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Hi lovely ladies…All of you must have experienced sad, lonely, sometimes you may feel like crying, get upset on petty things, feels like its end if the world,u feel dejected without any particular reason. You don’t want to meet anybody. Isn’t it? This anxiety and frustration lead to depression which is also called stress. If this situation persists for more than 2 weeks then you can say you are stressed…This depression varies in men and women. You all will agree with it a tough task for us all to balance work and family life. So much strain comes on our body as well as mind.

As women are more fragile they are more prone to certain conditions of stress. A study has revealed that 70% of health issues are due to stress or anxiety as it weakens our libido. So chances of this mental illness are more in the ladies.


Women are fragile. Sometimes this nature makes it difficult to manage situations in an apt way which leads to anxiety, mental illness, and stress. The other reason is women have to play multiple roles at home and at the workplace. Its a challenge to see a home, workplace, finance, kids, relationships, etc and sometimes the situation is unmanageable which leads to stress.


The stress level is ok in some cases. But sometimes it’s chronic. Sometimes it is due to specific reasons such as the death of your loved one etc. Sometimes stress can be due to hereditary factors too. If this anxiety problem persists in a family it goes from generation to generation…We can categorize it in some specific categories:

a) OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)- This is a form of anxiety where you become obsessive. You finish your cooking but still go in the kitchen to check if the burner is still on? You wash your hands again and again to maintain hygiene. This sort of situation is due to mental confusion, slow mindset and anxious thoughts.

b) Panic attacks- If you are afraid of something and you just thought about it you become anxious. You feel like having a heart attack. You are unable to control your emotions.

c) Fear of social insecurity- Nobody likes me to type feelings. Insecurity like everybody is your enemy. Its sort of negative thoughts. U feel difficulty in social acceptance.


Let’s have a look at what are the possible signs or symptoms of stress in women


1)The very first sign is your blood pressure goes up which leads to chest pain. It can lead to heart diseases. Stress reduces immunity which can exaggerate further problems.

2)Hormonal changes or hormonal disturbance is the other symptom.

3)Weight issues-You are doing proper exercise and dieting but still, weight is going up. The reason is the cortisol hormone. When you are stressed your body produces more cortisol hormone which leads to more fats and carbohydrate production in the body. Thus it affects your weight issues.

4)You feel tired. You are fatigued and feel shortness of breath.

5)You may face cardiovascular risk which is due to the changing patterns of the hormonal changes. You may suffer aches and pains in the body and joints. Women are more prone to this risk.

6)Insomnia or lack of sleep is the other symptom. Your body and mind are restless. You are awake the whole night. Your disturbed body system leads to disturbed sleep which causes severe health issues.

7)Due to the hormonal changes, some women can face skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, etc. This is also the most visible form of stress.

8)Chronic headaches or migraines are other symptoms of stress.

9)Lack of concentration-You is not able to focus on anything. Your thoughts are blurred and negative. The mind becomes slow.

10)Hair loss is a clear sign of stress. Your hair goes straight from the roots.

11)Stomach disorders are the other sign. You may either have an upset stomach or digestion related problems.

12)You have become more dependent on drugs or alcohol.

13)Disruption in the menstrual cycle. Periods are before the stipulated time or late.

14)Eating habits change. Some eatables you don’t like to eat you consume that more than often. Your favorite foods you don’t feel like eating.

15)It is like a panic attack. Your heart starts bouncing. You feel difficulty in breathing.

Categorized changes-

PHYSICAL CHANGES- You lose weight, the face is dull, look unhappy, face expressions are nil.

Behavioral CHANGES- Constant worry, don’t talk to anybody, feel lost and dejected. Worry a lot, become forgetful. You postpone things.

THOUGHT RELATED CHANGES- Your mind is overloaded with thoughts. You think negative. See the dark side of things. Feel bad about petty things.

Big Question is HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS- To relieve the stress we need to follow some techniques. Its necessary to know depression or stress is not a disease. It’s a metaphor. So you need to follow certain steps to remove depression or anxiety disorder.


a)Be positive ladies-Failures, rejection, confusions are part of life. Think positive. This too will pass. Don’t act in a passive way. Try to be happy in any circumstance. Life is all about moving on. So be positive. Try to focus on what’s good in your life. Nobody is perfect and every individual is unique in himself/herself.

b)Meet the psychiatrist-As I said earlier if the above symptoms exist for more than 2 weeks then its time to consult a psychiatrist. Proper therapy and medication will help you to come out of this problem.

c)Breathing and relaxation exercises-Do some breathing exercises. Train your mind to stay relaxed and calm.

d)Develop some hobby-All of us are fond of doing something which we find creative as well as interesting. Focus on that. Nurture your hobby.

e)Listen to the music of your choice. It soothes our nerves and rejuvenates our senses. She makes happy and comes out of sadness and negative feelings.
f)Take a good diet. Eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables. Lower your sugar intake. The antioxidants in your food will help to fight stress syndrome.

g)And yes…You all will agree. Shopping is the biggest stress-buster for women of all ages and times. Pick up your handbag and go for shopping. Fill your bags. Do some window shopping, Try the new outfits. Lols…

h)Extend your social circle. Mingle with people. Meet like-minded people. Man is a social animal. When your social needs are met you feel happy, satisfied and stress-free. Talk to people. Share the things in mind.



  • Alternate nostril breathing(Anulom-vilom)-Try to breathe with your nostrils instead of a mouth. Alternate nostril breathing takes the breath slowly from your left nostril and tries to release with your right nostril. It helps to regulate energy in your body. Have a check on in-breath and out-breath. Do it calmly. Do it for 15 minutes. Then subsequently you can extend the time to 30 minutes slowly. Keep your head straight in this process and observe your breath.
  • Training your brain not to worry-Stop worrying about the things you cannot control. Try to look at the positive side of everything. Excessive worrying doesn’t go to help you. Things take their own time.
  • Try to know the reason for stress-When you know exactly what is the reason for stress or anxiety its easy to deal with that. Try to reach the root cause of the problem.
  • Important to know your anxiety-Observe what your body and mind react to. Get in tune with your thoughts. Though it is difficult but not impossible. Our thoughts control our actions and emotions.
    Be realistic-Don’t expect much. You get disappointment. Try to be more practical and balanced.


Now I am going to focus on the tips or ways which you can follow in your day-to-day routine to manage and cope up with stressful situations. Let us have a look-

  1. Do a routine workout. Try to be physically active all the time. The feel-good hormones will boost up.
  2. Look good and feel good. Dress up nicely. Look presentable. Try new looks and fashions.
  3. Take a good diet-Rich nutrients diet will act as a stress buster by providing antioxidants which are good for your libido.
  4. Good sleep helps to regulate blood pressure. If you lack sleep you are more irritated, frustrated. You won’t be able to focus on things. Your memory will improve.
  5. You can try some acupressure techniques too. Try third eye point-The point between the eyebrows. Massage this point. Do it for 2-3 minutes. The second point is in the wrist area. Press it with your thumb. You can try this on both hands. This technique surely gonna improve your daily stress-related problems.

Author Bio:

Sunita Panwar(Neetu) is living in Noida. She did her BBA(Bachelors in Business Administration) and MBA(Finance)from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. She has also studied Journalism and Mass Communications. Sunita had been in South Africa for 5 years. Writing is her passion. Health, fitness, and nutrition always has been her areas of interest. She has been writing blogs for some magazines and websites too. Authentic and interesting topics are what you are gonna read in the near future.
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