Natural Remedies Sore Throat– Can’t you sleep from your sore throat? This article will help you deal with your inflamed, unpleasant feeling efficiently.

Viral infections such as flu are the most common cause of irritation and pain in the throat. Also, it might even become worst when you try to swallow food and even liquids. This occurs as a reflex action of your Immune system; by swelling the mucous membrane in your throat. It is better to treat your inflamed throat with natural herbal remedies instead of conventional pills. Because they cause fewer side effects, less expensive, ubiquitous, and efficient.

Herbal remedies for sore throat relief

Thus, let’s discuss 3 main herbal remedies for sore throat relief. Allow me to start with…

Natural Remedies Sore Throat PainRelievers for Flu Symptoms

Slippery Elm for Sore Throat

Slippery elm known as moose elm or Ulmus rubra is a tree of native America. It is quite effective as folk medicine. It proved its Efficiency in treating sore throat, for quite some number of years now as herbal medicine.

Mechanism of action

Slippery elm bark contains mucilage. The mucilage is a polysaccharide substance. So, when you put the slippery elm in water, it becomes swollen and turns into a gel. This gel now serves as a coat in the throat and provides a soothing effect to the inflamed area.

Precautions of using natural remedies for sore throat

Based on the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the mucilage in this herb may affect the absorption of other oral medications and reduce their effectiveness.

Upon using slippery elm you might notice skin irritation.

That is why it is preferred to Seek your doctor’s advice before using it.

What is the accepted dose?

Slippery elm is used for different conditions and dosage depends on age and health state as well. Thus, it is better to follow the directions as stated as on the package or consult your doctor.

However, for sore throat, it is recommended to use it as lozenges every 2 hours for 2 days, not more.

Another herb that showed a quite effective result as a sore throat reliever is…

Marshmallow Root for Sore Throat

Since the middle age marshmallow plant has been used in treating sore throats. Marshmallow root is a perennial herb and native to northern Africa and Europe.

Mechanism of action

Marshmallow roots help reduce inflammation

Marshmallow just like slippery elm contains Polysaccharide Mucilage, amines, flavonoids, glycoside sugar, and other essential components. This gives it the ability to protect and coat the irritated mucous membrane lining of the respiratory tract.



  • If you are a diabetic patient it is better to avoid marshmallow root. Because it might sometimes affect your Blood sugar.
  • In case of surgery schedule, do not take marshmallow root. Because it retains body fluid.

Method of preparation and recommended dose

  • Fill a 1-liter jar with cold water, tie the marshmallow root with cheesecloth and submerged it inside the water.
  • Allow to stay overnight at least 8 hours; when it is ready, you can pour the desired quantity into a glass a sip 2-3 times daily.

Now, let me talk about the last herb

Licorice Root for Sore Throat

In Europe and South Asia, licorice is a native plant. It is similar to aspirin in properties, and this helps in the treatment of sore throat. Research recently has shown that licorice is effective when mixed with water to make a gargling solution.

Mechanism of action

Licorice as a herb is sweet naturally and its root aids in the soothing sore throat by infusing its sweetness and forming a gelatinous coat to soothe the sore throats.


  • According to the National Center for complementary and integrative health; licorice remedy is not suitable for pregnant women as it may lead to giving birth prematurely
  • The presence of glycyrrhizin in licorice, when taken in excess, might lead to some side effects such as headache, high blood pressure, and even water

Preparation and Doses

  • It is prepared at home by boiling it or adding the powdered form of the root in your tea and sip throughout the day.
  • It can also be used as a gargling solution to cure sore throat 3 times daily.

These tips were quite helpful. But,

Urgent care and life threatening

What about fever as a flu symptom is it life-threatening as we expect?

Wait for the next article to discuss more. And for now, Follow these tips and I assure you a better condition 😉.

Name: Nourhan El-shnkey

Major: Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Researcher.

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