We all know about baking soda. It is a commonly used chemical compound used in various household purposes. Scientists have long backed the effects of drinking baking soda to help lose weight. This is helpful as the chemical compound reacts with our stomach’s digestive juices and acids. It turns our acid-alkaline and reduces acidity. It also converts acids into salt, water, and CO2. It helps soothe the symptoms of indigestion, acid reflux and nausea.

While we are all aware of the benefits of consuming baking soda, there has been new research stating how the baking soda bath can also help us with various health benefits.  The prime benefit includes weight loss.

Why baking soda?

why baking soda

Baking soda is often used as a natural deep cleaner for home. Adding a few scoops of the powered in your bathing water can give you a relaxing and health-boosting experience. An important thing to note here is that baking soda is different from baking powder. Baking powder should not be used for bath purposes as its results are not that effective. Baking powder, unlike soda, have weak acids comparatively.

Baking soda works for weight loss because of its an alkaline form of liquid. When it combines with water, it makes the water alkaline too. The water will feel silkier. It won’t be slippery on your skin. It reduces irritation and itching while acting as a detoxifying agent.

Baking soda weight loss bath

Baking soda weight loss bath

Though studies and experiments are still going on, there is a positive hope that baking soda bath can help reduce weight in individuals who cannot exercise or rely on expensive slimming tablets. The reason why baking soda might help is the fact that it allows your body to absorb sulfate and magnesium. This increases the amount of these minerals in our blood as well. These work well in eliminating the toxins from your body. The minerals can also heal various skin problems too, that make you feel light and relaxed.

When our body is magnesium deficient, we tend to feel more rise in blood pressure. This is accompanied by heart issues, headaches, and backaches. Also, lower sulfate levels can cause exhaustion of the body. Baking soda bath revitalizes the levels of both of these minerals in our body. This helps our body in performing all its functions and metabolic activities in a pristine way.

Baking soda further helps by enhancing the poor absorption of nutrients by our body. It expels toxins from our bodies and makes us feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. This is pretty much better than controlling your diet and losing the essential nutrients to lose weight. Baking soda baths also helps you avoid dieting and overeating. It makes the body metabolism work at its full potential.

Preparing for baking soda bath

Preparing for a baking soda bath doesn’t require any rocket science. You may simply add the preferred amount as per your requirements in the bathing water. To start safely, you may look forward to adding one or a maximum of two cups of baking soda in a bucket of warm water. Then, you may stir the water for a few minutes and let the soda gets dissolved nicely in the water.


When you are sure that the baking soda has been dissolved completely, you may use the water and pour it over all parts of your body nicely. After bathing, dry the skin with a clean towel.

Another good way to make better use of baking soda is to bath in a tub. For this purpose, you may add 3 or 4 cups of baking soda in a tub full of warm water. Stir the soda and then allow the water to sit for 5 minutes. Then, soak into the tub properly. Make sure that all parts except the face are in the water. Soak for around 30 minutes. After you come out, make sure that you pat dry immediately with clean water.

Baking soda is often used as a detoxifying agent. It cleanses our skin and removes dead cells and germ particles. When you are done with the bath, it is a good idea to use a good moisturizing lotion or essential oil to retain the moisture in our body.

Add personalized elements

Bathing in baking soda might sound a simple process. You might get bored with the process easily. To not let that happen, here are a few creative tips you can follow:

  • You may create an interesting atmosphere like professional spas by adding fragrance candles, aroma diffusers, and soft music
  • If you feel that the hot water is drying out your skin too soon, you may use Luke warm water for the purpose
  • When going for a bath, you can take along or keep in the washroom, a dry scrub, body brush or a loofah. This will help the water mixture to penetrate into the skin properly
  • To go for an all in the cleansing bath, you may use a mild soap or body wash during the process. This also helps clean toxins from our skin
  • To avoid stress after the bath, put on clean and well-ironed clothes

Things to remember

Baking soda bath benefits

Usually, all types of baking soda baths are safe. Still, you should take precautions as baking soda is a type of chemical. When you bath in baking soda, the nutrients and chemicals penetrate into your skin. As your skin absorb these, you might get some allergic reaction. Also, people who are having high blood pressure problems should avoid baking soda baths. Furthermore, one should avoid the bath if he or she is:

  • Allergic to baking soda or similar chemicals
  • Having open wounds or stitches
  • Having serious skin infections
  • Prone to fainting
  • Allergic to different skin interactions with chemicals or products
  • Have high-level diabetes
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Using strong seizure pills
  • Using alcohols or drugs

Baking soda baths might cause an allergic reaction without any of the reasons listed. Hence, it is always in the best interest to do a patch test and see the effects on your skin. This should be done one day before going in for the actual soda bath.

Baking soda bath benefits

Other benefits include:

  • It may help provide relief from hemorrhoids or constipation
  • Baking soda can help in easing out symptoms of itching or irritation around the vulva area
  • The bath can provide relief in cases of chickenpox as it relieves our body from itching and irritation
  • Baking soda also helps in the treatment of diaper rash often observed in infants
  • Studies suggest that baking soda can also help in various urinary tract infections
  • It helps remove dry and itchy patches, thereby soothing people suffering from eczema
  • Baking soda bath also helps if you are suffering from fungal skin infections


If you are fond of trying new weight loss regimes, there is no denying the fact that a baking soda bath will interest you. You can always add some candles, put on some good music and turn the bath into a blissful scenario for yourself. A baking soda bath is a remedy worth trying.

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