Are you using a bad body language?

The most intriguing relationship of all today has been the parent-child relationship because most of us fail to know the essence of it. Buying high profile luxuries for your children won’t let you win their hearts. There are some simple ways you need to build this relationship stronger. Like any other relation, this has also experienced make or break policy. You slip off here and you will see them slip off there one day or the other.  Like I have described in my other two articles what parenting is and what we actually feel it is, there is a vast difference in this understanding. Also, I have demonstrated how you are deteriorating your child’s health while using some unwanted luxuries to gain your child’s attention.

Body language guide

Likewise your every posture and gesture, action and reaction hits your baby’s brains every day trying to figure out why? Why did my mom choose to do this? Or why my dad chose to say this?

Are you using a bad body language?

To give you a real-time experience of body language can be this. There have been immense of dramas off and on the street when mammas drag their children to the school or daddies hitting children with cane sticks. After a few hours of such pitiful incidences, you see these very parents trying to lure their kids again. A few decades after, you see these only kids treating their parents a similar way. Although reasons might not be the same that day mummy your body language spoke louder than what was actually in your heart. It screamed so loud that it has permanently veiled your love and care or your only child. This is what the reality is.

Children until they reach a particular age they constantly fight battles of ‘why’ that you might be completely unaware of.

In this article, we are going to stress more on you and your child’s body signs so as to build a better and strong relationship between you both.

Body signs of your child and how You as a parent should react to it

  • Mouth slightly open with raised or narrowed eyebrows- This indicates that your baby is fascinated by something. It may sometimes move towards the object to get a deeper insight into what attracted it so much.


If your baby still crawls make sure you get down to its level and make few hand signs as to what lightened him so much. Making hand gestures and eye contacts you can ask if he wants to experience the beauty. Carry him or walk him towards it by holding its hands and talking to them. If the thing is not worthy enough to watch or taste you can just try diverting its attention to something more unique and beautiful. It might resist for some time but sooner it will forget and get engaged with you.


When you find that your baby wants to get engaged in a thing don’t let others share this moment with them. Make sure you make efforts to enjoy this. Don’t just silently drop them to the place or hand them the thing only because you have off moods. If the fascinations are not worthy enough to buy or look at just don’t drag and scold them for not having so.

  • Lips curving down and eyebrows narrowing down at the center- This indicates that your baby is in a very sad mood and is on the verge to cry.


Take your baby away from the unpleasant atmosphere. Take her on a short tour in a garden where pets are around. Show things that are first-of-the-kind to her so that she keeps her mind away from the unpleasant situation and keeps itself busy thinking what the new thing is all about.



Do not scold him for crying. This will, in turn, irritate and depress the child more. If you show this attitude for long, chances are that it might get detached to you. Do not hand them over to their grandparents just because you are unable to tolerate the noise. This behavior will cost you in the long way to go. Also, don’t calm them down for the sake to shut them up. Children can clearly make out their intentions. They will resist this action more and situations might get worse.

  • Crying at the top their voice constantly looking at you and throwing toys and whatever comes their way.


Leave your work and give time to your baby. If you are too busy to give time to them then you can let them come into your space to experience novelty in what you are doing. Hand them some kitchen stuff and let them play around with it. At times its ok to get their hands’ dirty keeping hygiene into your mind, as children might also get bored with the utter cleanliness maintained at their room for their sake.


Do not let them be the way and presume that this will last for a few minutes. Any stern action taken against them gets registered into their minds and the next time they get irritated they might turn out to be more violent and intolerable.

  • Clapping of hands and smiling with the full curve upwards and wrinkles around the corner of their eyes


This clearly depicts that your child is happy. Encourage the moment by adding few other happy bites. You can also make use of this time for making your child eat things that it usually resists to so that it gets easy to do. Maintain the ambiance as long as possible.


Don’t let any noise or unnecessary things to affect this cheerful climate. Don’t be away from your child at such times assuring yourself that it can be herself at such times and it doesn’t need you anymore. The child should never feel lonely.

Child’s first language is the Body language and not your mother tongue

These are the few tips parents should put into action when dealing with their child’s mood swings. While doing so never forget to make eye contact with your child. As this is the only way to make them understand. Toddlers who cannot speak yet try to decipher through your actions and eyes. Although this seems to be the small way to deal with but is of prime importance.

Also, you need to understand that children tend to mingle with people of their age group. Since at this age it might be difficult to find kids of their age unless they start going to school you have to be their partner in crime, in happy and sad times. Never ever let them be all alone. This may not only affect their mental state but also hamper their growth.

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