The present-day and age see our daily routines swamped with activities- be it work-related, study-related or our relationships. More often than not, we tend to get stressed about either of these fields and to make things worse, the unrelenting pace of the modern era does not give you time to reflect upon your musings.

For many centuries, practices like meditation and yoga have been practiced in the subcontinent and have claimed to have had unparalleled success in achieving the calm of mind. A similar trend is resurfacing in today’s day and age, that of ‘Massage Therapy’.

What is Massage Therapy?

By definition, the word ‘massage’ is the manipulation of the muscles and joints of the body by application of light pressure so as to create a soothing effect or relieve one of the pain. This practice has extends into our daily lives and has become the home-place of therapy in the modern age.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

1.) Improves the Quality And Longevity Of Sleep

Cases of insomnia in the youth of today have been a prevalent issue that requires attention. However, massage therapy is now able to relieve the individual undertaking this therapy from stress and thereby improving their quality and longevity of sleep. What this ensures is that the individual now awakens with a wholesome feeling, contrary to without the therapy, wherein the individual awakens feeling lethargic and drowsy.

2.) Reduced Muscle Pain And Injuries

As a direct application, massage therapy allows for the application of pressure on the target areas of the body so as to relieve the individual from muscle pain. In the longer scheme of things, this therapy ensures that the individual is now at a lower risk of injuries and muscle pain.

3.) Regulates Blood Pressure In Individuals

Its anti-therapeutic effect is can regulate the blood pressure in individuals as a direct consequence of the increase in the flow of blood in the various parts of the body. Therefore, in the long term, people who are subject to such therapy are less likely to suffer from heart ailments

like that of myocarditis.

It can help in individuals who face anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis. This therapy normalizes one’s range of reaction to the different stimuli.

4.) Revitalises the Individual

The application of pressure on various parts of the body results in the activation of the lymphatic system. This in turn release hormones that help an individual to sleep. The increased quality of the sleeping patterns of an individual means many things. An individual awakens feeling revitalized and therefore does not have to consume caffeinated products at the start of the day. This influx of energy within an individual channel towards the various activities of work. This helps to raise their level of quality of life.

5.) Improves Concentration Spans And Body Postures

The state of pensive that massage therapy nudges one into is that of serene and calm. A similar sort of therapeutic effect is induced by meditation and yoga all of these activities helping in clearing the clutter in the individual’s mind and therefore increasing one’s attention span and concentration levels.

Not only does this therapy have psychological therapeutic effects. But it also has physiological benefits like that of inducing an upright posture in the individual undertaking the therapy. Further it helps in relieving the joints of the body in a controlled manner helps. They assist in increasing the overall flexibility of the individual, correcting one’s posture.

These are only a few of the advantages that indulging in massage therapy has on the life of an individual. Also, it is an inexpensive tool in life. Through it, one can reap the greatest benefits both in a  psychological and a physiological sphere.

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