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Is it just exercising and dieting enough for a balanced life?

There are many instances nowadays when people eat and stay healthy and still you find their lips curving downward on their glowing faces. Today people eat healthily but do not stay healthy.  As explained in the previous article, health is not all about your body but also about your mental state. Along with your daily nutritious diet and workout regimes you also need to take care of the atmosphere you are living in.

Now after reading this many will ponder on the environment that they are deeply absorbed in. Some might experience the heaviness of their stressed up life.  Some see themselves growing sick of the daily quarrels going on in their homes, while some teenagers will come to terms that they are carrying an unnecessary burden of their meaningless relationships on their shoulders spoiling the essence of their life.

Is just exercising and dieting enough for a balanced life?

A friendly atmosphere at home and in your professional life matters a lot when it comes to having a balanced lifestyle altogether. We are here to give your ways in which you can improve your lifestyle with more energy and enthusiasm.

Various reasons for having an unbalanced life

  • Improper diet– This mainly includes junk food, irregular intake of food, and improper quantity of food consumption on a regular basis, etc

Spiritualists have also categorized food into three parts as entailed below

Various reasons for having an unbalanced life

Positive food (Food that energies your mind and each cell of the body with positive vibes)- This includes fruits, raw and boiled veggies, whole grains, etc

Negative food (Food that energies your mind and each cell of the body with negative vibes)- -This comprises of alcohol, meat, brinjal, onion, garlic.

Neutral food (This neither enhances nor deteriorates your mindset quality)- Potato and tomatoes are considered to have zero effect on your mental state of mind and body. They can be used regularly in your diet for taste purposes.

  • Missing workout schedules– Putting your physical body into rigorous training every day is the only way to keep your internal organs and muscles strong for fighting fit. Otherwise, they are likely to grow weaker at a very early age thus shrinking your life span.
  • Professional life– Your professional life plays a major role especially when you cross your 20s. As you spend more than 9 hours a day in a professional crowd you are expected to stay strong mentally too. Today, most people are seen having a serious facial expression with their brows concentrated and lips tightly sewed as if any words spelled unnecessary might cost their lives. The body is subconsciously put into a ‘stop’ state especially those at manager level posts who stick their backs straight for 9 hours glued to their chairs.
  • Unhealthy family atmosphere– This affects most of the people today. Unmarried youngsters most of the time find it difficult to cope up with their parent’s demands, thus creating a stressful life ahead for both themselves and their families. Married couples are either devastated due to the financial crisis, or personal matters.
  • Sexual life– Having an unhealthy sexual life is the main cause why most youngsters today go into depression
    . Today, the gym operates to promote their fitness schools with a tagline of depression. The rope in people who are victims of a depressed life and assure them how lifting heavy weights is the way to get rid of anxiety. This point is noteworthy but such relief for 2 hours inside 4 walls of your gym cannot deliver you a healthy lifestyle.
  • Broken relationships– Getting into relationships and then losing them because of your insecurities and foolishness are the cause of unsuccessful relations. People nowadays use multiple relationships without knowing the essence of what it is all about.
  • Meditation– B-towns and other metro cities today experience more rush and less life.  Living in such cities is no doubt a matter of money but putting money at priority and not your health and life is cruel. People neglect to have a mindful state even for a few minutes and end up with restlessness all day long

Tips for a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

  • Exercising daily is the first and foremost thing to do while stepping towards creating a balanced atmosphere. Without a proper state of body neither can you attain mental peace nor can you spread it around you.
  • Drink water regularly and plenty. This will eliminate 90% risk of various diseases.
  • Avoid eating junk foods and go for healthy homemade foods such as whole grains, leafy vegetables (raw preferable), fruits, etc
  • Avoid the intake of food that may disrupt your mental states such as alcohol and meat.
  • Try to excel at your professional work. Because the main reason for stress is the incapability of not having so. If you master that artwork life will be more fun.
  • Try to spend quality time with your family. Earning a living is good. Money is important. But to hop around for money like a donkey runs for a dangled carrot is sheer foolishness.
  • Meditating for at least half an hour a day is a must as this will help you proclaim your real self.
  • Try your best to be a better spouse, parent, and child. Take time for your spouse, go out have fun, do adventures, go crazy. This will let you explore the limitless world from your very eyes due to your narrowed vision towards it.
  • Be a best friend first and then a parent. See your child grow happily and visualize him take risks. Experiencing your child live life to his fullest is the best version of happiness.

Above are a few tips to get on the track of leading a well-balanced life. Any practice that you inculcate if you are consistent with it for 21 days it becomes your habit. Why not then give these tips a chance to become your habit! We assure you the best results even if you add a few points to your daily life from the aforesaid article.

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