Boost your metabolism

When you are feasting on your favorite delights, your body is actually converting millions of foreign particles into elements essential for our body. When you are attending a lecture or running your brain horses solving a question in an exam, your brain is using uncountable neurons to recall memories through copious nerve junctions called synapses. Similarly, when you are taking medicines, your blood cells and heart is working dexterously to allow the medicine to reach the bloodstream of your body and ultimately towards the body part which is intended to be treated.

While these actions sound simple from outside, on the inside, it is our body’s metabolism that does the toil which further provides our body the hale heartiness we desire.

But metabolism is not something we can control. Or can we?

While we aren’t able to control our body’s functions totally, we can follow good habits and adopt new ways of lifestyle that act as habits in the form of tips to increase or boost metabolism.

Backed by medical science, here are few simple tips and tricks to speed up your metabolism:

How to boost metabolism?

Immerse in an intense workout

A term devised by fitness experts’ i.e. High-intensity interval training or HIIT is often used to speed up our body’s metabolism. We often call it a warm-up before exercises. It includes quick and intense activity sessions. These are intended to increase your metabolic rate even after the workout has been concluded. This activity also helps in burning fat which helps in weight loss that shall be discussed later in this blog.

Consume more protein to boost your metabolism

Eating rich diets of protein has been found to increase our metabolism. Though this is supposed to be effective only for a few hours, it is simply worth adapting.

The thermic effect of food or TEF is the effect where our metabolism is increased for a specific amount of time.

But the question is how does this happen?

When we eat a protein-rich diet, our body needs to digest extra calories. It also works harder to absorb and process nutrients in our meal. This results in an increased rate of metabolism where our hormones, digestive juices, and other elements work in a robust manner. Protein usually grounds for the largest amount of TEF in our body. Moreover, eating protein will help you feel satisfied which further prevents chances of overeating.

Drinking cold water

Referred to as one of the easiest ways to boost metabolism, drinking cold water is highly effective and easy.  Drinking plain cold water instead of sugary syrups or soft drinks helps you in losing weight and cutting fat. We all know that sugary drinks contain calories and sugars which is the root cause of obesity. Replacing these with water helps reduce calorie intake.

Drinking water has shown to increase your resting metabolism by 10 to 30 percent for about one hour.

You might be wondering as to why cold water is preferred here instead of warm water.

This is because our body uses energy to heat up the cold water to our body temperature which leads to enhanced metabolism. In addition, water also helps your tummy to fill up and urge you to eat less resulting in weight loss,

Don’t sit, start standing instead We all love to sit for long hours.

But reality states that sitting too much is bad for health. Some researchers have compared sitting for long hours as harmful as smoking a cigarette.

While sitting regularly can lead to weight gain, our body tends to burn fewer calories when we are sitting.

Compared to sitting, standing can burn up to extra 150 calories. This is the reason why a desk job often reasons for weight gain and mobile workers are usually slim. Also, standing allows our body to move our muscles including legs and hands. This keeps the blood rush increased and metabolism active.

Green tea boost metabolism

If you have been searching for a trick to speed up your metabolism, consuming green tea is one swindle you should always have up your sleeve. Green tea and even oolong tea has been effectively known to increase body metabolism by as much as 4-5 percent.

Green tea is so important because it helps convert some of the fat stored in our body into free fatty acids. This results in fat burning. While being low in calories is its one cornerstone, drinking green tea also aids in weight loss programs. This increases metabolism-boosting properties that raise metabolism and is even great for our skin. If you are looking to cut fat or boost metabolism, green tea is one shortcut you can never overlook. And this takes us to our next topic relating to metabolism and losing weight:

Metabolism and weight loss

There are certain reasons that you should look to increase metabolism to lose weight. We often come across facts and figures that allow us to wonder if metabolism can help in weight loss or not. The simple answer to this question is Yes!

Scientifically speaking, our body is a powerhouse that stores energy. This energy is stored in the form of fat cells. Hence, if we consume more calories than your body can expend, you will gain weight resultantly. While if you avoid consuming extra calories, your body will consume and burn them through everyday activities like exercise, rest and even sleep. This results in losing weight.

The knowledge we have along with experiments being performed dictates that bodyweight is strongly related to our metabolism. However, some scientist tends to consider that body weight can be hereditary and our body metabolism works through an involuntary approach. But majority of the studies and experiments shows that metabolism does help us lose weight and less fat helps us increase our metabolism.

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