason why most of the women don’t have a visible result. They do easy-training when it comes to weights and does too much cardio of low intensity. 

You might not be convinced and still afraid that you will get too big using heavy weights. You can stop for a moment and take a look around you in the gym. There are a lot of men, with the exception of a very very few, that are struggling to be bigger. They are training 5 to 6 time per week, eating 300g of protein and powders and more important they have a much greater genetic predisposition toward muscle mass than women. And all of this for few pounds of extra muscle. Do you think that you will overpass them by training with heavyweights? For sure, the answer is no. 

Overall is that every woman can have a well-defined body without starving or train endlessly in the gym. Yes, the muscle will get bigger. But at the same time you will have a lower waist. You will feel stronger and you will look better, with clothes and without!

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