Alkalized water health benefits

Water is a must to keep our body hydrated. Water flushes out the impurities out of our body and keeps us healthy. I hope you must have heard about alkalized water. It acts as a tonic or medicine. Alkalized water health benefits are amazing and it heals naturally. Now the question is how to make your own alkalized water. It is so simple. It is sun-charged water. The sun is the basis of human life on earth. The light helps in the growth and development of our lives. Sunlight, therefore, is the base of human life.

How to make alkaline water naturally at home?

alkalize water

First of all its necessary to know that you do not need any metal to alkalize water. All you need is the glass bottle or glass jars. Now let us have a look upon what are the simple steps to make own solar-charged water. All you need is-

1)Clear and transparent glass bottle or container with cork and no-metal lid.

2)Bright sunlight, No cloudy weather

3)Keep the bottles inside at sunset

4)You can use the water for 6-8 days

Water ionizer

What is ionized water or alkalized water?

what is ionised water or alkalised

Alkalized water is also called ionized water. In the process of alkalization,  the pH level of the water is increased.PH level decides how acidic the water is on the level of 0-14. If the level is 0, then the water is acidic. If it is 10-14, then the water is alkalized and if the level is 4-10, then its neutral. These days a lot of filters and special devices are available in the market to increase the pH level of the water. The solar-therapy of alkalizing water is natural, free of cost and has amazing health benefits. Now I am going to tell how the different colors bottled water can treat a particular ailment and can naturally remove them.

Alkalizing water bottle

Different colors bottles for different ailments

You can use different colors of bottles. The main colors used are red, blue, yellow, orange, indigo and green. The thing to keep in mind is using red, orange and yellow in the first half of the day as it is inclined to stimulate more heat. Use blue, indigo and violet in the latter half of the day. Lets us now have a look at what color must be used for which ailment has given below.

RED WATER-COLOR BOTTLE. Take a red glass bottle. Fill it with water till neck. Keep it in the bright sunlight for 6-8 hours. At the sunset keep the bottle inside. One thing to keep in mind is that the shadow of one bottle must not come to the other. Red-colored bottle water solves all blood and nerves related problems. This water increases heat in the body. It is also used for tightness and lethargy in the body.

BLUE WATER-COLOR BOTTLE- The blue color is related to spiritual growth, communication, and meditational issues. This water is used as an antiseptic. It treats skin issues. Intestine-related problems are also solved with this water. But one thing to keep in mind is that it must be consumed on a bare stomach. The reason is it acts as a toxin-free syrup and takes all toxins out of the body. This color water must also be consumed on an empty stomach. It is used to treat heart, liver,  and digestion related problems. It also treats cough and other respiratory ailments. Beneficial to lactating mothers also like the quality as well as the quantity of milk improves.

ORANGE COLOUR WATER BOTTLE-Orange stands for joy and confidence. Orange color water bottle tonic helps to solve the blood circulation and muscle-related problems. It also keeps a check on blood sugar and blood pressure.

GREEN COLOUR WATER BOTTLE-Green is the color of a healthy mind. This color water reduces stress. It also treats headaches and chronic migraines. This water sorts out all liver and kidney-related problems. If you usually suffer from fever then this color may help u a lot. Consume it as a tonic and see the results.

Yellow and Violet color water bottles

YELLOW COLOUR WATER BOTTLE-Yellow color improves concentration. Give it to the kids who cannot concentrate on studies. If you are thinking of losing weight and want to come in good shape use this water. It is a good weight-loss tonic. It also treats urine infections and Urinary Tract malfunctions.

VIOLET COLOUR WATER BOTTLE-Voilet color solves all insomnia related issues. It also treats anemia and helps in increas ing red blood cells in the body. So take a violet color glass bottle. Fill it with drinking water till neck. Put a cork and no metal cap. Keep it in the sun for 6-8 hours. Then keep inside at the time of sunset. Use this as a tonic.


How you can make solar-charged oil to treat joint problems-

Joint problems, arthritis,  etc are very common these days.  Vitamin D deficiency in the body leads to severe muscle and joint problems. You can treat this by making your solar-charged oil at home which is easy to make. Let us see how to make this oil at home. All you need is-

a)An air-tight container that is transparent.

b The lid must not be of any metal. Use the cork instead.

c)You can use mustard oil, sesame oil or castor oil.

d)Keep the container filled with any of the abovesaid oil in the dark sun for 15 days. Do not forget to keep it inside at the sunset.

Your oil is ready to use after 15 days. Do not forget to notice the color of the oil. It has become transparent after-sun treatment. It is ready for use now. Massage the pain points and joints regularly with this oil. This medicated oil will help to relieve the severe joint pains and rheumatism problems too.

Alkalized water health benefits

Overall benefits of consuming alkalized water

The health benefits of consuming ionized water are countless. Now I am going to tell the amazing health benefits of consuming the alkalized water on your body-

1)Prevents chronic diseases-Alkalized water regulates the pH level of the body. Thus it helps in boosting metabolism. Improved metabolism helps in fighting flu and other symptoms in the body. Thus it helps to fight against chronic diseases.

2)Changed composition of water– As the pH level of water is increased, its composition also changes. You can notice that the taste and color of the water changes. This water is good in taste and composition.

3)Positive energy– The sun is God of life and energy. It fills us with positive energy. The sun-charged water is ionized naturally. This water has amazing health benefits. The sun-charged water solves all health-related issues, removes the impurities of water and fills the body with positive energy.

4)Helps in weight-loss– As I have discussed above a particular color can help you in resolving weight-related issues. According to a study, when the pH level of the body is regulated, the body weight is balanced. The hormones function properly. The blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol,  and diabetes are in control. Thus weight-loss is easy and in a natural way.

5)Antioxidants boost the immunity of the system- The alkalied water neutralizes the acidity level of the system. It also contains antioxidants that help prevent the growth of all damaging free radicals in the body. Thus it helps in building and boosting the immunity of the system.

6)Good for bone health– The alkalized water contains calcium and magnesium which are good for bone health. Thus all joint-related issues like arthritis, pains and other such symptoms are under control.

7)Ultra-hydrating properties– The ionized water is good for people who suffer from dehydration. The molecules in alkaline water are smaller and absorbed by the cells quickly which helps to re-hydrate quickly. So the water level of the body becomes balanced. Small kids, aged people and the people doing workouts must consume it for added health benefits and to maintain the proper water level in the body.

Negative effects of alkalized water-

Alkalized water has side effects too. The excessive use or regular use of alkalized water may ruin the natural acids of your stomach and kills the good bacteria. Thus it may cause problems if used regularly. So better to consult your doctor. The other major drawback is it may cause gastrointestinal problems too.

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