Booty Workout Plan

Every now and then, we hear a lot of discussions about exercises and home remedies to get our body in shape. We talk about backsides, rear ends, and even derrieres. But, we often ignore how a good butt can really enhance your overall shape structure, especially if you are fitness consciousness. And guess what, you can even apply proven workout plans to get the best bum without those hazardous or extreme exercises. With our list of best workout exercises, we ensure that your rear part will look smoother, rounder, stiff and good looking from every angle. Read on to get enlighted:

Booty Workout Plan: Exercises


Bridge exercises are one of the simplest exercises you can adapt for a bigger butt. This is a perfect starting exercise that can help work out your glutes. The best thing about including bridge exercise in your workout plans is that you are able to work on the core stabilization of your butt area. This strengthens the glute muscles and also relieves back pain. The bridge exercises add a resistance band around your knees. This can make exercise difficult to choose above other variations. Using such modifications can help you in modifying the exercises to your best use.

To start with this butt and hips workout, simply lie on your back. Then, you need to bend your knees and slowly lift your butt section up. Do this until your body forms a straight line. This can be measured as a straight position from head to knees. Ensure that your heels are under your knees but not too forward or backward. Repeat this 5 times and 3 sets. When you feel your back is straining, you can tighten your abs. Also, do make it a point to exert pressure from your hips, on your chest.

Marching bridge

This version of the bridge is used for better stability of your hip area. It is also a warm-up exercise that can give way to other workouts.

marching bridge

To do this, lie on your back and move your back portion away from the floor as in simple bridge exercises. Now, slowly stretch your one leg to its extent while not letting y our hip touch the floor. Repeat it with other leg and then do sets alternatively. This exercise will help you in keeping your hips at the same level. Make sure that you do not have to turn to the side when switching between legs.

Single leg bridge

Single leg bridge

This is another improved version of normal bridge butt exercises. To perform the marching bridge, you need to first lie on your back and then bend your knees. Then slowly, extend your leg. After this, push up with the heel of other legs. Then lift yourself from the floor.  Try to keep your hips level at this position. This will exert some pressure on your glutes denoting that you are doing it right. If you don’t feel your glutes to be pressurized, you can extend the leg and place the foot on the bottom leg knee. Repeat this with the other leg too. You will surely feel improvement within a few weeks. This is an advanced and tougher version of butt exercises and hence, provides better results.

Sculpting your butt

Sculpting your butt

Squats are well known for gaining back strength including our booty area. Front squats can increase glute and leg development to a greater extent. This targets your quadriceps. The result is often a more muscle built at the back and glutes portion.

Back Squats

These are very effective for adding muscle mass to our lower body parts. It affects our glutes and quadriceps as akin to front squats. These exercises are not isolated and can be used as a warm-up exercise for other workouts to follow. Back Squats stimulate a higher amount of muscle mass. The regular back squat can act as a foundation of great glute building.


Various types of lunges exercises can help increase glute development. It also helps in increasing strength and stamina. Lunges are also known to help you in gaining better hip stability. You can try crossover lunges or reverse lunges if you wish to extract great results. For a mild workout, you can opt for walking or running lunges.

Hip Thrusts

We always talk about hip thrusts when we are looking to gain muscles in our hip area. These are great for eliciting the contractions of our peak muscles. It results in higher amounts of metabolic stress of our booty muscles. Hence, exercise is an isolated approach which means that it can be done alone to get good results. This can be done with the help of a high or larger amount of weight lifting to increase muscle damage and recovery. You can try hip thrusts by leaning with the support of a bench at your back. Then, start moving your pelvic region up and slowly down without touching the floor. You can even use some weight below your abdomen area and then try doing it to exert more pressure.

Change diet for bigger booty

As with all exercises, diet plans go hand in hand. Here, changing or improving your diet can help you gain a bigger butt and hips. You can simply start by including a more protein-rich diet in your plan. Proteins are vital for muscle development and growth. If you eat the right kind of proteins, your muscles that are subjected to wear and tear during butt exercises will regain strength helping you get a bigger and beautiful booty. You can start with healthy sources such as skinless chicken breasts, tuna, cottage cheese, beans, salmon, lean beef, soya nuts, and legumes. You should try having an only unprocessed and lean meat. Also, opt for baking instead of frying when it comes to the method of preparation.

Besides proteins, you should also concentrate on carbohydrates. You should look for replacing the unhealthy carbs with many beneficial choices. You should avoid excess calories along with junk food that serves as a poor choice of diet. Try to stay away from processed food like pasta, pizza, and chips. You can consume healthy carbs from food such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain bread, quinoa, etc. For fats, you can choose healthy alternatives such as fish oils, almond butter, nuts, extra virgin oil, etc.

You may try optimizing your attire

Believe it or not, better butt lifting clothes can help you with a beautiful back area. You can choose from a plethora of undergarments that can yank your hip section and make it look in better shape. This is identical to wearing a push-up bra. The innerwear can help in making your butt look fuller and perkier. You can choose amongst padded or non-padded version. These are worn underneath dresses, shorts, jeans, pants or lowers. You can also choose from styles that also cover your waist while accentuating your butt in a better way.

One may also look to buy girdle for the butt beautification purposes. These tummy-tuckers when worn underneath the clothes, push excess fat from tummy down to the hip area. This helps in making you look slimmer while your butt appears more curvy, bigger and fuller.

Go for apt bottom wear

In the end, make sure that the pants our jeans you wear are good for your butt exhibition. Also, you should know that even if you have the roundest butt, it will be swallowed by baggy jeans. Hence, you should get the exact style that accentuates your butts and shows your curves to the fullest. You can choose amongst the likes of tights, jeggings and yoga pants. These are comfortable and thin. But the best part is that they show your curves without squishing down your butt beauty. If you adore denim, then you should choose high waist jeans as they button at the thinnest part of your waist. This makes your waist look small and butt bigger, thereby enhancing your physical beauty. Always make sure that oversizing is not an option when you need to show off your butt beauty. You should always go for fitted pants that exhibit your natural shape. Make sure that all your bottom wear is tad snug but not too tight.

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