Always likely to get attention. From the time they start realizing the world around them, all that they know is their parents. Some parents get annoyed by their kids. Because they seem sticky sometimes. However, you shall think in another way. You are the whole world for your toddlers.

Funny and Healthy Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy

Make the use of their small vision and start implementing the right behaviors and attitudes inside them. I know that it is impossible to give your toddlers all the time you have. As a result, parents start seeking ways to keep their toddlers busy.

But Be careful about what you use because it will completely affect your toddler personality. Engaging your toddlers with tv, smartphones.

Tabs or other e-devices are completely prohibited. Recently, many toddlers are experiencing autism due to those devices. On the other hand, there are many healthy ways that can teach them how to be creative, improve their inner talents and can easily catch their skills.

Let’s find out some perfect healthy ideas, which I often use for my toddler

Simple cheap ways

Usually, mommies spend much time with their toddlers than their daddies. At that age, your toddler starts mimicking you. As cooking is one of the daily essential activity that mommies do. Thus, why don’t you let your toddler join?

There are multiple interesting cheap ways you can keep your toddler busy with while cooking. For example:

  • You can Make a small dough with flour. It will help him not only to use his physical capabilities but also his mental abilities.
  • Also, you can provide them with cooking pans and aluminum spoon. This game will make coordinate between the sound he/she will produce from tapping and the physical activity he/she does. Or, you can give him 2 plastic glasses one of them is empty and the other is half full. Automatically, he will try to pour the water from the semi-filled glass to the empty one. Such activity will teach him how to coordinate his physical capabilities and his eye sense.
  • Additionally, provide them with Non-poisonous crayons and let them scratch in a white paper. This will help them recognize different colors. And by the time you can know if art will be one of his talents or not.

Know your toddler needs

Toddlers do not need expensive or many toys to be busy. They just need what can make them get introduced to their newly physical movements.

know your toddler needs

Also, they like what can make their brain mentally active, as well as, what catches their eyes. Nowadays, Montessori toys play a giant role in these needs. Toys start at 6 months and more. The main role of Montessori toys is to let them be creative and help their mental activity to synchronize with their physical movements also nutrition for toddler


For example, you can Set Some indoor activities like swing cars or kid’s motorcycle. Also, puzzle games or color matching games will show great mental improvement to your toddler.

Keep your toddler hearing sense busy

Spend quality time with your baby. Talk as much as possible with them. You can even do so while doing your housework. Recite their favorite rhymes or sing the song they like most. Surely, they will like that. The reason behind them being calm when they hear your voice is that they feel secure.

Also, it will be helpful if you can provide them with a picture book with small stories. Start reading and let your toddler get Deep with your different character tone. and do not underestimate stories, they play again a role in the way you behave and build your toddler character with.

Besides the importance of the mental improvement for your toddler,Rider activity for your toddler his physical activity contributes a great part as well. You may think that it is only about your kid having fun. However, this will teach him to co-operate with kids of the same age. As well as, the meaning of teamwork.

You can let your toddler play around you with his neighboring kids. Also, you can bring your toddler a slide or a swing to play in your green area if this is available.

On the other hand, allow your toddler to join any sports activity team. For example, swimming starts at 3 Years as well as gymnastics. You may spend 3 hours at the club resting and enjoying your time while your kid is practicing. Besides, your toddler will release most of his inner energy at the sport, which will make him calmed and relaxed for the rest of the day.

At the end I would like to say “always know that: the home for your kid is a giant world, he/she can explore on their own. Parents are there for that purpose as a number one priority. Contain your baby, toddler, kid or child and assure them a safe life with no psychological complications due to your absence”.

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